Here you go, chapter 2, the final chapter. I've changed the rating to M, but if you think T would be OK let me know.


Somewhere along the line, Edward had removed his pants so that he was just wearing a pair of black boxers. The sight had me practically salivating. Edward raised his eyebrows as one corner of his mouth pulled up in an amused smirk. I blushed again. Edward had set me back on the powdery sand and we stood at the edge of the waterline. He took my hand and pulled me forward.

The water was warm on my feet and ankles as we waded through the shallows. The sun had properly gone down by that time so the beach was lit entirely by moon and starlight, which bounced off the glossy pallor of Edward's perfect bare torso making him more beautiful than ever. If that were possible.

'Is this warm enough for you?' Edward enquired in a quiet voice which suited our surroundings perfectly. I looked up at him; he was already gazing down at my face.

'It's like bathwater. I know what you think, but I'm really not that fragile.' I told him, squeezing his hand. We were now up to the hem of Edward's shirt, which was floating around me on the surface of the water like it was enchanted. Edward laughed softly.

'That's what you would think.' He retorted, and was gone.

I gasped and whirled around in the heavy water. He was nowhere to be seen.

'Edward?!' I panicked, staring around. I now felt very alone. I knew it was pathetic, but alone in the moonlight in a shirt which was miles too big in the middle of the ocean was making me very nervous. 'Edward?' I called out again. My voice sounded thin even to my own ears.

Then I felt something. A hard, cool something touched my ankle and I nearly toppled over right there in the water. The touch trailed smoothly up my leg until it reached a point just above my knee and dark, wet hair broke the surface of the blue ocean.

Edward grinned up at me. His wet hair was soaked, plastering his forehead and sending rivers of water running down his face. He looked beautiful, way too beautiful for me to be angry at him.

'Is there something wrong?' He asked innocently and cocked his head to one side, listening to my heard hammer inside my chest. I splashed him lightly in retort, which he dodged easily. It was about then when I realised where he still was. Kneeling on the ocean floor, his head level with the top of my legs. But I knew if I wanted to stay sane, I shouldn't think about that. So instead I walked slowly around him, deeper into the water. Edward followed silently, barely causing a ripple in the night time ocean.

'It's so quiet.' I commented gently, not wanting to ruin it.

'Yes.' Edward agreed. 'It's very relaxing with only the sound out your heartbeat and our breathing to punctuate the night.' I thought about that. It must be so hard for Edward, listening to hundreds if not thousands of 'voices' day after day. It was lucky vampires couldn't get headaches.

'But can't you hear anyone? There must be people close enough…' I enquired.

'Yes. There are, but they are far enough away that they are easy to tune out. As well as other sounds - like cars and TVs.' I nodded. That kind of made sense. As much as Edward's talent ever did, that is.

I decided to go for it then; and dunked the whole rest of my body under the lukewarm water. It was good. The water wasn't so cold that it made me shiver, but the gentle coolness that came with the lack of blazing sun helped to soothe the aching burn of my whole body caused by the static sexual tension between Edward and me.

I took three slow, gentle strokes under the water before coming back up for air. I was almost to my chin in water now, and that was with my feet pointed on the sandy floor. Edward was still right beside me; of course it was easy for him to keep with my slow pace as I swam.

He looked so exquisite, water droplets hugging his long dark eyelashes and channelling down his face and what I could see of his neck and collarbones, that couldn't help myself as I made my way towards him, using my arms to propel myself. He held his arms out for me, taking a step forward so that we were connected. His skin didn't feel nearly as icy as usual when we were surrounded by water, and I marvelled in it, pushing myself closer to him.

'I love you so much.' He whispered into my hair, which was plastered flat onto my head.

'I love you more.' I said against his chest. I felt it shake with his chuckle.

He lowered his lips to mine, lifting me slightly so that me feet weren't touching the floor, just floating aimlessly below me.

'Not possible.' He murmured against them before pressing his mouth onto mine. I gasped and my lips fell open. He didn't stop, just opened his own to match. I could feel my thudding heart and my burning skin, and knew I could only take this for so long. I just couldn't do it. For the first time ever, I pulled away. It took every ounce of my physical and mental energy to do it, but I managed. Edward was breathing deeply.

'I'm sorry, Edward, but I can't. I just can't.' His grip on me loosened.

