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Shouldn't, Couldn't

Chapter One: Flashes

Sometimes she'd catch the flash of lavender eyes in the shadows.


It was one full year after the awkward incidents with Joshua.

One full year after the strange kisses, one full year after she "dumped" him…

We were never together! She fumed silently to herself, stalking down the street, Mr. Mew still clasped tight in one hand. She would never get together with the guy who killed Neku, the guy who wanted to use other people and destroy and-

A flash of violet.

She whirled around, seeing someone across the street, eyes glowing in the shadows. She squinted, adjusting her glasses, but as soon as she did, a car passed in front of her.

The indigo vanished. Nothing but shadows.

You're just paranoid, thinking about him. He has better things to do, as Composer of Shibuya, then stare at you!

At least, she hoped!

Shiki kept walking down the street, shaking her head. She had lunch with her friends over at the WildKat, hopefully that'd stop her from thinking about him…

You think about him? What's the matter with you?

Another flash. She was sure she saw it. She looked behind her again, almost running into someone, but there was nothing there.

She took a deep breath, shaking her head again, and started back down the sidewalk. She turned onto a more obscure street, this one with less people, and looked at the clothes hanging in a boutique shop.

"That's not a good design." She muttered, looking away from a blue dress with white frills near the bottom. Even fashion, one of her passions, wasn't helping.

There was no one behind her and only an old couple in front of her, besides that she was alone on the street. If she followed this street she'd come out on the main-

She stumbled over a bit of torn concrete, holding Mr. Mew close, putting her hand out to catch herself before she ended up hitting the pavement and breaking her glasses.

Someone lightly grabbed her by her shoulders, steadying her and pulling her back up. Whoever it was pulled a little too hard, she stumbled backward into his arms, which closed around her waist.

"Consider looking where you're going." Someone whispered in her ear.

Shiki turned her head, looking in the reflection of the shop window.


She whirled around as soon as he let go, but when she did, no one was there.


"I'm telling you, I saw Joshua!" Shiki told Neku, sipping her drink furiously. The contents were draining dangerously fast. Rhyme's eyes widened and Beat tapped the table with his knuckles, loudly.

"You bein' serious, yo?" He asked.

"I'm sure I saw him! I'm not going to go around hallucinating Joshua!"

Eri stuck her tongue out teasingly. "Maybe you do." She said, stirring her drink.

Neku lowered his voice, leaning across the table to whisper, "Mr. H says he's been really busy with the Game, and when he isn't, he doesn't come anywhere around here. The guy basically lives in the UG now."

Shiki looked nervous. "So you think he's stalking me or something? I saw his eyes in an alley!"

Neku crossed his arms. "The guy better not be stalking you again!"

Rhyme said reasonably, "Maybe he was just in the area?"

"I really hope so! This isn't even funny!" Shiki groaned, hitting her head on the table.

Beat cracked his knuckles. "You just call me if he comes near ya."

"That's not necessary." Rhyme added uneasily. "Violence is never the answer."

Beat gave a booming laugh at that, and Rhyme sigh.

Eri winked at her friend. "Shiki has a stalker." She sang.

Shiki blushed, shaking her head. "I do not!"

"Look, if it bothers you, I'll come home with you." Neku said, pulling his earphones back up.

Shiki really hoped this wasn't going to be a repeat. Why was the guy so interested in her?

What did he want? She thought, aggravated.


She walked home, grateful that Neku was coming with her. She was somehow sure that Joshua would've appeared again if she had walked home alone.

Shiki pulled out her cell phone, studying her contact list. She had removed his number after she "dumped" him, but she still remembered his address…

The big mansion…his half lidded eyes…

Argh! Stop thinking about him!

"You okay?" Neku asked, pulling down his headphones to hear her better. He didn't have much to say, usually, on their walks. She wasn't even sure if he was listening to her or drowning her voice out with his earphones.


He scowled. "Don't let that pervert get you all paranoid."

"He better not be starting this crap again." Shiki grumbled as they reached her home. She paused to smile at Neku, he returned it back, and she went up the steps.

Shiki entered her home, read the note from her parents that they were out and would be back soon, and sat down to flip on the TV. She placed it on the design channel, her eyes riveted to the screen as she watched her idols. Now that was fashion! She hoped she and Eri would become that famous…

Maybe that'll be me one day? Shiki asked herself, watching the designers work.

"I wouldn't be surprised."

She turned her head, and then leaped to her feet, because Joshua had just materialized on her couch, feet casually on the table.

"What-you-WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? Oh. My. God!" She made a shooing motion. "Go away!"

He smirked. "What, I can't say hello, even after it's been a full year?" He waved his hand, causing Mr. Mew to float to his grasp, and winked at her.

She dove for her precious feline, tackling the surprised Joshua, and snatched her cat from his grip.

Shiki froze, realizing that she was actually lying on top of Joshua, who was doing that annoying giggle he seemed fond of.

"Well, this is a better hello than I imagined." He said, smirking.

That was it.

She was on the verge of hitting him when her parents came in.

"Shiki? Young lady, what do you think you're doing?" Her mother screamed.

Shiki leaped backward, almost falling over again, but he grabbed her arm and steadied her.

"I-he-oh em gee! That's his fault!" She yelped, pointing to Joshua.

Her father glared at him. "Who are you?"

"No one." Joshua sauntered casually past her parents, and out the door.

"I forbid you to see that young man!" Her father shouted, her mother nodding agreement.

Shiki grabbed Mr. Mew, stalking to her room. "Fine by me!"


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