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Characters: Sesshomaru, Rin, and Jaken

Prompt: Frog


Rin walked ahead of Ah-Uh, holding onto his reins even though she knew that he didn't need to be lead around. It just made her feel like she had something to do. Jaken was walking a few feet in front of her and, judging by the hunch of his shoulders, he was not happy about the predicament. Lord Sesshomaru walked ahead of the group obviously pretending not to notice.

Rin glanced down at it out of the corner of her eye and giggled delightedly.

"Master Jaken, he's still following you." Rin pointed out, suppressing more giggles. Master Jaken's shoulders hunched farther and you could almost physically see the aneurism in his brain pop. He whirled around, waving his staff here and there as he sputtered angrily and turned an unwholesome looking shade of red.

"You fool! Be gone with you! I have no need for you!" He yelled pointing down at his follower. The little frog just looked at him, its bulging eyes blinking dumbly. Master Jaken made a sort of squawking noise and whirled around again, quickly waddling after Lord Sesshomaru who had not stopped to indulge Jaken's tantrum and had simply kept on his merry way.

The frog croaked and leapt after him. Master Jaken would stop every so often and turn to scowl back at it. When he did, the frog would stop, and when he turned around to keep walking, so would the frog. Rin was trying very hard not to laugh, truly she was. She didn't want to laugh because that would make Master Jaken angry and Lord Sesshomaru didn't like it when she made him angry unnecessarily.

She couldn't help it, however. It was quite a comical sight. Ah-Uh even was making a low rumbling that sounded suspiciously like chuckles. The farther they went, the angrier Master Jaken got. Finally, he turned around again and began to yell at the frog.

"I am not your mother! Will you stop clinging to me! Go find a swamp to dive into! Leave me!" He hollered. The little frog sat there and croaked. Rin started to feel a little bad for the tiny frog and piped up,

"Master Jaken, how about we keep him?" She supplied. Ah-Uh rumbled and licked its chops. Clearly, he figured that they should just eat him. Jaken looked up at her and scowled.

"Silly girl! I have no time for a pet! I have no desire to let this animal trail me for the rest of its miserable life!" He bemoaned loudly. Rin frowned and opened her mouth so that she could put in a few more good words for the frog when she noticed that Lord Sesshomaru had stopped. She did too.

"Lord Sesshomaru?" She asked, looking around nervously because she knew that the only times he stopped was if they were going to spend the night somewhere or if there was an enemy. Seeing as it was still light out, Rin guessed the latter. He wasn't looking at her, however. He was looking down at Jaken.

"Jaken." He commanded. Jaken flinched and looked over at his lord, frozen with the end of his staff poking the frog on the head. The frog croaked.

"Y-yes, milord?" Jaken stuttered poking the frog again. Lord Sesshomaru glared down at him.

"Desist your racket." He commanded. Then he turned around again in a whirl of fluff and hair and resumed walking through the trees. Jaken scowled at the frog before removing his staff with a huff and following after. As Rin walked by the frog, she bent down, scooped him up and held him close. The frog looked up at her, almost curiously. Rin smiled.

"Don't worry, Master Jaken will like you soon enough." She assured her passenger. Jaken snorted, quietly saying that he would do no such thing.

A week later, he named the frog Ko.

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