"My driving is not worse than Gibbs's!"

"Yeah, it is, Zee. Your driving doesn't even obey the laws of physics!"

"That's impossible, Tony."

"See, McGee agrees with me, It is impossible."

"What's impossible?" Asked Abby and Jenny in unison, arriving from their respective offices.

"Ziva thinks her driving is better that Gibbs's." Tony informed the women. The Director immediately rebuffed that no way was her ex-Mossad agent a worse driver than Jethro. The group debated for a while, until Ziva raised the alarm. They hurried back to work just as Gibbs himself came back from a trip to the coffee shop.

Unfortunately, Abby's scientific mind wanted data for their trial. So, whenever she had a spare second waiting for tests and comparisons to finish, she perfected a questionnaire.

Driving home that night, she carefully obeyed all traffic laws, staying as close as possible to the speed limit. This would be her control test.