"Glinda…" The hushed whisper disturbed her dream, and she groaned in annoyance. "Glinda…where is my broom?"

"I don't know." She muttered angrily.

"You have to know!" Whoever it was talking started shaking her. "Wake up, damn it!

Her eyes finally opened. Elphaba's face was the first thing she saw, then she registered the long pointed hat adorning her head, and the dark coat thrown over her shoulders. She frowned and turned to the bed…it was empty.

"Elphie, what the hell are you doing? Get back on bed, for heaven's sake!"

"Hush!" Elphaba covered her mouth. She glanced at the door suspiciously and then turned to her again. "My broom, Glinda. Where is it?"

Glinda muffled something and Elphaba finally released her hold on her.

"It burnt, Elphie. On that hideous Dorothy incident, remember? And it was your fault, really. Whatever possessed you to set it on fire?"

"I didnt set it on fire! And it wouldnt really matter now, would it? Whats done is done. Get something on, we are leaving."

"What?! Leaving?!"

"Stop screaming, you idiot. You will wake everyone up!"

"And you stop being an idiot. Get that hideous cloth off and get on bed right now!"

"We can't stay here. I don't know what that Carp wants with me, but I'm tired of it! We are leaving, come on!"

She tried to drag her towards the door, but though her grip was strong, her legs had no strenght at all.

"A Carp? Elphaba, its snowing outside by the way. And you have being sick for days. Your hand is burning, you are burning! Get on the bed!"

"No, Im leaving and I wont leave you here! You are a stubborn, feeble minded fool...but I still care for you. Be all thats holy damn, I still think of you as my friend. We must leave. To the mountains, to the village, with the scrows!" She stopped then. "With the Elephants. We are going with the Elephants."

"No. No, we are not going anywhere. You are delirious, thats what you are. I should have made you drink that thing days ago. You will drink it now, come on."

Glinda, who had stand there, immune to Elphaba's shoving, finally pushed back. The Witch's precarious balance flattered and she fell back down onto the bed.


"Drink this, don't be difficult."

"Im not drinking that and Its not me who is being difficult."

"Please, Elphie…"

"Chistery, get the wand!"


Before Glinda could react, the monkey snatched the wand off her belt and passed it to Elphaba. The Witch whirled it between long green fingers and planted it's sharp end firmly against Glinda's neck. The Good Witch froze.

"Elphie…What are you doing?"

"Helping you. Back off. I cant stand with your bulk over me."

Glinda slided down, holding her arms up, her eyes wide and fearful.

"Hum...there is really no need to get violent. Just put the wand down, and we will talk this over. You can tell me more about this...vacations you have planning..."

"Get a coat on. Now."

Glinda bit her lower lip- and never taking her eyes off the wand- snatched the beautiful winkie poncho from the back of the chair.

"Something else. You will freeze with that."

"Uh…The closet is on the other side of the room."


"Witch?" The monkey asked politely.

"Uh…that one."

"Dont be ridicolous. You won't be able to walk with that."

"Fine, then the one next to it…to the right....to the right...no…the one with the flowers, Chistery dear."

"Don't you have something normal to wear?! Bring the black one, Chistery."

"Oh, look who is talking. What demon you offended and gave you that hat?"

Chistery jumped back on the bed next to them and handed Glinda a plain and heavy furcoat.

"Smells like weasel." Elphaba noted, glancing at the door a few times as Glinda put the thing on above her poncho.

"It is." She said, wrinkling her nose. "I....its nice but...so....borning and old styled. Elphie..."

"The Elephants wont mind. Are we sure its not Weasel?"

"You never stop, do you?"

"Elphie, please, be reasonable." Glinda said for the eleventh time. They had to stop a third time for Elphaba to recover. She was leaning against the wall, wheezing and trembling. The patio doors were wide open. And the cold wind howled outside. "You have being sick, you have fever now and look at you! You can barely stand."


Glinda glared at her. If it wasnt for the herd of monkeys sitting all around them, she would have snatch the wand of that bony green hand even before leaving the room.

"Maybe Ill really scream."

"That would be very stupid for then I would have to shut you up with this little stick and then my monkeys would have to drag you away through the snow like a dead cow. We will be far gone by the time they come."

"A cow?" Glinda gasped. "A cow?!"

"Shut up! And move. Im fine now."

"No. I think you don't even know how to use that thing."

"Oh, but I do. I'm the Wicked Witch of the West, remember? I can do magic just as easily as you can."

Glinda opened her mouth to retort, but closed it again. The two of them stared at one another for a long time- leveling one another.

"Move. Now."

"This is madness. You will get yourself killed. And me with you!" Glinda hissed in anger as they dragged themselves through the snow towards the stables.

"Yeah, and me with you two." The Phoenix landed right in front of them, throwing snow all over the monkeys leading the two Witches.

"Oh, thank goodness!" Glinda exclaimed. "Would you please, Mss Phoenix, try and get some sense into this foolish green thing? She has being sick and is obviously delirious at the moment."

The Bird stared at her with a level gaze. Glinda's eyes widen. The Phoenix was saddled.

"Are you...on to this?" She gasped. The Bird shrugged and started prining her feathers. "But…but…No! You are my mount, you are my servant! I bought you!"

"You fired her." Elphaba reminded her.

"I fired myself." The Bird corrected stiffly.

"No you didn't" Glinda disagreed, "But please, do. Maybe something nicer will rise above the ashes."

The Phoenix glared at her, clacking her beak.

"Would you stop? You are acting like a couple of children."

Glinda refused to mount untill Elphaba threated to have the monkeys taking her in the air. When she was on, the Witch sat behind her.

"Ready then?"



The Bird grinned and jumped high in the sky, flapping her powerfull wings. Glinda glanced back at the Kiamo Ko castle and its protective walls longingly. The monkeys raised into the sky behind them, whirling away from the towers where their nested- resembling a black oblicous tornado.

The Good With of the North turned away from the sight and hugged the warm neck of the Phoenix, wishing fervently that it was all just a bizarre dream.