Fandom: Fatal Frame
Characters: Rei and Miku
Disclaimer: I do not own Fatal Frame, if I did it probably wouldn't be as awesome as it is.
Word Count: 188
Rating: PG-13
A/N: A drabble written for a prompt made by elwing_alcyone at the comment_fic community. The prompt being nightmares with the theme hurt comfort.

Miku did know didn't she? That you wouldn't be able to return if you followed the dead.

Rei's eyes snapped open as she awoked, she didn't even feel the pain she was so used to feel everytime she awoke these days and scrambled out of her bed, dashing to the room just opposite her own.

For a brief moment, in those four seconds it took her to cross the corridor that seperated their rooms she suddenly understood their entire situation and how sureal it really was.

It was just nightmares she desperately told herself. All of them. That was all it was to it... nightmares...

Nightmares that had managed to blend themselves into their awaken states aswell.

No she shook her head. Not this time, she would just open the door and Miku would be there, sitting on her bed and claiming that she had a hard time to sleep.

But Miku wasn't awake. Wouldn't awake no matter how hard she shook her friend, and Rei knew, deep down that soon the only memory she would have of her friend would be a dark stain on the covers.