By: Manna


For: LittleGreenBudgie, for her birthday.


She knew from the beginning that he wasn't the type of man to stay. He was bad for her—not in the way that Kent was bad for Lyn's reputation, or that Heath was bad for Priscilla. He was just bad—badass and bad news.

He never shared anything about himself with her, not really. She'd heard he was actually Priscilla's brother, but with the rumor about Dame Vaida chasing Sir Harken floating around, only Elimine knew if it was actually true.

Raven was certainly one-of-a-kind. Maybe that was what had drawn her to him. He wasn't like Wil, or Guy, or even Lowen. He was his own person—and somebody she knew that she could depend on…

On the battlefield.

When the arrows from enemy archers flew around her, and armored soldiers got too close for comfort, Raven would be there. He was a mercenary, he said, but she could sense something about him that was distinctly unlike that of any simple mercenary that she had encountered.

Maybe it was the way he carried himself, so tall and proud and sure.

He wasn't perfect—in fact, he was a far cry from perfect. If he was perfect, he'd be too good for her, she reasoned. But he had the looks, the smile, and he liked her cooking more than any other man around.

Rebecca loved being appreciated, and watching the corners of his lips tilt upward just before he dug into something she'd prepared…did something to her, made her heart flutter just a little faster, made her own mouth curve into a smile, and she knew that she wanted nothing more than to feed that man for the rest of her life.

But things were complicated, and so was he. She thought—no, had hoped—that she could change him, just a little. Maybe if she got him to like her enough, he'd want to stay. But when the dragon was defeated and the Dread Isle behind them, he talked of leaving.

"Why don't you stay?" she asked, though it was more of a suggestion. "Stay with me."

"With you?" He tilted his head to look at the waves of the ocean as they lapped against the side of the Davros. "Rebecca, I'm not good for you."

"You don't have to be good for me," she said. "You just have to love me."

He didn't answer for a long time, and when he did, she'd nearly given up on getting any kind of response out of those thinly-pressed lips. "I care about you," he told her. "But it takes more than that. It takes something I can't give you."

"What is it?" she asked, wondering if it was his heart, his soul, his body…maybe even his trust.

But it wasn't any of those things.



Author Notes:

I don't think Raven's a very committed person (toward other people). But I also think that there is a chance he would be caring—perhaps respectful—enough not to love 'em and leave 'em. Title is from the song, I Would've Loved You Anyway.