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Glinda jumped off her phoenix's back with surprising grace, considering the height of the bird and the dress she was wearing. As soon as her feet touched the ground however, all traces of majestic beauty and real dignity banished. The Good Witch of the North –as everyone seemed to call her since Nessa's death- ran towards the interior of Kiamo Ko castle, muttering under her breath and kicking away her shoes on the run after stumbling a couple of times.

The Scarecrow and the Tin Man had informed her that flying monkeys had taken Dorothy and the Lion away, howling and shrieking like a flock of demons. She remembered the last time she had seeing Elphaba. It had being on Nessarose's funeral. The desperation and confusion she had seeing on the strange eyes of her friend haunted her for days and soon enough, Glinda found herself on the back of the phoenix, trying desperately to locate the so called Wicked Witch of the West.

Her friend was a green woman that practically glowed in the dark. And during the day, her dark clothing would make a stunning contrast with the yellow road that crossed Oz from East to West and that was probably the way she was going. But Glinda was unable to locate her friend. The friend she was looking for, anyway. She did found Boq.

"I think she lost it." Milla aired her unasked opinion. "Stormed out of here, cursing her heart out."

"She said something about shoes." Boq added, worried and clearly unhappy. "I think she went for the girl, Glinda. I don't know what's happened to her, but I hope she doesn't do something stupid."

Glinda hoped so as well, and more fervently as her eyes darted around the dark corridors and halls of the huge castle at Kiamo Ko. At first, the silence and emptiness of the place was more unsettling than the image she had pictured on her mind: a green unbalanced woman cornering a frightened child with the aid of winged rabid monkeys. But then, the silence was broken by the wild barking of that pest that was Tito, tuto…Toto. Then there were roars: the Lion. And then, an ear piercing howl that sent shivers up her spine and filled her heart with horror.


Glinda ran as fast as she could, wishing for the first time on her life that her clothing wasn't so ostentatious. That stupid dress kept getting on her way. It was like trying to walk on water.

She stopped on her tracks. There was an old woman sprawled at the foot of a staircase. For a moment, she just stood there, frozen and afraid. But then the screams of agony repeated and a juvenile, though manly voice shouted:

"I'm coming, Dorothy! Just hang on!"

The Lion roared again and Glinda fell on her knees, looking for a pulse on the old, flaccid skin of the woman's neck. There was none. She shuddered and felt a lump on her throat. Placing the woman in a more dignified position, the sorceress placed the pale arms across the unmoving chest. Then she continued her way towards the source of all the noise, breathing heavily for the unexpected amount of sudden exercised, but refusing to stop. The howls of agony turned into shrieks of rage. Whatever it was happening, it wasn't going to end nicely if someone didn't stop it.

The Lion turned from the door he had being slamming against and seemed startled. There was the dog, barking and jumping and someone else. A boy-a bit overweight and with a vaguely familiar face- that stared at her with confusion.

Glinda took of her wand and both the Lion and Liir jumped away immediately.

Dorothy screamed and covered her head with both arms as the door suddenly exploded. She ran, sobbing and weeping openly, and crumbled in a corner. What new horror would come once the rain of splinters settled down? What monster or insane entity would emerge from the smoke? What more pain would she inflict upon those people with her stupidity? She just wanted to go home.

The Lion jumped through first in a surprising show of bravery. He located Dorothy and ran towards her, the fat boy and the dog on his heels.

Glinda glanced briefly at the girl and then turned to the other person on the room. There was a pool of blood forming below slim mutilated legs and moans of pain escaped from between thin green lips. Elphi was screaming, sobbing and whimpering at the same time.

Glinda was too horrified and confused to do much. As she knelt next to Elphaba, staring at the disfigured legs and gagging at the smell of burnt flesh, a winded monkey entered the room and shrieked.

"Witch Why Wound?" It said, managing to sound horrified and confused. "Witch Wont Wound?!"

And then, abandoning all pretence of speech, it started shrieking and jumping hysterically around the wounded witch, flapping its wings vigorously. And then, it stopped, and jumped right in front of Glinda, its dark huge eyes wide open.

"Care! Witch Why Wound?! Nurse!"

Glinda snapped out of her shock and examined with trembling hands the extension of the damage, sobbing and whimpering herself, feeling useless and lost.

"Elphaba!" She finally pleaded, trying to turn the wounded woman on her back.

But the Witch pushed her hand away with sudden rage.

"You accursed brat!"

Glinda tried to keep her precarious balanced, and failed miserably. The huge dress getting on her way the whole time, she finally fell ungracefully on her ass. Elphaba was trying to stand, helping herself with the remaining of her broom.

The Lion jumped forward to face her, but always staying behind Toto and Liir.

"Don't you dare to put one green hand on this child!" He said, baring his teeth. "I won't let you!"

"Neither will I." Liir stated, crossing his chubby arms across his chest.

The Witch, pale and trembling, still managed to look dangerous. She laughed: a hideous ear-piercing cackle.

"How everything turns into a stab to the heart." She said, her tears opening gashing wounds on her face, as if they were broken pieces of glass dogging on her flesh. The humorless smile disappeared from her face, and she took a trembling hand to cover her eyes.

Chistery whimpered and walked towards Elphaba, as Glinda managed to get to her knees and was working to stand back up. The monkey made a chirping sound and took the green hand of the woman on his own. Elphaba snatched it away.

"Go away, Chistery. Go to Nanna, and stay with her. And you…you take the shoes. Take them, I don't want them anymore." As Glinda stood and moved towards her, Elphaba's good leg buckled and the woman fell down on her knees, letting out a low whimper of pain. Her hand never left her ruined face.

"Elphi, let me see…" Glinda said, trying to get her friend to lie down. "Elphie, you gotta stop crying. You are hurting yourself."

The others were silent. Even Toto, for once, stopped barking.