-Author's Notes-

This is nothing serious. Is just a small story I wrote about Boogiepop Phantom anime talking about some of the main characters. It has no real spoilers, it's more like a training... Enjoy ^_^

And she when on through the streets looking for something.
She could smell it, she could feel it.
An enemy of this world and she was going to hunt it down until death.
With her tall dark blue hat, leting some of her brown hair out, the Boogiepop walked with her big "jacket" covering all her body. Not even her feet could been seen.
With a strange happy face Boggiepop walked around, with her lips painted in a strange purple and her eyes empty of happiness.
Yes, she was a strange creature.
Silent as a rock, she didn't talked until she found what she wanted and, right now, she wanted to find Manticore, the man-eater. However, it was taking more than what she ever thought, if she even thought about it. She was very mechanical about certain kind of things.
And she moved, she moved with the shadows, slowly... But the Manticore wasn't so slow.
Under the body of a young student, he wished to feed on human souls. Desparied souls. Guys that were obessed with a certain girl or students that hated themselves.
And yet, another creature walked around, created from the same light that created the Manticore. It was she and her clothes and face here similiar were to Boogipop's, howerever her "jacket" was darked, just like hair which was longer than Boogiepop's. But, Boogiepop Phantom (like she called herself, out in respect for the original one) wasn't in search for the enemies of the world, she saved people. She showed them the "Light".
And all them walked in the same dark strees of the very same town while a insame Echo full of knowledge about mankind walked through with butterflies of light underneath her ligh brown hair.
She collected the pasts and showed them.
And them all can across and their fates were sealed.
While Toka didn't remembered that, sometimes, she turned into the slayer of the enemies of the world: Boogiepop.