This little scene came to me when I was swimming in the sea myself, so I just decided to write it down – don't fret, I'm still working on the HP/TWI crossover!!

OK, so this is post Eclipse, and instead of just calling her mother, Bella decides to take a little trip down there with Edward. This is during the trip.

Also: I have never been to Florida, and I have no idea how close Renee's house would be to the beach, so if anything in this is totally unbelievable or whatever then either turn a blind eye or let me know.

I couldn't breathe; my heart was thudding out of my body in a way that I was sure people a mile away would be able to hear. Edward's heavy breaths were almost coming as fast as mine as his perfect hard body pressed me against the soft couch.

My mother and Phil were out at the grocery store, giving Edward and me the house to ourselves for the first time since we had arrived in Jacksonville. I took note of the fact that since I had spilled the beans about our impending matrimony, while Charlie had done his utmost to ensure we were never alone together at any time (he didn't succeed), Renee and Phil did their best to tactfully allow us some alone time. For that I was sincerely grateful. I had planned to take the utmost advantage of our situation. So far, so good.

'Edward.' I gasped as his mouth left mine and his icy lips travelled down my neck. My head tipped back, giving him full access to my naked throat above my t-shirt. Our legs were intertwined; one of his between mine, and the friction as we moved together, even through my annoyingly thick denim shorts, was making me insane.

I grabbed fistfuls of his hair and tried to yank his face back up to mine. It took a second for him to realise what I was trying to do, but eventually he got it and enthusiastically gave in to my demands. His smooth, cold tongue snaked out of his mouth and traced the outside of my lips, carefully though Edward was clearly as overtaken by passion as I was.

'Bella…you taste…incredible.' Edward whispered against my lips. I pressed myself even closer to him. I still wasn't close enough.

His lips returned to mine, but there was that feeling again – the one where I knew he was going to stop in a moment. I didn't want him to stop. Not now, not ever.

'No!' I protested feebly as he tried to untangle himself from me. My head was pounding and my lips felt puffy and tingling, my breath was thin coming out in short, uneven pants. He sighed and shook his head. I was almost distracted by the way his tousled bronze hair was even more mussed up than usual on account of my fingers being tangled up in it for the last ten minutes. He looked so beautiful I had the odd sensation of wanting to burst into tears. I managed to pull myself together in time to listen to what he was telling me in a pleading tone.

'Bella, you're the one-'

'-who wanted to wait. I know, I know.' I grumbled, finishing his sentence.

'Exactly. And do you think that pushing me like that is the best way to uphold your own rule?' He was right. I knew he was right. It was just difficult to think like that, of rules and boundaries, when Edward's perfection was so close… 'Unless you've changed your mind…?' His face was totally serious but I wasn't falling for it. I knew it wasn't as simple as changing my mind, Edward knew what was best for us as well as I did, though sometimes I struggled for reasons why exactly waiting would be best.

I was silent. Edward arranged us swiftly on the couch so that I was innocently sitting on his lap, rather than lying beneath his body.

'This is hard. Harder than I thought it would be – and I thought it would be hard.' I grumbled, leaning my head against Edward's marble chest. His arms extended around me, holding me to him. I felt him nod against my hair.

'It's hard for me, too.' He said quietly. I thought about just how hard it must be for Edward; for him it wasn't simply the stifling sexual tension between us that was testing his strength, he still had to worry about my fragile, breakable body…my blood. I sighed. 'But it's only a few more weeks.' He added.

'I guess.' I agreed. A few weeks still seemed like years away to me, even though I was dreading the actual wedding, I had decided I'd take it for the payoff afterwards.

I glanced over at the clock. It was almost half past eight, and the sun was beginning to dull and set beneath the cloud-free horizon. It was strange being in Jacksonville, Edward had to act like what I called a 'real' vampire, staying out of the sun during the daytime and only going out at night. It would soon be sunless enough for him to go out, not that he would, if he were alone.

That gave me an idea.

'Do you want to go down to the beach?' I asked.

'Huh?' Edward replied. His thoughts had clearly been focussed on something else as he twirled a lock of my hair around his pearly white finger.

'The beach. Do you want to go, like, for a walk? The sun will be down soon…' I looked up at his chiselled features. He grinned down at me.

