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Domineering What's Mine

Chapter 16 - Coming Undone

Rated - M

Sasuke / Sakura

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Do not presume to know the wicked.

A speck of hesitation is all that is needed

for the mind to become corrupt and laden with misfortune.

Twiddling fingers of a puppet master, the strings a cackling hue ofdominance

formed to create a bond that is so powerful, should these threads break,

the item of its attachment will lay dormant and unmoving.

To unbind something made to be with another is to destroy the purpose of both.

For what use is a puppeteer without his puppet?

- .

The pain, oh, it hurt.

A gnawing pain ebbed along his jaw line, tingling at first, but growing rapidly in a persistent endeavor of determination. Moving with slow precision, this ache slithered further down his body to the middle of his neck. Chocking the inner walls of his adams apple - his breathing now becoming haggard. Like the pains army, spots of purple and black blurred his vision, keeping his view blank with color-affects.

His shoulders began to shake, arms trembled, fingers twitching slowly at first only to increase sporadically, like the twisted nether of a tornado, forming with such obviousness yet never understanding the repercussions until the beast was in full form. Gliding like a demons mocking caress, this ache palpating until the muscles in his lower abdomen forced him to lurch forward in agony.

Down, down, down, further slicing it's way down until it jammed to the very tips of his toes. A sporadic shock zip-lined like lightning striking the solid earth, leaving the trail of burnt grass and black soil in its wake. Pulse after pulse, it ravished the inner walls of every muscle, every body part, of every movement until it was nearly too much to bare. There was nothing in the world to describe the irrational pain, only the distinct mental blockage of realizing something was not as it should be.

What was this feeling? His mind, his soul, his body, everything was… un-mending.

Like the old tattered hands of a doll crafter whose found flaw in their handiwork, precision and perfection were only acceptable. Seeing the smallest of thread afloat, sticking out of it's rightful stitch to show the world its fault. As if to say 'this is ruined beyond repair,' the doll crafter tweezes the string and begins to pull.

Why does he pull the string of a fixable flaw?

The contents begin to crumble. An opening vast and growing, stretching out wider to allow the inner parts of it to gently fall, sliding with a graphic dramatization that even the master himself can not stand to look upon it. His task is nearly complete, bit by bit he yanks the string and provokes the growing gap until all the contents have been flushed out, leaving behind an empty half-stitched carcass.

With one final blow the stitches are cut, and the object that had once been a doll, was now scraps of old material. Why? All because of one small moment of weakness. A tiny one, but capacity influences little to nothing in the eyes of those who judge. For the fact that there was a weakness at all was reason enough for it to be destroyed.

Be not that of a doll, rather, be that of the dollmaker.

Sasuke felt the burning in the back of his eyes, a bright light flickering so harshly that it took several minutes for the black and purple smudges to tear themselves from his line of sight. Everything he had been indulged in, was now snatched from his claws. The inner world where he was residing had come to a close, a once in a lifetime jutsu that allowed one to walk and meddle with the inner mind through a state of mutual sleep.

Also known as 'Nightshade.'

It was a powerful jutsu, unlocked and usable by only those who have the knowledge to do it. Or more rather, the blood to do it. The Uchiha bloodline was filled with dark and power-engulfing secrets. Terrible, cursed secrets for those who wish to bring him. It was, as so many would dub, in their nature after all.

Nightshade could only be used once, the limit beyond that was pure madness. Undoubtedly, there were none who'd made it to such lengths, reason being that there were few who could even unlock amateur-skilled Uchiha jutsu's, it took planning, pain, mental precision and strain to obtain a worthiness to use such deadly methods. The price for such a jutsu, was the failure of the inner body.

He could feel it, as he was forced out of the world he'd so desperately clung to, that his lungs raggedly shook, every effort extremely exaggerated as he struggled to breathe. His eyes slacked, burning like the heat of the sun, cackling and forming boils at the top of his lids. Black irises wide, yet unable to see past the haze that replaced the black spots before him.

Was this another side affect?

Tongue felt like sandpaper, gaudy and rough, while lips cracked at the mere twitch. Blood oozed, tracing his jaw line like a lovers caress before disappearing down the nether of his neck. No scent of familiarity of her, only of the smell of burning flesh. Rotting and cooking over a flickering flame. There was no escaping the torture that ensued.

What had happened? How had he been savagely thrown out of his inner playpen and into this gaudy excuse for a reality? He didn't know the answer, only the facts of being forced to leave and the repercussions of that siege. That once in a lifetime chance had been lost to the wind now, no longer a possibility, fleeting as swiftly as it had come.

