"You are not going, Chekov" James Kirk looked at the glower the Russian was giving him and normally, he would have laughed at the serious look on the ensigns face. Seventeen years old and already possessed with a look of stubborn determination that could rival McCoy's. But Kirk couldn't agree with the navigator, not this time, however much he hated it.

"But, sir, ve can't do nothing!" Chekov replied back, equally as forcefully, and at that moment he looked every bit the angry teenager he should have been "I cannot just leave him there. Ve have to do something"

"There is nothing we can do, Chekov. I can't risk any more of my men on a reckless suicide mission. Starfleet is sending a negotiator to bargain for Sulu's release …"

"Vhile ve sit here and wait" the Russian growled back, his eyes flashing "Sir, I can't just stand here while they could be hurting Sulu"

"You can and you will," Kirk said firmly "I'm sorry, but I can't risk another one of my officers"

"But…" Chekov was about to argue back, but Kirk had had enough.

"That's an order, ensign" he snapped, "You are not going to go down. Do I make myself perfectly clear?"

Chekov's voice was barely a whisper but the coolness in his tone and the blazing anger in the Russians blue eyes displayed the emotions that he was trying so hard not to allow to the surface.

"Aye, Keptin" he said, before turning and exiting the captains' quarters, leaving Kirk to look after him, filled with a rising worry. Chekov had never spoken out against him, never openly questioned Kirk's authority, but it seemed that when Sulu was in danger the normal did not apply, and that scared Kirk as he watched Chekov walk away, because it left him wondering what limits the navigator would go to to get Sulu back.


Chekov knew what he was going to do as soon as he left Kirk's quarters, turning left towards the turbo lift, and entering. But instead of taking the lift to Deck 4, where his quarters were situated, he said,


His heart weighed heavy as he spoke the orders, knowing the implications of what he was going to attempt. Disobeying a direct order given by a senior officer would mean a court martial, losing his job, his position, everything. But this was Sulu he was thinking about, Sulu who at this minute was captive among a race of aliens who were well known for their less then savoury hospitality when it came to prisoners. And Chekov would be damned if he was going to let anything happen to Sulu. Not while he could do something about it.

He clicked his commbadge "Uhura?"

It was several seconds before the reply came "Chekov?"

"He said no"

There was a pause "So, what are you going to do?"

"I'm going to go down anyvay." Chekov breathed deeply "anything on the comms?"

"Yeah. They're holding him in the east wing of the main outpost. I've managed to access some schematics of the building, and I've send them to your PADD" he heard Uhura pause again "Pavel, if they don't get the ransom they want, they're probably going to kill him, and probably torture him for information first. They'll do the same to you if you get caught

"I know" Chekov said quietly

"Is there nothing I can say that will make you change your mind?"

"No. I'm sorry, Uhura"

"Figured as much. You take care of yourself Pavel Chekov. I don't want to see you hurt"

"If I get back, I'll buy you a drink for going to zis much trouble to help me," Chekov promised

"When you get back" Uhura replied "and if you don't get court-martialled straight off this ship, you're going to buy me two drinks" he heard Uhura sigh, " Good luck Chekov. Be careful"

"Zank you, Nyota. " Chekov said before closing the comm. channel.

The turbo lift beeped on his arrival to the desired deck, and the doors opened revealing engineering. Chekov walked out; his eyes scanning past ensigns hunched over warp-drive charts and nacelle diagrams, looking for someone specific. It turned out he didn't have to look, as a shout boomed across engineering.

"No, the red spanner, ye idiot. Jeez, do ya actually have a brain inside that walnut shaped head of yours?"

Chekov afforded himself a wry smile, walking over to the source of the noise and being greeted by the sight of Scotty's legs sticking out from underneath an access panel. A metal box of tools sat near his left leg and Keenser was stood nearby, passing a red-tinged spanner to the oily hand, which had just snaked out from under the panel.

"Scotty" Chekov said, and he was greeted by a thump and a swearword as Scotty tried to sit up and knocked his head hard on the panel above him.

"Ah, shit. What it is, Pavel? As ye can see, I'm a wee bit busy here" Scotty moved out from under the panelling, rubbing his head and looking at the ensign.

"I need to talk to you" Chekov said. He flicked as worried glance over at Keenser, who was looking at him intently with his black beady eyes "Alone"

Scotty had been about to argue, but there was a serious look in Chekov's eyes that made him think twice. The kid looked tired, older, and he could probably do with a break. He sighed

"Keenser, you go have yer break now" the alien looked at Scotty, his arms folded in defiance "Ah, go on. You've bin complaining 'bout it for ages. Go on, scat!" he shooed his work partner. Keenser harrumphed indignantly, but nevertheless made his way off, leaving Scotty and Chekov alone.