'Whatever you want, love.' He pecked me on the lips, but his face was back in its original place again before I had time to try and hang on to it. 'Shall we wait for your mother and Phil to return before we leave?' I thought about it.

'We can just leave a note. I'll take my cell.'

'OK.' Edward said, and picked me up and set me on my feet. He looked out of the window, seeing it was almost twilight. 'You want to go now?'

I nodded and took his hand.

I grabbed a pair of Renee's sandals from under the kitchen table, we were the same size so they were a good fit, and jotted out a quick note saying where we were going and that I had my cell. I joined Edward at the front door. He, of course, had put on his own shoes in a fraction of a second. He took my hand and we walked together into the balmy, humid outdoors.

I was sweating in about five minutes of our stroll. It was mid-July, and even without the blazing sun on my back, the air was sticky enough that my whole body was clammy and gross. Edward, as always, looked utterly perfect. I was almost embarrassed at my own human weakness.

The beach was fairly quiet and bare of other twilight walkers like us when we eventually arrived. Edward's hand was pleasant and cooling on mine as we walked through the pale, powdery sand. The water was quite still, rolling softly on my left. Edward was on my right.

'What are you thinking?' He asked softly as he watched me stare at the rippling ocean.

'I was thinking about the wedding.'

'What about the wedding?' He asked, pulling my body closer and threading his arm around my shoulders. I bit my lip. I didn't want to tell him what I was thinking, it was embarrassing. I felt my face turn crimson and knew it would have immediately given me away. He still waited for my answer. I looked away.

'Well, I was sort of thinking about…well…about after the wedding.' Edward's arm stiffened on my shoulders and then relaxed again. He sighed.

'So human.' He stopped walking and turned to face me, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. I pouted, trying to ignore the blush and the embarrassment of my one-track-mindedness being discovered. Not that he didn't already know.

'Don't you think about it?' I tried to turn this around onto him. I wondered what I would say if he told me he didn't think about it. That would hurt. His golden eyes scorched into mine and he took a step closer. I gulped and my heart began to palpitate madly. He chuckled softly.

'Of course I do, you silly girl. How could I possibly not?' He leant in and began to kiss my neck lightly. I tried to keep my breathing steady and my legs upright, but I began to find it difficult. I moaned quietly. Edward pulled back, an eyebrow raised cheekily. My blush deepened.

The beach was pretty much deserted, just a few dog-walkers in the distance. Edward took my hand and led me up the beach to behind an outcrop of tall rocks, sheltering us from the eyes of the rest of the deserted beach. I kept stumbling, the soft sand and my current level of embarrassment mixed with arousal making it more difficult than usual to walk in a straight line.

As soon as we were in the little sheltered area, which made me think of the word 'hideyhole', Edward drew me close and kissed me again. His lips were urgent and excited, responding to mine and making my head whirl.

Before I was aware of any movement, we were on the sand. My body lay on top of Edwards as he kissed me, on hand holding my head firmly to his and the other dancing up and down my back. I parted my legs and brought my knees down on either side of him, and gasped when the most sensitive part of me made contact with his rock hard stomach. He growled and rolled over. Now my body was backed against the hot, soft sand, with Edward's gentle stone body above it. I kept my legs wrapped around him, locking my feet at the ankles and involuntarily rocking my hips and moaning; all common-sense had left me, flown away into the hot, moist air.

But, again, as I should have expected, Edward pulled away and rolled over so that he was lying beside me. I didn't have the energy to form a coherent protest, whimpering feebly was all I could manage.

There was silence for a couple minutes while we caught our breath, and then Edward's voice, both rough and smooth at the same time, spoke over the soft crashes of the waves behind the rocks.

'I'm sorry, Bella. I'm so sorry I let that happen.' I frowned and sat up.

'Edward, that's just stupid. I wanted to do that as much as you did. More, maybe. Did you notice that I was the one who lost control, not you? It's my rule, you know.' I was practically growling by the time my little speech was up, which seemed to distress Edward further. He heaved a great sigh and sat up beside me.

'Fine. I'm not going to argue with you, though I am ashamed of failing to stop things sooner…'

'Edward! That is arguing! And what if I didn't want you to stop things sooner?' He looked at me incredulously.

'But, I thought-'

'I'm glad you did stop. When you did, I mean. I'm just glad you didn't stop sooner. I think It's important to work up to things…you know?' I interrupted. Edward just squeezed his eyes shut and shook his head. I thought I heard him mutter something under his breath, but it was too quiet for me to make out.