Sasuke Uchiha had been forced out of Sakura's mind.

Heads will roll.



He licked his lips, "Oh don't think I'm through with you, we've only just begun. Now that I've gotten a taste of you, I want more." Sasuke let out a barking laugh, quickly adding, "And I'm going to enjoy every last minute in here that we have. This will be the second to last time you will run from me."

"What second to last time? What are you talking about!"

"Run Sakura, we haven't much time."

His voice became laden with venom and lust.

"Tick tock, toy, tick tock."

Choking out a haggard breath, the pink haired woman felt the shrill chill of fear claw up her spine, licking the palms of her hand to generate sweat, while nipping the back of her neck letting the hairs on her body stand on end. Not the methodical sound of silence, nor the intense gaze on her form could stop the trembling that rattled her bones like a widows scream in the night.

His warning was but a promise of things to come. A forceful caress that blossomed the darkness that he'd planted in her heart, feeding it, watching it grow. Providing all the necessary nutrition to keep it from dying. Her light was dimming, succumbing to the crippling chaos around her, a final thought lost in the back of her mind as his threat hit her full force.

Trepidation was her motivation to move. Like a skipping record Sakura fell easily into the repetitive dangerous cycle they'd created for themselves. Turning swiftly on her heel she tensed the muscles in her leg to move, and move she did. Fleeting across the barren land of white and black, doing only what instinct told her to do: Live, Survive, Flee. Detach herself from the being threatening to take her soul.

The caress, the touch, the mortification of giving in was bitter on her lips. She could taste it, remember it, feel it, as images of his sexual advances caressed the back of her mind. Teasing her with promises of future pleasure, warning her of her actions. Such a game was deadly to play, the thrill of hunting and masochistic obsession with being the hunted. Her body burned for his as much as he burned for her.

The fear, that had once lacerated the walls of her conscience had now become…dull. Like the dust atop the counter being swept away by a rough whack of a cloth. This clean new slate was lacking the fuel she needed to continue this fracas with herself. After everything that's happened there seemed to be a slow reaction to the reality of the situation.

Suddenly, as she allowed her legs to trot further, Sakura Haruno found that she no longer had the energy to run. Yes, she was scared, yes she was angry, but… what joy was there in this curse? If she just ended it now, let things go and allowed him to do with her what he wanted, perhaps he would take pity on her and just let her die. He'd already broken her in so many ways, but none could compare to the last action he pulled.

Her pleasure in his sexual touches had been her biggest regret. The shame was almost too much to bear, from the people he had killed, from the first night to the last. Green eyes looked ahead and found that memories began to play in front of her like a tv. Flashing with the scenes of her past that she had somehow shielded.

Sakura was pulling the wool from her eyes.

She remembered.

The sword that had carved his name into her skin. That night in the room where she'd made an almost narrow escape out the window only to be grabbed by calloused fingers and dragged back. Her brush with Kakashi that had left an ache in her heart at having not been saved. Sasukes first sexual desire at grinding her against his skin in the cabin, and of course, his demand of her undress at the stream.



Sexually harassed.

He knew no limits to the pain he could bring another person. Rather it seemed his actions were endless, puling forth a dark part of him nearly every time she was around. Did she fuel his fire?


Coming to a dead stop, her legs refusing to push any further, Sakura Haruno began to see things in a new light. Falling from the shroud of darkness she'd been in, the air began to subside and not choke her, the light shined brightly, and the warmth enveloped her. Why had she not figured this out before? Was it her fear that kept common sense clouded?

Turning around, she faced her biggest fear head on and sucked in a breath. Remember how hard she had fought. The determination to get away from him giving her such courage that she had succeeded in punching him in the face and giving him a kick to the balls. Such bravery was lost somewhere in her mind, but it was back now. Closing around her, whispering to her, pleading with her-


It hummed, flashing more images of his brutal actions and of her heroic attempt to stand and fight.

'Death is unbecoming of a woman with such vigor.'

This voice…

Lifting heavy lids, the weight flitting away with every image, Sakura turned to her right and found a glowing silhouette beside her. It too turned its head, the splitting image of herself, and a sudden true smile gracing her lips.

"I'm sorry for giving in earlier."

The form offered no reply, but the look of understanding had been replaced from the shame it held, and at once the silhouette took its form, the glowing resemblance of herself that had come to rescue her in the inner part of her mind.

Sakuras conscience took hold of her hand and looked her straight in the eyes. 'Sometimes we must give in to bring out the true power we've always held inside. Come, let us rid this demon from your precious heart.'


A voice interrupted them.

