Moving Day

InuYasha rolled his eyes as Kagome tried to free a box… from near the bottom of the stack. "Oi, wench! You keep tugging on that box and you're gonna be flatter than a pancake when all that shit crushes you."

Kagome shot him a brilliant smile over her shoulder, briefly stilling him into silence. "You won't let any big, mean heavy boxes get me, would you?"

"Feh," he groused, "I don't see why you didn't let the old man pay for a moving company."

"We're doing just fine," she responded. "We're already halfway done!"

InuYasha gazed up to their new home. "Yeah… hey," he waggled his eyebrows with a grin that would have made his best friend proud, "the bed's already put together… whaddaya say we take a break and put our place to good use?"

She giggled as he swept down on her, but pushed at his chest when he tried to drag her out of the van. "C'mon, InuYasha. Let's get this finished."

He scoffed. "Still say we shoulda just fuckin' paid somebody else…" InuYasha hefted three boxes marked 'fragile-kitchen' easily into his arms before stepping back out of the moving van. She admired his hanyou muscles with a happy sigh before turning back to her task.

"I wanted to move into our apartment by ourselves," Kagome repeated herself for what felt like the 500th time with a sigh, still focused on the box that had her office supplies in it. "After all, this is the first time we…" she trailed off on a gasp as InuYasha's warning came true; the boxes piled on her prize were swaying alarmingly.

"Damn it," InuYasha muttered, setting the boxes on the opposite side of the driveway before zipping back to stop the leaning tower of house goods from crushing his fiancé. She gazed up at him with another award-winning smile, one that never failed to turn his brains to mush (and effectively quelling what looked to be a spectacular rant… ending with an "I told you so!").

He knelt to kiss her softly; the two drifted for a moment, lost in each other – when they were rudely interrupted by the screech of squealing tires. Both snapped their heads up to look out of the van…

Just in time to see a huge white vehicle speed down the driveway, loudly crunching over the boxes InuYasha had set down.

Kagome gaped. InuYasha curled his hands into fists and stood, cursing a blue streak and obviously intent on dismembering the person who so easily smashed their plates and glasses.

The driver pulled into a spot just a few spots down and hopped out – a tiny, scrawny girl who looked no older than Kagome. She stared at the demolished boxes with a slight cringe before looking up to meet InuYasha's furious eyes.

"Oh, sorry!" she chirped, before skipping past InuYasha and heading toward the stairs.

"Now wait just a god damned minute, bitch!" InuYasha made to follow, obviously planning to give the girl a piece of his mind, when he was stopped by a hand on his arm.

"Don't worry about it," Kagome muttered, though her voice and scent were tinged with anger. "We'll go to the store for some more later. Gives us an excuse to go shopping, right?"

InuYasha's ears flattened on his head – a mixture of irritation and chagrin.

He had a feeling he was going to hate this neighbor…


Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I do not own nor rent InuYasha or the characters of… though I own an ever-expanding collection of merchandise! The "real" InuYasha belongs to the genius of Rumiko Takahashi.

"The Neighbor" is a collection of nine pieces set in an Alternate Universe. The collection was written for the LiveJournal Community FirstTweak, for the "SFX" challenge.

"Moving Day" was written for the "Zah" (or "Dramatic Entrance") prompt.

"Moving Day", coming in at 568 words, was posted on LiveJournal on August 1st, 2009.