Fandom: Fatal Frame
Characters: Mayu and Mio
Disclaimer: I do not own Fatal Frame or any of its characters, end of story.

Word Count: 435
Rating: PG
A/N: another FF story written for the comment_fic comm. Prompt once again made by elwing_alcyone


Mayu was sure she heard it, like a warning as something seemed to connect with her. She grabbed her sisters' arm and let out a faint whine as they continued along the road ahead, trying to push away the thoughts about the abandoned purse they had found mere seconds ago.

Mio smiled weakly at her and Mayu knew that her sister was trying to act brave, even though she could hear her sisters' rapid heartbeat surging through the air. She wasn't going to point it out though, it was something with the way Mio tried to stay calm for her sake that actually kept her from running away, screaming, hiding behind the first potential place. Mio wouldn't let her down, no matter how scared she was.

Mio was sure se saw it, a white, faint form disappearing through the very same door Mayu tried to drag her through. She was scared, who wouldn't be? The entire atmosphere was screaming danger, she was starting to feel things, see things.

But Mayu was starting to get frustrated, the tension in the air made her sister restless and she could tell. Mayu seemed to believe that it was safer inside than out in the open, and even though Mio had a nagging feeling that her sister, for once, was wrong, she found herself being dragged through the door, unable to protest due to the large lump that had appeared in her throat.

Once inside she felt her breath hitch, she saw her sister turn around, saw the asking glance before she lost the control of her mind all together.

She saw the woman wandering, waiting. Felt the panic arise in the others mind as the stranger searched the abandoned house, hid for the voices and sounds she wasn't familiar with. Scribbling notes to her lover in the red notebook she always kept with her, dropping the notes all around the house.

Felt her longing, her loneliness.

Saw her wide chocked eyes as her lover was straddling her hips, hands around her throat as the shadow of the persons she once knew slowly strangled her to death.

The vision disappeared just as quickly as it had appeared. Mayu saw her sisters quick intake of breath, heard her own frightened whine as they scrambled to the door frequently pulled at the door knob only to find it locked.

They stood up, side by side, so close that she could feel the heat the other body radiated, could hear the harsh breathing her sisters' breath had been reduced to as they scanned to surroundings together, looking for any possible threat.