I stood up after a while.

'Should we keep walking?' I asked. I knew we had to get out of behind the rocks otherwise something would happen again that Edward would regret. That I might regret, not that I could imagine regretting anything that happened between us, even when I wasn't so frustrated. Edward's head snapped up to look at me. He had an unexpected calculating gleam in his ochre eyes. 'What?' I asked, instantly suspicious.

'I was wondering…' He began, and the persuasive yet tentative tone of voice he used hit me so powerfully I knew that whatever was asking, I would comply, no questions asked. I gulped. 'If you would like to swim. With me.' My eyes widened.

'What – now?' I asked incredulously. I had no bathing suit or towel, and we were too far away from home to go back for them and walk all the way out here again. Well, not too far for Edward, but still. Anyway, I didn't even have a suit back at Renee and Phil's house, so it didn't matter. I said this to Edward, but he didn't seem to find it as big an issue as it seemed in my mind.

'You don't need a bathing suit.' He said slowly, his eyes flickering over my face as if he was checking for a negative reaction. All I felt was mild shock. This wasn't at all like Edward, what was he suggesting I swum in, my clothes? I was wearing denim shorts and a white tank top. Clearly, neither of those items was at all suited to swimming. But then, swimming seemed like such an attractive option, it really was very hot…'Of course, if you don't want to…'

'No, I do want to…but…shall I swim in my clothes?' He saw the look of distaste on my face and chuckled. He stood up, and in one swift, dazzling movement, his navy blue shirt was over his head and in his hand as he held it out to me. It took me a few moments to tear my eyes from the wonder that was Edward's gleaming, muscular chest and stomach before I realised what he was giving me.

'You can wear this. If you'd like…' He sounded unsure. My knees went weak; just the thought of having Edward's shirt – that he'd worn – on my skin was enough to force my heard to beat so hard and fast that Edward looked concerned. 'Or not, if you would prefer not to swim, that's fine…' The hand with the shirt in fell to Edward's side. He looked like he was preparing to spring to catch me if I suddenly passed out. I took a deep breath and pulled myself together.

'I want to swim. I'll wear your shirt.' I told him in what I hoped was a cool, unconcerned voice. I held my hand out for it. He passed it over slowly, still looking slightly anxious, clearly assessing me for signs that I might need his support. 'I'm fine, Edward.' He blinked and grinned crookedly. I had to look away so that my heart wouldn't worry him again. 'Turn around,' I instructed with a smile, 'I need to change.' Edward's Adams apple bobbed up and down as he gulped. I grinned to myself at the thought that I had made him even the slightest bit uncomfortable. He spun on the spot and stood perfectly still as the rocks he stood beside.

His head just about cleared the top of the rocks, so he could look out at the sea. I had a feeling he wasn't paying much attention to that though, the stillness of his posture, vampire or not, made me sure he was listening to my every move. The thought made me clumsier than ever.

I saw him twitch a couple times out of the corner of my eye as I nearly fell or cursed as I bashed my knee against a jutting rock as I was pulling off my shorts. I left my bra and panties on, and even though I knew he couldn't see them through the shirt, which stopped mid-thigh, I wished they were anything near matching.

'Uhh…I'm done.' I announced when I had deemed myself appropriate. Edward's eyes were back on me before I had even finished my sentence, wide as saucers and burning like molten gold. He sucked in a deep breath between his teeth. His fists were clenched at his sides. I stayed completely still as I watched, though I knew my heart rate was right up. I felt very exposed when he stared at me like that, and it made me want to fidget.

'Are you OK?' I asked timidly after I couldn't stand the silence any longer. Edward seemed to snap out of a trance. He smiled slightly.

'You know how much I love that colour on you.' He said. I felt myself blush scarlet and his smile widened. 'Perfect,' he whispered. I looked at the floor.

I felt his cool, strong arms around me before I had chance to take another shaky breath. His lips touched mine briefly before he swung me off my feet and carried me in one hand and my discarded clothes in the other out from our shelter and onto the main beach.

Look out for the next (and final) chapter! I hope you liked it so far, let me know what you thought.

P.S. Sorry the story's not that original (Esme's island…) but since the situation is totally different, I think it's OK, no?