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I helped Bella into the car and walked to the driver's seat. A stench filled the air.


My eyes darted around, but nobody was there. I sniffed the air casually. An older scent.

About thirty minutes old.

I quickly got in and sped away, not even buckling, not that I needed it. I heard a small gasp from my right. I glanced over and realized Bella was still in the car.

"Slow down!" She yelped. I glanced at the speedometer. I was going about 125 MPH. I slowed down to 95.

"Better" I asked, still tense.

"Yes." She whispered, appearing stunned at my sudden mood change.

"Sorry." I apologized. "Sorry I snapped at you." I scrutinized her face. Bella looked up from the road, sensing my eyes.

"It's alright." She muttered. I pinched the bridge of my nose and sighed. "Are you okay? You seem a little… tense."

"I'm fine." I answered quickly. She knew something was up. Bella is too perceptive for her own good. It was silent for a moment, until I turned on the radio. Clare de lune filled the car. I smiled as the memories of this song flowed through my head. Bella laughed. Her musical laughter blended into the song as if it was a part of it.

" I remember this song." She smiled.

"Me too." I laughed.

We reached the apartment then. I ran to open her door. I gave her my hand to help her out and she blushed. I smiled. She was so radiant. Her chocolate brown eyes met my black eyes. The wind gently blew into her face and she shivered.

"Bye." I kissed her forehead.

"Bye?" She asked, confused, "You're not coming up?"

"No, I need to hunt." I confessed.

"Oh." She pouted. I smiled lightly. I didn't want to leave her, we had just reconciled. "Will you come tomorrow?" She looked down, blood rushing towards her cheeks. "Crap!" She whispered suddenly.

"What?" I questioned immediately. My eyes darted to our surroundings.

"I have work tomorrow." I sighed in relief. "I can't miss it. I already skipped enough." She looked down.

"How about I come to eat with you tomorrow?" I lifted up her chin. She grinned.

"That would be great." She murmured.

"Sounds like a date." I stated. She nodded and looked up at the sky.

"The stars are beautiful." She murmured again. "But, you can't see them here as well as you can in Forks." She frowned slightly.

"The stars will never be as beautiful as you are, my sweet, beautiful Bella." She giggled and leaned closer into me. I kissed her hair. "It's getting late. You should go inside."

"Alright. Bye, Edward." I pressed my lips to hers for a brief second.

"Good night, Bella. I love you. Never forget that. I love with my whole heart."

I released her then. She gave me a quick hug and ran into her building.

I walked slowly to my car and got it. I decided not to go too far to hunt; I couldn't bear to leave her. I drove quickly to the side of the road and hid my car in the bushes.

I ran about 2 miles off the trail and scanned the area. A small herd of deer were grazing about a quarter mile of where I was. I also could hear a bear tracking down a wounded moose. I ran towards the bear and scared it from behind.

I wanted to get back to Bella as soon as possible, so I didn't 'play with my food' as Emmett called it. I chuckled and sunk my sharp, venomous teeth in to the dark brown, almost black, fur of the bear. The bear growled deeply in pain as he tried to fight for his life and swiped his claws at his predator. I neatly dodged his attempts and drained him. I quickly buried him under a boulder and ran towards the wounded moose. I caught up with it under a second. I quickly drained his body and hid his carcass. I inspected myself and found a small spot of blood on my shirt. I groaned. I had to drive all the way back to Forks and change. I ran to my car and sped towards Forks. The place that started it all.

The drive to Forks took about 45 minutes. Considering it usually takes 3 and a half hours to get there going the speed limit, I made very good time. I ran into the house and into my room. I pulled seventeen shirts and twenty pairs of pants. I stuffed the articles of clothing into a decent sized black leather bag.

Edward's home! Esme's thoughts beamed.

"I'm leaving again." I said quietly

Due to the hour, I assume Bella is sleeping? Carlisle asked.

"Yes." I murmured, hurrying myself. Alice skipped into my room.

"When can I see her, Edward? I can't wait much longer." She bounced up and down.

"I miss the clumsy little human too, Edward." Emmett yelled unnecessarily from downstairs.

I don't Rosalie's thoughts were hostile. I growled at her.


Edward, you should hunt again, just to be safe. Alice stated through her thoughts.

I nodded to her as I passed her and ran to my car. I put my bag in my car and shoved my car keys and my cell in my pocket. I ran towards the woods in back of our house and leaped over the river. I immediately spotted two deer grazing. I ran to them and drained them. I buried them and decided to get one more, so I wouldn't have to leave Bella for at least two and a half weeks. I was just about to sink my teeth in another deer when my phone rung.

"Edward! Edward, it's Bella!" Alice's voice rang out, piercing the silence of the forest.

I dropped the deer, which scurried off. I ran back to the house. I stormed into the living room and found Alice sitting on the sofa, eyes wide with fear.

"Edward, I can't see her!" she sobbed, "I can't see her!"