"Busy?" Chekov asked, as Scotty stood up from where he had been lying on the floor, being carefully not to hit his head again.

"Jus' a check-up on the ol' twin warp nacelle's" Scotty sighed, wiping his hands on his trousers "It takes time, but it's important to check if there's anything amiss" Scotty sighed again, stretching and straightening his back out, before turning to face Chekov "Now then, laddy. What can ah do for ya t'day?"

"I need you to help get me down to the planet surface" Chekov said, fixing Scotty with a serious look

" Normally I'd be fine wi'it, but captain said no transporting, Chekov. I cannae help ya wi' that" suddenly something clicked in Scotty's brain and he looked at the young Russian in front of him "Ye're gonna go down an' try an' rescue Sulu, ain't ya?"

Chekov nodded. There seemed no point in lying "I have to try. Please Scotty, if anything was to happen to him, I…" he swallowed, reigning in his fear momentarily "I don't know what I'd do"

Scotty sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose and closing his eyes. There really was only one thing he could do.

"OK, Pavel. I'll help ya. Now, here's what we're gonna do…"


"I hope the kids OK," Kirk said to Bones as they sat together in the CMO's office. The two always ended up talking here, and whenever Kirk needed to mull something over in his head, or needed another perspective on a problem, he'd go to Bones and they'd end up discussing it over a glass or three of Saurian brandy that the doctor kept hidden in one of his cabinets. " It can't be easy for him, stuck on the Enterprise while Sulu's in danger. I hope he doesn't do anything rash"

"Jim" Bones said, knocking back a shot of brandy in one fluid gulp "If Chekov has any fault- if you can call it a fault-, apart from his appetite and overexcited-ness, it's the lengths that kid'll go to keep the people he loves safe. He's so ridiculously loyal that he isn't going to think of the consequences, not if Sulu's involved. There's no limit he wont go to to keep that guy safe"

Kirk suddenly paled at the doctors' words, an idea coming into his head "No" he whispered "no, he wouldn't have"

Bones gave Kirk a quizzical look but the captain didn't expand on his statement, thinking for a moment.

"Computer" Kirk said, suddenly "Locate ensign Pavel Chekov"

"Ensign Pavel Chekov is not aboard the Enterprise"

"What do you mean?" Bones said, looking worriedly at Jim, his mind reaching the same conclusion as the captain "He has to be somewhere"

"Ensign Pavel Chekov is not aboard the Enterprise"

Kirk swore, " He's gone down to the surface. I knew I shouldn't have left him alone" he rose quickly from his chair, the brandy forgotten "Bone's, with me"

The doctor didn't argue as Kirk stormed out of the office, heading towards the turbo lift

"Bloody Russian idiot" Kirk cursed, "what the hell has he done now?" he clicked his commbadge "Scotty, meet me down at the transporter pad. Now"

It took Bones and Kirk barely a minute to get down to the transporter pad on deck seven, and when they got there, they were greeted by Scotty, who was trying very hard not to look guilty.

"Capt'in?" Scotty said, "To what do I owe the honour…?"

"Has Chekov beamed down onto the surface?" Kirk interrupted, fixing Scotty with a stare.

The Scotsman squirmed visibly at Kirk's glare "I dunno what ye mean…"

"Just answer me Scotty" Kirk growled. He didn't have time for this. At the moment, all he was concerned about was the safety of his helmsman and navigator "I don't care if you helped him or not, just tell me, has he beamed down?"

"Aye" Scotty admitted, and Kirk swore again. The kid was walking right into the lion's den and there was nothing Kirk could do to protect him. He couldn't send down any more men, the situation was precarious enough without adding more to the problem.

"Have you got a lock on him?" he snapped at Scotty.

"Aye, sir"

"Did he bring a phaser?" God, he hoped the kid wasn't stupid enough to go in without protection.

Scotty frowned "Sir?"

"Is he armed, Mr Scott? Is he suitably protected?"

"Aye, sir he's armed"

Kirk sighed, looking at Bones. He was of half a mind to beam Chekov directly back, but he understood why Chekov had disobeyed him, and as much as he didn't like it, he respected the Russian for fighting for what he cared about. There were things like love that Kirk knew he would never fully understand and he supposed it had been unfair for him to expect that Chekov would stand idly by while Sulu was in danger. If Chekov could get Sulu out…

"What you going to do, Jim?" Bones said, his eyes concerned, and Kirk paused, before coming to a decision.

"Scotty, " he said "keep a lock on Chekov at all times. I want you to beam him out of there as soon as he's in danger, understand? Leave the comms open, if Chekov needs help, we need to know about it" his voice lowered and he looked over at Bones. "I just hope the kid knows what he's doing"

This is part one of a longer drabble requested by momiji'sunusedhalo. Part two will be up soon. Thanks for reading