'Did I do something wrong?' He looked confused. I remembered when he had asked me that before. I recalled just how deadly wrong he had been that time; he was even further from the mark now. I gritted my teeth before carefully ungluing them and speaking in a measured voice.

'Of course you didn't, you should know that. You did everything right…unbelievably right…but it's just what we talked about earlier. Do you remember that far back?' I teased. He nodded, but didn't smile. 'You know how frustrated it makes me when you kiss me like that and then it just…doesn't go anywhere. I've told you before, I feel like I'm going to-'

'Spontaneously combust.' He put in sombrely.

'So you were listening.' I smiled, trying to lighten the mood; I couldn't bear it if he put this whole thing on himself, yet again. But he didn't seem to notice my light tone; he seemed to be considering something very seriously. 'What are you thinking?' He snapped out of it.

'That's my line.' He said, finally smiling.

'Yes, but you didn't answer.' I pointed out, relieved that he wasn't in another one of his dark moods. Though to be fair, they had been extremely rare since that day in the meadow; the one when we had told Charlie about the engagement.

'I was thinking…something. But I don't know if you will…approve…' the hesitant way he spoke put me off-guard. What was he trying to say? The thought must have shown clearly on my face because he continued after a deep breath. 'What if I could give you what you wanted…a release of some kind? If I didn't violate the terms of our agreement, of course.'

My breath stopped. Was he thinking what I thought that he was thinking? What I hoped he was thinking? But I couldn't afford to hope, it was too dangerous; left me too open to disappointment. I realised that he was still holding on to me, clutching me against his bare chest, and couldn't help but nurse a tiny seed of hope that I would be right. But this was Edward I was thinking about, he wasn't exactly modern with his ideas about this sort of thing – would he consider our virtues (I cringed internally even thinking the word) unharmed if this were to take place? I couldn't know.

'What exactly were you thinking?' I ventured breathlessly, I hadn't realised I had still been holding onto my breath. He peered at me for a moment, looking for a sign on my face to proceed. It seemed that I presented one, because he answered in a husky voice.

'Would you be willing?'

I nodded vigorously, not even thinking about it until I was already doing it and then blushing crimson. Edward sighed. 'Do you trust me?' He asked, his voice barely a rough whisper. I nodded again, my eyes wide and eager.

I saw his answering crooked smile for only a second before his hand was at the nape of my neck and his mouth was gentle but serious on mine. I threw my arms around his neck and buried my fingers in his wet hair.

His other hand ventured down my side, over his shirt which was billowing in the slightly mobile water. I shivered as his fingers lightly traced my ribs and the side of my hip and continued descending. He knew it wasn't from cold, as the water had fixed that, so he allowed me to hug myself closer to him, and wrap my legs around his muscular waist.

I moaned at the increased contact. I could feel him everywhere, and that was almost enough to send me into full-on craziness, but I tried to stay focussed, and continue the stingingly exciting kiss. Edward's lips worked their way down my neck and to my collar bone, which gently, very gently, he sucked at the skin. I moaned again and threw my head back. I felt him smile against me.

Before I knew what I was doing, I was moving. My hips were thrusting of their own accord into Edward's solid stomach in a desperate attempt at some friction.

'There's no need to rush, Bella.' Edward whispered as he brought his hard, perfect lips back to mine.

His hand was on my thigh. Trailing from my hip to my knee in a way that made me tingle. His other hand joined in on the other side.

'Edward! Do…something…please…' I begged, too desperate to be embarrassed. This was the closest we had even been, and I sure as hell wasn't going to let it slip away from me.

'Your wish,' one of his hands slowly traced a looping pattern over my thigh until it was resting on the inside, just a few inches away from where I needed it. 'My command.' He growled, and moved his fingers carefully up my leg.

By now I was panting, gasping for air and begging him to continue. I didn't care about anything in that moment other than the hand on the inside of my thigh, creeping upwards, closer and closer.

And then he was touching me. The shock of it, even through the material of my sodden panties, almost sent me over the edge. As it was, I cried out, and Edward moaned in response.

His hand moved up and down again, this time under the material. We were skin to skin; his fingers to my throbbing need.

I was panting as Edward's fingers moved over my wet skin, faster and faster. I could feel it building; it was like all of our kisses and touches rolled into one, multiplied by a hundred.

My muscles were tensing, twitching, as the feeling grew and spread through my whole body. My toes curled and my eyes closed.

I couldn't take it anymore.