I looked at my family briefly. Carlisle was clearly upset. His forehead had wrinkles that made him look much older than he was. Esme was under his arm sobbing. Emmett was pacing. Rosalie…she was doing her nails. Alice was being comforted by Jasper who was panicking. I ran by them.

"I'm going to Seattle." I muttered quickly. Carlisle came after me. He slid into the passenger's seat as I got into the driver's seat. I shoved the key in the ignition and the car rumbled to life. I sped down the high way at impossible speeds. 175 MPH. Much higher I have ever been in my 105 years on this earth.

I reached Seattle soon and I ran up to Bella's apartment. I knocked on the door.

No answer

I opened the door and ran inside. She wasn't here. A human's scent was in here. The place was trashed and a small puddle of blood was near the set of drawers. I walked numbly to the to find out if it was her blood. I stepped over broken picture frames, ripped up clothes and smashed dishes.

She…was gone…

I sniffed the air around me. The scent was not 2 hours old. Carlisle patted my back and I grew furious. Who would take my Bella!? What has she ever done to anybody? I stormed out of the apartment and to the front desk.

I rang the bell and heard grunting noises from the back room. I walked behind the desk and knocked on the door. I heard a yelping sound. I quickly opened the door and found the kind lady who owned Bella's apartment duct taped to a chair. I quickly ran over to her in a human speed and untied her.

"He took Bella!" She gasped for air. "He took her. Save her!" She fainted. Carlisle took car of her and called 911. I followed the scent until the park where it suddenly was jerked to a tree. There was a teenager hiding in the tree. I climb up and pulled him down by the arm. He yelped. He also had duct tape on his mouth, hands, and feet. I ripped off the duct tape.

"Where is she?" I demanded. His eyes widened.

"I…I..I don't know!"

"Liar!" I spat back at him.

"He took her away from me. He used me!"

It all suddenly made sense. He was a pawn in this dirty game.


"His name was Keith."

I sniffed the air. There was another scent. I called Carlisle to inform him. I quickly told him my situation and about the boy. I ran a bit faster than a normal human would, but I didn't care. I needed to find her. I needed to save my Bella,

'Keith's' scent lead me to a gas station's bathroom. I opened the door and a man who I presumed was 'Keith' was duct taped to a pipe. I growled in frustration and ripped off the duct tape of his mouth.

"Where. Is. She." I spat out at him. I was growing more lethal by the second.

"He took her. But not before I had a little fun." he smirked. I punched his jaw and heard a snap. He groaned in pain. Carlisle showed up then, his face paler than usual. Keith nodded his head towards the ground. At his feet, a little slip of paper was folded. I picked it up. There on the slip stated in Bella's scrawly handwriting:

116940 West Oak- meet there alone at 3:00 am. Be late or early, she'll pay.

I showed the slip to Carlisle and he was enraged. He growled, something Carlisle never did.

It was 2:35. I was pacing outside the warehouse. I checked my phone again. 2:36. time was moving agonizingly slow. Suddenly, I heard a scream. I winced. It was her scream. It lasted for a fraction of a second before it was muted. I heard ripping of duct tape. My eyes widened.

"Oh I know Bella. Aren't you afraid he's not gonna come? You know, he's been lying to you. He doesn't really love you, I do. I know you love me too." I heard a familiar voice murmur.

Jacob Black. Bella's friend. Bella's werewolf. I lost it then. I growled.

"Oh. What was that I hear? A growl? It must be your bloodsucker." I tried to read his thoughts, but the were blocked. I couldn't hear anything. Anything at all. And that frightened me. I ran my fingers through my hair. This couldn't be happening. I already hurt her. What could this poor teenager have done to deserve this? First James, then me, and now this?

I pulled out my phone 2:40. Damn it!

It was now 2:59. I ran towards the door of the warehouse, ready to save my Bella.

5,4,3,2, I broke the door open and threw it to t he side. I was furious. I looked around the warehouse. Looking for my Bella.

"Well, look who can follow directions." I found the source of the voice. He was in the far corner of the warehouse, his shirt had blood stains, stains that looked fresh. Bella's blood. I ran towards him. He started shaking and turned into a wolf. I growled and crouched down. We circled each other. I pounced suddenly and clawed at his face. He turned and I scratched his side. The skin opened. He whimpered and growled. Fresh blood poured out the wound. Fresh repulsive smelling blood. I shivered in disgust. He pounced and I dodged. He slid against the ground, hitting the cement wall. He yelped, and I took this opportunity to go attack again. He clawed towards me and shredded my shirt. I took his paw and broke it. The sickening snap echoed through the building. He yelped in pain. He got up then, limping. He stalked towards me, angrier than ever. He ran, well tried too, towards me and leaped into me, crashing me into the ground. The I wanted it to stop.

So I bit him.

I sunk my sharp, venom coated teeth into his neck, like a true vampire. I knocked his head against the wall and he became unconscious. I bit him again, and again. I stood up and kicked him once.

His heart started beating slower and slower. Suddenly, it stopped altogether. I looked around the warehouse. Bella was in the corner, mouth taped shut, cowering against the corner. I ran towards her. She ripped the duct tape off and screamed.

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