Chapter 4

With a small screech, the Golbat made its way through the iron lattice that was blocking the window and began to fly in circles across the small room, searching for something to eat. Paul raised his head towards it, visibly annoyed.

"Get lost." He mumbled. The bat threw him a bored look, flapping its wings and landed on top of the fireplace. Paul turned his head. Everything was going out of control. He was stuck inside the castle with some portraits who want to kill him and a vampire. Paul shuddered. Ash was beginning to frighten him, not only because he was a vampire, but also because, just like him, he was stuck inside and because he, in a way which he didn't know, was going to help him get out. He was frightened by the way Ash pronounced his name: with pleasure, lustfully and by the way his eyes were burning when he was looking at him. He was looking at him like he was something very delicious that he must taste.

The candle placed on the table was slowly melting away; the warm flame began to gleam, making the light dance on the walls. Paul thought of standing up and lighting another one when the door opened slowly. Ash's slender silhouette appeared in the doorframe, holding a small candle in his right hand. His face features were highlighted by the light of the candle and Paul couldn't help but notice how handsome he was, his skin as white as the wax, and how much grace he had when he was moving. His fears flew away and his eyes narrowed in desire when they trailed up and down Ash's lithe form. The boy placed the candle on the table next to the other one and turned to Paul. The Golbat which was standing on the fireplace screeched and flew away through the lattice, but none of them paid attention to it.

Ash smiled kindly towards Paul, trying to make him forget about what happened inside the portraits' room and to get him to trust him. He got to gain his trust to carry out his plan. 'And I'll finally be free.'

"So what do you want from me?" Paul asked directly. He hasn't forgotten so easily what happened. He couldn't be bought so easily only with that smile. He didn't want to be used by Ash. Ash smiled sadly.

"You don't trust me, do you?" he moved towards the window, looking intensely outside, even though it was pitch darkness.

"No, I don't!" Paul answered angrily, looking at his back. "Why should I?" Ash let out a chuckle which was driving Paul insane.

"I don't know if you observed this," he said, without looking at him. "But the others would have killed you. If you want to get out alive, you have to trust me."

"What makes me sure that you won't kill me after we get out?" Paul said, still looking determined at his back, silently daring him to turn around and look him in the eyes. "What makes me sure that you won't listen to them?" Ash let out another low chuckle.

"I have listened to the voice of rationality way too much. I'm going to carry on with my lunacy." Paul frowned.

"You disobeyed them, that's why they locked you here." He said and startled when Ash turned around sharply, giving him the deadliest glare somebody have ever given him.

"It doesn't matter how I got here." He said, his voice hoarse. "That's none of your business. Trust me and we'll get out of there alive." Paul nodded. The look in Ash's eyes changed suddenly, regaining that burning flame. His full lips twisted into a seductive smile. "It's full moon tonight." He said, his voice low, soft.

"What's with that?" Paul asked grumpily.

"Take that off and I'll show you." Paul's white fingers tightened the cross. He didn't want to take it off; it was the only thing that was keeping Ash away from him. It was like a halo which was protecting him of the vampire and he didn't want to lose it, but Ash's voice was so tempting. "Trust me." He had said. Slowly, he pulled the chain over his head and placed it on the nightstand. He was vulnerable now, but it was enough for Ash.

"Come on, throw it." He pointed towards the window with his head. Paul hesitated with his hand above the chain. A sane human wouldn't do this, but Ash's voice was so warm. 'Trust me. Trust me.' He gripped the cross and almost floated towards the window. No, this was completely insane, but his hand didn't listen to his head, stretched and pushed the lattice. He felt Ash's burning eyes examining him. Without thinking again, he dropped the cross.

He watched it fall, fall and disappear into the darkness. There was no barrier between him and Ash. Ash smirked, showing for the first time a pair of pearl white, razor sharp fangs. He had won.

'You're mine.' Paul startled when Ash's ice cold hand caressed the crook of his neck. He tried to back off when Ash's mouth drew dangerously close to the skin of his neck, but his grip was firm. His lips touched it and Paul cringed, but nothing happened. "Trust me." Ash whispered, raising his head. Their lips connected, Paul's whole body shivering. His embrace was cold; it was like he was sinking into snow, freezing him to the core. His brain was numb; the only thing that he was aware of was Ash's plump lips being pressed against his with a burning passion.

Ash broke the kiss to examine the teen's face, who was looking at him through his half-closed eyelids. "Ash." He murmured. He was limp in Ash's strong arms, like the kiss he gave him has drained all of his energy. Ash drew his thumb across Paul's lips. "My beloved." He whispered in the shell of Paul's ear. Paul stretched his hand and cupped Ash's cold cheek, but Ash removed it. Gently, he caught his chin and pushed his head on his back. Paul tried to grudge, but Ash comforted him.

"Don't worry. I'm not going to hurt you." His lips pressed against the pale skin of his neck and Paul struggled. Uselessly. Ash's grip was powerful. His mouth opened wider and in a brief second the fangs pierced the skin. Every muscle inside Paul's body tensed and he let out a small yelp of pain. Blood oozed immediately from the wound, but Ash sucked it, licking his lips slowly, lustfully. He looked at Paul's handsome face, now peaceful, his eyes closed.

"Don't worry…"


"Poor boy. I told him not to go there." A chubby, short blonde man said, turning face up a purple-haired teen which was lying on the ground, inside the courtyard of the castle. He startled violently at the sight of two holes in his neck, covered in dry blood. It looked like a bite. "Oh my God." He crossed himself quickly. "Mihai, come and take a look at this." He shouted behind him.

"What is it?" a tall boy said, irritated. He looked like 19-20 years old and had ebony hair and piercing blue eyes. "I have to take care of them, they could run away." He pointed down towards the carriage and the Ponytas which were neighing and pulling at the harness and halters, trying in vain to escape.

"Look at that." The man pointed at Paul's neck. "What could it be? Crobat…?" Mihai froze while looking at the bite on the boy's neck. How could that happen?

"Should we bury him?" the blonde asked. The teen moved his gaze from his neck to his face, noticing a smear of blood above his lips. If it happened to him what he thought it happened, that was not his blood. His mouth twisted into a grim smile, which faded immediately to cover his own sharp fangs. He escaped.

"No." he replied. "Leave him here." Suddenly, a loud noise was heard from the valley, accompanied by sounds of horses. The man stood up. "Hait, they're leaving!"

Mihai took a last glance of the body of the boy.

'I'm sorry you had to go through this.'


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