I fell forward into Edward's chest, my pants muffled against the skin of his shoulder. His hand kept moving until I was completely worn out and relaxed, leaning on him as my breath slowly came back to me and my heart rate steadied.

'Wow.' I breathed after a few minutes. Edward laughed quietly.

'You can say that again.' He agreed. I looked at him through my eyelashes. The embarrassment began to belatedly creep up on me.

'Thank you for that. I mean it. I love you so much.' I told him quietly, hoping I hadn't looked or sounded too hideous when I lost control.

'You don't need to thank me, Bella. That was the most amazing…you are the most amazing creature in this entire universe. Thank you for allowing me to do that.' He smiled at me. I shook my head slightly. The way he thought of me was just plain ridiculous, but I'd tried and there was just no talking him out of it, so I let it go.

And then I thought of something, ashamed that it had taken so long to dawn on me.

'But what about you…I want to…' I wasn't sure how to phrase it, and now fully appreciated how hard it must have been for Edward to broach the idea in the first place. He smiled again and shook his head.

'Not tonight, love. It was truly enough that I was able to give you pleasure.' I narrowed my eyes, but he only shook his head again. I made a mental note to leap on him when I got the chance; he had to be repaid for this. 'Now, do you think we should be getting back? Renee will be starting to worry.' I nodded regretfully, realising that the trip to the beach had possibly been the best idea I had ever had.

Edward didn't put me down as he ran like a shot through the water I had struggled through earlier, and I looked forward, once again, to when I could do things with such ease.

The lack of towels didn't really prove to be a problem when we reached dry land. I peeled off Edward's shirt, deciding that I no longer cared if he saw me in my mismatched underwear – after what had just happened, it seemed kind of stupid to be bashful, not that I didn't blush and try to cover myself to the best of my ability. It didn't help that Edward was so openly ogling, as I supposed I was doing to him in those black boxers which stuck to every line and curve with the water…

Edward used his dry pants to wipe off most of the water on me when he had got over the shock of seeing me this close to naked, and I shoved my clumsy limbs back into my clothes. My hair was still dripping down my back, but luckily the air was so stuffy it wasn't too cold.

When he had pulled on his now-wet pants, he listened hard for a few seconds to check the coast was clear before flinging me onto his back and racing off into the darkness. He halted as we reached the first few houses just in case a human was looking too hard out of the window and saw a glint of something impossible under a streetlight.

He set me on the ground; my shaky legs took a few seconds to get used to, and took my hand. We walked together, probably looking a complete mess (well I probably was, Edward never looked a mess) back to Renee and Phil's.

Edward was right about Renee being worried when we got home, but the worry seemed to turn to amusement mixed with something else I couldn't place when she saw the state of us. I couldn't help but fidget at the thought of what we had just happened. Would Renee be able to guess? Surely not…

'You fall in?' She teased, her eyes flicking to Edward's bare chest more that I felt was strictly necessary. Edward laughed, playing the perfect son-in-law that he was.

'We decided to go for a swim, the ocean looked so beautiful.' He told her. She looked back at me and raised her eyebrows, but not in surprise.

'You have to be careful out there in the dark with no lifeguard.' She said, sounding very unlike the reckless Renee I knew. I didn't say anything; I knew she was just trying to be a responsible parent. Edward grinned briefly down at me and squeezed my hand.

'I'm a very good swimmer, you don't need to worry.'

'I'm sure you are.' She mumbled under her breath, and Edward had to hold back a laugh. She muttered something else to herself and turned to start out of the door. This time Edward couldn't hold back his laugh, but luckily was able to pass off as a fairly realistic cough when Renee turned around again to stare at him.

'Well, I'm going to watch TV with Phil.' She told us. I knew she only did that when she was with her husband, otherwise I had never known her as a fan of watching TV, she preferred to do something more constructive, or, at least what she called constructive with her spare time. 'I'll see you in the morning. Don't stay up too late.' She added, for some reason her eyes bored into Edward's when she said this. He nodded. Renee came over and kissed my forehead. 'Love you, baby.'

'Love you too, mom.' I said. She smiled and patted Edward's arm. She didn't flinch; she must have put the cold down to the lasting effects of our swim.

'Night Edward.' He returned the sentiment, and she left the room.

'What were you laughing about?' I asked as soon as she was out of earshot. Edward grinned.

'I'm not used to dealing with a parent of yours who, most of the time, is right on the money.'

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