(My first Fan-Fic so be nice xD, I welcome any notes for improvement)

Time On Our Hands

The ocean. A big, blue, endless horizon. A great mystery to all those who dare venture into the great unknown. Most men were only there for three things; wealth, fame and power. These lured countless men to the grand line.

Roronoa Zoro however was not one of these people. Zoro was . . .

Well . . .

Zoro . . .

He appreciated the simple things in life. He did not desire much. No gold and no riches. He did not wish to search for the cure for cancer, or nor did he desire to be a chef or the world's best sniper. He had no interest in studying the history of the world, building the world's most magnificent architecture, and he certainly wasn't musically talented. But most of all, Zoro had no interest in becoming pirate king. This was best left to Luffy.

The thing he most wanted in his life, his desire

His goal,

His ambition,

His dream – to become the world's greatest swordsman. Everything else seemed meaningless, the only question was, what obstacles would he encounter on the way?