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What was I thinking…

Kushina lay in bed, her eyes constantly shifting to the clock on the bedside table. Although she knew she should get up and wake Naruto, the realization of what she had agreed to her kept her rooted to the bed. Suddenly a loud bang sounded.

"Wakey, wakey," called a booming voice.

Jiraiya had arrived. Groaning, Kushina pulled a pillow over her head. Damn it, how could I agree to this?

** ‡‡ **

One Month Prior…

"You're friends with the Hyuuga aren't you?" Jiraiya asked his eyes watching as Naruto sat babbling to a group of teenage girls. Kakashi was holding the bouncy three-year old, an aggrieved expression on his face.

"Ah, why?" Kushina looked at her old friend.

"I have news that may or may not be true. But if it is it will mean trouble for them."

"What news?"

"I want something for this; you know I'm not particularly fond of that clan. That Cage Bird Seal offends me," Jiraiya's eyes were shielded.

"What do you want?"

"An Onsen opening is in one month. I want to take Naruto with me," seeing her eyes narrow he quickly raised his hands. "I won't do anything perverted. In fact it's at a village that a lot of families go to for vacations. They have a children's playpen and all, but I want to take my godson with me."

"Jiraiya, he is only three, what for?"

"Not telling, but the news could help out the village and the Hyuuga if you play your cards right," Jiraiya dangled the information in front of her.

"If it pans out you can take him, but Kakashi goes with you," Kushina finally agreed.

"Well, it's about the Kumo peace talks…"

** ‡‡ **


Kushina watched Jiraiya as he talked with Naruto who was bouncing in his high chair. Kakashi was sitting quietly at the table, trying to send her hopeful glances that this wasn't really happening. The information Jiraiya had given her had enabled her to take certain actions which allowed them to catch Kumo red-handed as they tried to kidnap a main house Hyuuga. Because of it, today Jiraiya was here bright and early to pick up Kakashi and Naruto to go out of the village for a long weekend getaway to a new mixed Onsen opening. Her fingers itched to grab her son and run. Surely this wouldn't turn her son perverted, that was why Kakashi was going. The kid was so straight-laced, even with the easing up since Obito's death.

"Well, we're off, say goodbye Naru-chan," Jiraiya said picking his godson up and walking towards her.

"Bye-bye Kaa-chan," Naruto leaned forward to kiss her goodbye.

Smiling at her baby she kissed him on his nose, "Bye-bye Naru-chan. You be good for your Jiji, okay?"

Naruto smiled widely and hugged Jiraiya as the two turned to leave. She looked at Kakashi who had stood up to follow.

"Kashi-kun," he looked at her, "If something happens that I won't like, you will suffer, got it?"

Kakashi gulped, and his head nodded vigorously before he ran out of the house.

A few minutes later, Kushina looked to the picture of Minato on the wall, "Koi, if you are watching please keep an eye on them."

Please let me not regret this!

** ‡‡ **

Hatake Kakashi followed the man who had taught his sensei. He had only met him a handful of times as a child, as first his father and then Minato-sensei had decided to keep him away from the man. Each had said he was strong, but highly perverted. As he got older he had spent more time with him, but never alone. Someone had always been there to keep Jiraiya-sama under control. Now watching as the man, a legend in his own right, baby talked to Naruto about the woman they would meet, he was afraid.

Naruto was like a little brother/nephew to him; no he was more than that. Naruto was his link to his old team, the sensei who was a second father and also his most precious person. When he had seen Kushina-nee-chan struggling to raise Naruto by himself, he had move in to help her. She had smiled, never asked him why and welcomed him into her home. While he had thought he would just be helping to raise the baby he instead got so much more, she had become a big-sister and sometimes mother to him. He had the first feeling of family since his father's death, no since his mothers. It was a feeling he would fight to protect, but honestly how was he suppose to stop the Great Toad-Sage from doing something inappropriate.

"Oi, Kakashi you need to lighten up my boy," Jiraiya said to him, "you keep acting so serious you will ruin this weekend."

"Sorry Sir," Kakashi looked up. "I am not sure how to act. I have never been one to interact with people other than on missions."


Kakashi caught an orange book thrown at him. Looking at the back cover her saw the age warning and looked up.

"Don't worry kid, I wouldn't normally give it to someone under-age, but you are seventeen and you have seen a lot. Not to mention, 'if you are old enough to kill, you are old enough to drink' is a common saying in shinobi villages. I say 'you are old enough to drink, old enough to read that'. It will help you learn how to interact with normal people."

Looking at the book, Kakashi shrugged and opened it up to read.

Before long Jiraiya watched the teen blush again and heard the slight giggle and smiled. Pulling his little godson closer he whispered in his ears, "Heh, now he isn't a threat. You mommy said not to corrupt you, she said nothing about Kakashi," Naruto giggled, "No she didn't, no she didn't."