"Hahaha! And just what do you plan on doing?" Sasuke stared at the two of them, eyes raging red. "I have already tainted everything here, why did you stop running Sakura?"

She ignored the mocking pout on his face and lifted her chin defiantly.

"This is my mind. My world."

Sasukes eyes narrowed.

"Toy." He voiced quietly - too quietly.

"No! I am not your toy, I will rid you from my mind and when I awake I promise on the soul you broke in my heart, I swear to every person whose suffered, that I will be chasing you."

Sakuras hair began to rise as if there were a wind forming around her body, her eyes narrowing dangerously. No more, this time, no more harm would come to herself or to the people that she loved. This time her determination wasn't to kill him or hurt him back, her new mission was to save him.

Sakura Haruno was going to save the boy she once loved.

Her heart beat pulsed rapidly, finding the new sense of light in her heart a new battle strategy. That was why she could never beat him, why she feared him and cowered beneath his intense power. Because she wasn't true to herself, things she'd wanted to keep hidden had begun to rot and plague her mind. But she was true with herself now.

She loved him.

Then, later, now. No matter the time skip, no matter the days and nights, she had always loved him.

And even now, after all the cruelty, the wicked look in his eyes and the stance of a predator, she could not hide the deep affection she had for him. She had loved him so much it made her sick to her stomach, so intense was it that she purposely busied herself with work and missions to keep from thinking about him. It was now time to face the door she had kept locked in the deepest dungeon of her heart.

Lifting her finger she pointed at him with a new found determination.

"I love you Sasuke Uchiha. And in the name of love I will destroy whatever you have become and bring you back."

Her light burned.

"Y-you, you stupid bitch!"

Something had taken over Sakura's control, some part of her wanted to scream and run at his twirling gaze, yet something more powerful kept her still. Forced her emotions in check, made her eyes a mirage of steel. When he removed his Katana, her flinch did not come.

When he yelled obscenities and cursed her to hell, she offered him a sympathetic smile, as a mother would to her hurt and pained child, as if to say: 'I understand, I know you only say the things you do because you're in pain.'

Sasukes eyebrows twitched, his mouth shaking ,jaw becoming clenched and tensed. The rage emitting off him in waves, crashing them straight at her, and yet, she stood before him unfazed. Stoic in her gaze yet keeping that offensive smile upon her lips. This woman standing before him… she…. The love, the, happiness, her forgiveness.. It…. It…

Offended him.

Sasuke Uchiha took a step towards her, eyes raging with the intensity of a wild fire. The sword in his hand shaking for but a brief moment. But his underestimation of her would not consume him, he would not allow it. But it was still there, and she could see it. Clear as day.

"I'm going to save you Sasuke."

She spoke to him, her voice having an echo that wasn't quite so Sakura. It was indistinguishable at first, but the more her lips moved the more familiar the back voice became. Sakura pulsed once and a hiss came from his lips against his will as lacerations formed against his cheek and arms. Was the emotions she was emitting that powerful?

"Not if I kill you first." He bit out, forcing his fingers together to form a jutsu.

Sakura, as if to prove her words, mirrored his hand gestures in complete unison.

Sasukes eyes bulged from his sockets, "What!?" He bellowed.

At the same time two bolts of lighting pulsed from fingertips only to collide with one another and cancel the affect, emitting a blinding and flashing light crackling through the air only to still afterwards. Sasukes mouth trembled, he stepped back, and let the bafflement creep into his eyes.

How? How had she done that? She was nothing but a liability, a weak girl who couldn't climb up a tree if it had layed flat for her. How was she able to match him on such a level? Something wasn't right here. No matter the confusion, the longer he stared at her hair that whipped around like tentacles from a demonic squid, the more a chill of fear crept into his own soul.

He?…He… was afraid?

"I'm going to push you out. And when I do, I'm going to track you down and pull you back Sasuke. I swear to god I will."

His head shot up this time, and caught the voice.

That was not Sakura's.

Legs nearly giving out Sasuke stared wide-eyed as Sakura began using a jutsu that he had nearly died attempting. With fingers moving so fast that even he couldn't see them, she pressed her index fingers to her lips before shouting into the air-" Nightshade cancellation, be gone from my mind." The voice in background suddenly chuckled, "Foolish little brother."

Before the light blasted into his mind, before he was ricocheted out of Sakuras thoughts, he could see that the silhouette that had been standing next to Sakura was no longer the splitting image that it was before. Instead, clad in all black and hair pulled back into a ponytail, Sasuke stared straight into the eyes of onyx as dark as his own.

With one last second Sasuke registered the last thing before darkness engulfed him.

His brother standing by Sakura Haruno's side.

Itachi… was alive?


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