A/N: This story of mine takes place in the Fire Red/Leaf Green games. The female trainer doesn't have an official name other then "Green" so I'm using the name I gave her when I played Leaf green. I don't own Pokemon or any of the copyrights there of. Also, there is a bit of naughty goings on near the end of this chapter.

My Starter

"Bye mom, I'll just be going out for a walk." A small girl said as she donned her favorite white hat.

"Ok, but be careful, it's getting late and you'll need your rest for tomorrow dear." Her mother called to her.

"I know, I'm just so excited that I need to take a little walk to calm down." With that, the brown haired girl left, closing the door behind her. Her mother sighed to herself, "You probably forgot to bring your coat again didn't you Kiko. Well, it isn't too cold out tonight I guess." She shrugged and resumed cleaning the dishes.

Kiko walked over to where Route one began, she knew better then to enter the tall grass without a Pokemon, but that wouldn't stop her from looking out in egger anticipation from the adventures she was sure to have the following morning. A yawn escaped her lips and she figured it best time to head home for the night. As she started to turn she heard a faint yelp coming from Route one. Fearing for whatever was in danger she took off down the road into the grass, she didn't have to travel far to find the source either.

Off to the side, near the woods two Pokemon were in the heat of battle… well, it might have been that way had one of the Pokemon not been severely weaker then the attacker. Kiko looked on in horror as a Seviper was wrapped tightly around a small Zangoose. The Zangoose had since given up attempting to fight back, she knew there was no point and that she would soon slip into unconsciousness and then into the Seviper's hungry belly. As the Zangoose's eyes closed, she thought she saw a flash of white.

"Leave that poor thing alone!" Kiko cried as she swung with all her might her bag at the Seviper's head. The bag made a soft "thud" sound as it impacted the back of the Seviper's head, it immediately stopped coiling tighter around its meal and turned to see an enraged Kiko staring at it. Slowly, the Zangoose found itself able to breath again as the snake began to uncoil itself and attack its new target. The Seviper lunged forward and Kiko let out a scream as she ducked down out of the way, a small portion of her hair was lost to the assault.


Professor Oak sat by his computer reading the latest email he had received from the Pokemon League when the door burst open and a very flustered aid entered in a panic.

"PROFESSOR!!!" He yelled, "It's Kiko, I think she's in danger! I just heard her scream!"

Oak shot up from his seat, "Shit!" He cursed to himself, and ran towards the exit after swiping the three Pokemon that were to be given as starters for the new coming trainers tomorrow.

As Oak made his way onto Route one he spotted Kiko, cowering away from an angry Seviper, and to the right was a barley conscious Zangoose. Taking the three poke balls in hand Oak called out, "Alright, Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur! Help save Kiko!" as he threw the balls, three of his fingers tapped the button in the middle of the balls as they left his hand. After growing to a larger size they burst open as three streaks of red light formed three separate shapes on the ground, resulting in the presence of three more Pokemon.

The Seviper paused and turned its head to see where the new threat came from, it wasn't given much time to react however as the Professor called out an order to each of the Pokemon. "Bulbasaur, Vine Whip; Charmander, Ember; Squirtle, Water Gun!" At once, two vines extended from around the bulb on Bulbasaur's back and were sent slamming down on the Seviper's head. Without any time to recover, Charmander sent two bolts of fire from its mouth into Seviper's side. Finally, a spray of water caught Seviper just under the spot the two previous vines found themselves. The triple attack sent the Seviper rolling sideways down the road. When it came to, it gauged itself outmatched and took off into the woods to find something else to eat.

One by one, the three Pokemon were returned to their balls and Oak walked over to where Kiko sat frozen with fear. Though he wore a face of disappointment, Oak was just relived to see she was safe. Oak knelt down to see if she was hurt, but Kiko took off towards the injured Zangoose. "Oh! Are you ok?!" She called as she stuffed her hand into her bag, retrieving it a moment later with a small bottle in hand.

"I knew it was a good idea to hold onto this rather then stuff it in my PC." Kiko said with a smile, "Just hold still, this potion will make you all better." With that she sprayed the bottle's contents over the wounded Pokemon. Within moments, the Zangoose was back on her feet. She looked into Kiko's eyes as if to thank her for the saving of her life. Oak's words broke the momentary silence, "Kiko, I'm glad you're all right. Now, I know YOU know the dangers of leaving without your own Pokemon, and as you will be getting one tomorrow anyway, I will spare you the lecture. However, I think it would be a good idea if you went straight home. I won't tell your mother what happened, it would only worry her too much."

Kiko nodded, "Thanks Professor, see you tomorrow!" She took one last look at the Zangoose before running back home. The Zangoose just stared in the direction Kiko ran.

"You like her, don't you?" The Zangoose jumped slightly as she snapped her head towards the Professor, her head tilted curiously. Oak smiled, "I'm not surprised, you're very lucky she found you when she did. You're also lucky she felt it necessary to use her potion on you. Not that I wouldn't have myself mind you. Tomorrow, Kiko will start her Pokemon journey, she will be given the choice of one of the three Pokemon I used earlier." The Zangoose tilted her head to the other side confused. "Oh, that's right!" Oak chuckled to himself, "You were barely conscious." He took a poke ball from his pocket and looked into the Zangoose's eyes. "If you want, I will let you be her starting Pokemon." He pressed the button causing the ball to increase in size and set it on the grass before taking a few steps backwards.

The Zangoose looked first at the ball, then to the professor, then back to where Kiko had gone, and then back to the ball. With determination in her eyes she nodded saying, "Goose!" She approached the ball and placed a claw to it, the ball opened and Zangoose was transported inside. A soft click sound indicated that the Zangoose had been captured. Oak picked it up and placed it back in his coat pocket, keeping it separate from the other three.


Safe back in her room and under the covers of her bed, Kiko lay. Her mind constantly replaying the previous events in her mind. What was it that made her risk her life for that Zangoose? Was it simply her love of Pokemon? She rolled over, "No." She thought to herself, "It wasn't just that. I would have gone to get the Professor if that was the case." She reached her hand down and noticed her pajamas had a small damp spot between her legs. She wasn't sure what it was, she knew she hadn't wet herself, it had been years since she ever did that. When she placed her hand on it, she let out a slight gasp and bit her lip. Whatever was going on, it felt unlike anything else she had experienced before. Slowly, she began to rub herself, the feelings were intensifying. Her mind played back the images of the Zangoose looking deep into her eyes, a sense of yearning became apparent. As her breath quickened, she rubbed harder before her body began to tense and convulse as her first orgasm ran threw her body. As she came, she found herself quietly moaning, "Zangoose…" That was it, she had figured out what needed to happen tomorrow, after getting her first Pokemon, she would seek out the Zangoose she had saved.

A/N: Well, here we go, the beginnings of what I hope will become a nice story. Zangoose is my favorite Pokemon [thanks to a poke morph picture I saw once] and when I played Leaf Green, I used an Action Replay to catch a female Zangoose on Route one as soon as I could, she became my main Pokemon for the rest of the game. Regarding updates, I'm not sure when this will get updated next. As it is there are a whole lot of fan fiction ideas in my head [I still haven't finished my left 4 dead fic yet] So sit tight, as this is only the begging of Kiko's relationship with her Zangoose. Yes there will be Yuri and lemons on the way.