Naruto kept giggling, tickled by Jiraiya's hair and amused by his childishness.

** ‡‡ **

Two Days later…taking the same route…

Tsunade looked to her two traveling partners and had to fight the smile that threatened to escape. Six months prior, she and Shizune had finally decided to return to the village permanently. Her old teammate Orochimaru had fled the village, and Jiraiya had chased after him while Kushina-chan had sent them a personal missive asking her to return immediately. Having no notion of what it was about, she had feared something was wrong with little Naruto. Upon arriving at the village, first confirming her little godson was alright, Tsunade had been thrown into a gigantic mess, which led to a huge amount of surprises that had changed her life. She didn't mind a single one, as she watched the two beside her talk.

"Shizune, Tenzou we will be at the onsen soon," she interrupted their conversation.

"Really, I hadn't realized we had traveled so far," Shizune said looking around. "Are you looking forward to this vacation Tsunade-sama?"

"Hai, what about you Tenzou-kun?" she looked to her new adopted son.

The fourteen year old boy looked up a little wide-eyed. He still hadn't quite become used to the new changes in his life. "I guess, Tsunade-sama, although I have never been to a public onsen."

Tsunade sighed along side of Shizune. "Tenzou-kun, how many times do I have to tell you, you are now my adopted son and a member of the Senju Clan, call me kaa-san."

"Sorry, Kaa-sama," the boy mumbled blushing slightly.

Sharing a look with Shizune, Tsunade decided to let it go. The boy would relax as he got used to being a part of a family, instead of a locked up experiment that no one had known about. He was the only a child who had survived a mad experiment of Orochimaru's kept a secret until they discovered him in Orochimaru's lab. He seemed to adapt to Shizune better, but then again she was only 4 years his senior and had a better mothering attitude than Tsunade.

When it was decided that Tenzou would be a shinobi of Konoha he had been immediately tested and made a genin, having been trained since birth by Orochimaru in hopes that he had acquired the Shodai's Moukton abilities. When the chuunin exams had come around this year in Konoha, Tenzou had been placed on a team and entered. It had been a surprise to all when the boy had activated the Moukton abilities during the survival training in training area 44, aka The Forest of Death. During his month training before the finals, Tsunade and Shizune had worked with him to learn the jutsu's of the Shodai. Armed with a new set of jutsu's the boy had won the finals and been declared a Chuunin. That was why they were now heading towards the onsen opening in the small village resort nearby. It was to celebrate Tenzou's promotion.

Looking ahead, Tsunade couldn't shake the feeling that something bad was about to happen.

** ‡‡ **

Jiraiya giggled perversely as he looked around the room. Naruto was slowly waking up and Kakashi was out cold. The plan was going perfect, little Kashi-kun (though not so little anymore) was completely knocked out. His face still sporting a blush above the mask he wore from reading the first installment in the Icha Icha series. The kid had become so engrossed in the story over the past two days he hadn't even paid attention when Jiraiya had started spiking his drinks last night. Now with Kushina's watch dog out like a light, he could finally enact his perfect plan.

Grabbing his adorable little godson, he quickly dressed him in some clothes and carried him out of the room.

"Jiji?" came the soft voice as Naruto yawned cutely and rubbed at his eyes.

"Morning, Naru-chan. Ready to go out for some fun?" Jiraiya grinned at the adorable little chick magnet.

"Hungwy," Naruto pouted, his cheeks blown out in a pout.

"Don't worry, the great Jiraiya is taking us for breakfast," the giggle that escaped had an evil feel to it that had Naruto eyeing his godfather curiously.

** ‡‡ **

"Oh, how adorable, is he your son?" the busty waitress leaned over Jiraiya to pinch Naruto's cheeks.

Naruto pouted, he didn't want to be touched he wanted food. He turned large eyes on the waitress; hopefully she would feed him, seeing as Jiji had forgotten. I mean how hard is it to get food? His Kaa-chan and Kashi-nii always fed him right away.

"Awhhh, look at that face," the woman squealed. "Does the big boy want something?"

Naruto broke into a happy smile, "Naru-chan hungwy," he told the crazy lady. But hey, if she could get him some food…

"Well, you leave it to Aunty-Kagome, I'll go bring you and your daddy some food."

Naruto watched the woman leave, and noticed many more starring at him with strange looks in their eyes. He turned to his Jiji, "Jiji, why she call you Daddy?"

His Jiji turned to look down at him, "She just assumed I was your daddy."

"But you not daddy, you Jiji. Tachi say that Daddy is who mawwy Kaa-chan," Naruto said loudly. "Kaa-han say Naru-chan's daddy with Kami, and that he watch us from heaven and pwotect us.

"That's right Naruto. Your Daddy watches out for you, and that is why he made me your Jiji, so I can help your mommy," Naruto eyed him as he seemed to be watching the entire place to see the reaction of the woman.

