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Being a prodigy sucks...

Part I - Age 7

Itachi sat quietly listening to the elders as they argued back and forth. His could feel his mother's aggravation, carefully hidden behind her Uchiha mask. A quick glance to his father showed his annoyance buried in his eyes from dealing with the elders. Finally he decided that he better interrupt this or it will interfere with his afternoon plans.

"Nothing ever good came from graduating so fast from the academy. I shall wait at least one more year, possibly more!" he shouted.

Dead silence met his pronouncement and everyone turned to look at him. He could see the surprise in his father's eyes and the mirth in his mothers.

"But Itachi-kun, think of the honor, the prestige-"

"But it's not an honor," he interrupted his Great Uncle.

Sputtering met his words, "How could you not think being classed as a prodigy and being chose to graduate early as an honor?"

Itachi stared at them, he knew they could see his disdain for them clearly, "That's not what Aunt Kushina says. When the academy suggested it to me, I talked with Kushina-sama. She told me that sometimes graduating early can be just as detrimental as graduating late. Just cause you know the skills doesn't mean you emotionally ready, " he looked down and muttered, "Plus I would be called a genius prodigy," shuddering in dread.

"What is wrong with that?"

He glared at the elders as if they were idiots, "Let's consider who I would be grouped with if I was classed as," here he made motions with his hand as if putting quotes on his words," 'genius prodigy'. First there would be the obvious comparison to Hatake Kakashi. True he was a genin at six, a chuunin at 9 and a Junín at 12, but look at his personality? I mean he reads porn in public, has no social skills, and honestly as a clan heir do you really want me being unable to communicate with people younger, older or even my age? I mean yes he is amazingly strong, but seriously even I can tell he is one messed up individual."

Sounds of bodies shuffling greeted his ears, and he knew that point was gotten through to them. Now for the kill.

"Also, look who else was considered a 'genius prodigy', Orochimaru the Snake Sanin," he smirked internally to see several people glance around in shock. "I mean, come on, he is a known as a psychotic madman, who current rumors say has pedophile tendencies, and in his obsessive madness to become immortal so he can learn every jutsu, he has committed some of the worse crimes against humanity ever seen. Do you really want me, the Uchiha Heir, to be thought of here in Konoha as being like those two?"

Itachi barely controlled the smirk once he realized the horror in every elders face was evident upon his revelations. He sat back safe in the knowledge he wouldn't be pushed to graduate to early. Since this was the only item on the list he was needed for, he would be able to leave. Which was good, because he had plans with Shisui to stal- study Kushina-sama this afternoon.

He sighed, sometimes it was difficult being smarter then everyone else...

Part II - Age 10

Itachi stared at his list, it just wasn't enough information, how was he supposed to make a decision about his future without all the details. There was no other option, he would have to have his father acquire the needed information for him. Sighing he grabbed another piece of paper and started writing down his questions. Hopefully he could catch his father before he left to meet with the Hokage council.


"Tou-san," Itachi called again as he looked throughout the compound for his father.

"Itachi-kun, what are you doing?" he turned to see his oba-san watching him.

"Looking for tou-san, I have some questions I need him to get answers on," he answered.

"Oh, he is meeting with the elders," she called back.

"Thanks, oba-saan," he called back breaking into a run.

He ran as fast as he could to the council rooms, beneath the temple of the Nakano Shrine. Peeking through the door he saw the elders getting ready to leave. He turned to the center and saw his father.

"Tou-san, I need your help," he spoke up moving forward.

"Hello Itachi-kun," a few elders called out to him.

Nodding he looked to his father who had raised a single eyebrow in response to his request.

"I am trying to decide my future shinobi career path and I am missing key information. I need you to find out the answers to some questions."

Itachi suddenly froze as he realized that every elder had turned around rater then leaving and decided to return to their seats.

"So tell us Itachi-kun, what are you trying to decide between," one of the grumpier elders asked.

Gulping, he turned around, "Well I am trying to decide between being the ANBU Commander for Konoha or Hokage. I thought it might be cool to be the first Uchiha Hokage, or too have the whole of ANBU under my control."

Several heads nodded, "Both very respectful and worthy goals. What questions do you need to ask to help make your choice. After all once should chose the best goal and follow it to the end."

Itachi breathed out in relief, apparently the elders were okay with his choices. Turning to his father he pulled out a list.

"Well first I need to know the life expectancy of past ANBU Commanders. I mean I already know that for Hokage's, three of the four died, even if it is honorably in defense of the village," He tilted his head. "I mean yes, Sadaime-sama lived, but he had to come out of retirement, and that would just suck. Plus, I have to consider him an exception to the rule, though I guess he could still have to die for the village. Also, I need to know which has more paperwork, cause I have no desire to spend all my time trapped behind a desk. I know when you are in power there has to be paperwork, but I want the one with the least amount, so I get to stay active as long as possible."

Several elders chuckled, and Itachi saw his father trying to control a tick in his eye.

"Well Itachi-kun, you might also want to see how this will affect your position within the clan, after all if you became Hokage, you would have to abandon your position as clan leader or heir."

"Oh please, I am so not taking over the clan, make Sasuke the clan heir," continuing in a soft mummer, " I mean no way am I gonna have to listen to a bunch of old people who do nothing but complain and prevent the clan head from making decisions," he looked up, "nothing personal dad but you have a crappy job as clan leader. "

Dead silence greeted him, he turned to look behind him and saw several elders grasping their chest in shock.

Huh, maybe it might not be bad to be clan leader if they all die of a heart attack now, Itachi thought in amusement. Seriously what type of genius would he be if he watched his father turn old and grey from dealing with the elders and willing took the job, nah Sasuke could have it.

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