Gibbs picked up his phone on the second ring.

"Yeah, Gibbs… Everyone? Abby why do need Director Shepard?... What?...Alright, we're coming." The team looked at him questioningly. "Abby wants us all in her lab, said something about a driving test." They grinned simultaneously, which annoyed their boss to no end. He jogged upstairs and told Jenny, and she grinned, too. Was he the only one who didn't know what was going on? They crowded in the elevator and he heard a few bets being taken.

"OK, so, everyone knows what this is about?" Abby asked when they had all arrived.

"Not me, Abbs."

"So, Madame Director and I walked into a little debate about Ziva and you, Gibbs. I did some testing and the results are right here!" She flashed some of papers.

"Debate? About what?" He swiftly read the documents, then, sighing, put them on the table where everyone else crowded around.

"I win, McGeek!"

"Yeah, yeah, Tony. Here's your 20 bucks."

"That's why you had me drive you home a few nights ago?" She shuffled her feet nervously.

"Yeah, but I mean, it's all in the name of science, and you've driven me home plenty of times before!" She twined her fingers together, looking for all the world like a guilty little kid caught sneaking a cookie. He sighed, running a hand through his hair.

"If you're done!" He snapped, calling the team to attention. "Back to work!" They hurried into the elevator, leaving him alone with Jen and Abby.

"Gibbs, we were just having fun! You're not upset because you lost, are you?"

"No, Abby, I'm upset because you did this behind my back! I would've driven you home gladly if you'd just asked!"

"But Gibbs," she whined, "that would corrupt the evidence!"

"I don't care! As punishment, no music for 3 days." Both women gasped.

"Now, Jethro, don't you think that's a little harsh?"

"No, Jen, I don't. I don't appreciate my team doing things without me knowing! Abby, I thought you were more mature than this! This is the kinda thing I expect DiNozzo to pull!"

"But Gibbs, no music?! For three days?! C'mon, wasn't riding with Ziva and getting stopped by the police punishment enough?"

"No, you chose to do that. This is what you get." With that, he walked out, on his way to the bullpen to chastise the rest of his team.

"The hell were you thinking?! DiNozzo! I thought my senior field agent was past the sophomoric behavior!" He whapped the man on the head harder than ever before. "McGee! You're too smart for this!" He whapped his head, too. "David! I expect you to be the voice of reason for these two idiots!" He whapped her head for good measure. "I should put you all on desk duty for a week!"

That was, in fact, what he did. Jenny tried to reason with him, but he would not be budged.

"They're like kids, Jen, They need to know that they can't get away with this kind of stuff. A week of paperwork won't kill them."

When he walked in the next day, there was a small toy boat on his desk. He inspected it, then wordlessly put it in a drawer. He glanced up to see the three of them watching. Glancing at Ziva, he noticed a large new frame on her desk. He looked at it, then tapped the back of her head, chuckling.

"The winner of the 'Who Drives Worst Debate' is Ziva David, due to speed, lack of watching the road, getting pulled over by cops, and overall terrifyingness." Abby had signed her name and decorated the paper with gold stars.

"I changed my mind, guys. Desk duty until Wednesday." He left to tell Abby that she could have her music back in 2 days instead of 3.