"Oh, is he an orphan?"

Naruto looked up from Jiraiya's lap to stare at the woman who had moved to the table they sat at.

"His mother still lives, but I decided to take Naruto away for the weekend to give her some time to herself. You know how hard it can be for a single mother to raise a child. His father was like a son to me."

Sounds of sympathy and admiration filled the air. Naruto was about to say something when food was placed in front of him. He grinned happily at the lady who brought it, not realizing how the group of women surrounding him and his Jiji had grown.

** ‡‡ **

Meanwhile Kakashi woke to a pounding headache back at their room. Confused he looked around, and after a moment froze in fear.

"Crap, where's Naruto?"

** ‡‡ **

"Kaa-sama, isn't that Hatake-san?" Tenzou asked.

Tsunade looked up, and sure enough there was Hatake Kakashi looking around giving off a panicked air.

"Kakashi?" she called out. She heard Shizune mumbled something, she knew her assistant had a small crush on the slightly younger boy, just like most of the girls in the village.

"Tsunade-sama?" the boy squeaked out. "What are you doing here?"

"I decided to take Shizune and Tenzou away for congratulation on his promotion. What are you doing here? This doesn't seem like your thing? Is Kushina with you?" something seemed worrisome about this, and she couldn't help but remember the bad feeling she had before.

"Ah, well, you see," the teenager started to back away from her.

Tsunade stood up, freezing the boy in place.

"Kushina gave Jiraiya permission to take Naruto away for the weekend as long as I went with them. But I seem to have lost them!"

The boy shrunk to the ground shrinking into a small ball as if to hide as if he feared for his life. Perhaps not the dumbest move in the world seeing as an S-class woman was turning red with rage in front of him; after all he was a genius. Shizune stood as well, her eyes lit by an inner fire. After almost a year in their company, Tenzou decided to join Kakashi, hiding under the table.

"Shizune, we have a pervert to find," Tsunade ground out.

In righteous anger, the two women stormed out. Tenzou turned to Kakashi to see him shaking and wild eyed, at least the one he could see.


"Tenzou, call me Kakashi, especially if we survive this," the young genius said quietly.

** ‡‡ **

Somewhere nearby, Jiraiya shivered in fear. As he stared to look around, he forgot it as another beautiful woman moved closer to him to talk to his little god-son. Bless you Minato, he is the perfect god-son, his inner chibi screamed in joy.

** ‡‡ **

Tsunade took little time in finding her worthless old teammate. He sat in a small café surrounded by a large group of woman who were all cooing at her godson. Emitting killer intent, she felt the group freeze and turn to look at her. She noticed slightly that her Naru-chan had seen her.

"'Nade-ba-chan," he called out to her.

That was all the warning the self proclaimed 'super-pervert' got, before the baby was taken out of his arms and he was smashed to the ground.

"You old-pervert, what are you doing with my god-son?" she screamed in rage, not noticing the women slowly backing away.

"Nothing!" he jumped back up as if the hit didn't hurt. "Besides Kushina knows I took him away for the weekend. See?" he pulled out a sheet of paper that he passed to her, stealing his precious chick-magnet toddler back.

Growling, Tsunade opened up the note and read the lines inside.

This letter is for anyone who knows Jiraiya and Naruto.

Yes, the Pervert has permission to take Naruto away for the weekend.

Don't worry, I sent Kakashi to keep an eye on them

Uzumaki Kushina

Sighing, Tsunade handed the note back. She didn't know how the pervert got Kushina to agree to this, but she would back off, at least for now. Tsunade would keep an eye out, the last thing she needed was the pervert corrupting her little god-son.

** ‡‡ **

As a group they decided to return, Tsunade had sent a note to Kushina letting her know she was at the onsen. It was decided Jiraiya could stay longer since his teammate was there as well to keep him out of trouble, which he was ecstatic about.

The return trip though was not going well…

"Hatake," Tsunade growled out, "Put the book away now!"

The kid looked up from where he was walking along side Tenzou. "Sorry, did you say something?"

** ‡‡ **

Three months later…


Kushina stared at the scene in front of her, rage burning in her eyes.

Kakashi looked up, and seeing her moved as fast as possible to jump out the window. Kushina followed.

** ‡‡ **

Itachi looked to his two little brothers Sasuke and Naruto. They both turned to him and pouted. Sasuke grabbed the orange book that Kakashi-nii had dropped.

"Tachi? How we gonna know what happened next? Can you read it?" Sasuke asked.

"Hn," Itachi picked up the book and turned to the page that Kakashi had been reading to them. Before he could start reading from the book it was ripped out of his hands.

Looking up he saw an enraged Kushina, "Oh no you don't!" She growled, then turned to leave back through the window again.

Naruto and Sasuke looked at him. He shrugged, "Guess we may never know what happens next," he said.


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