Full Circle

"Oh, InuYasha!" Kagome placed a hand on her growing belly, happily watching the movers carry their furnishings into their brand new house. "It's all ours!"

InuYasha grinned happily. A home of their own, a place to raise their kid – his child! – and he didn't even have to move all their shit! With Kagome well into her third trimester, he'd absolutely forbidden them doing it themselves and called for a professional company.

They weren't moving far – just to the other side of the city – but the easier the transition, the possible.

InuYasha wrapped his arms around his wife on a happy sigh, resting his chin on her head. "Are you happy?"

A giggle reverberated up through her body. "Yes! I can't wait to get everything all set up and it'll be so comfy… and the house has that really big bathtub!"

He knew she'd love that.

The two relaxed outside, InuYasha settling his wife comfortably (well, as comfy as she could get) into a lawn chair to stay out of the way of the movers. They hadn't had the same days off in a long while; InuYasha had picked up extra days to make up for the days he knew he'd be taking off once Kagome went into labor.

"I missed this," Kagome whispered, shifting to snuggle back into his chest; she'd finally talked him into sitting in the chair with her. "You make such a great pillow."

"It's so quiet here," InuYasha noted. They'd chosen their new home very carefully, picking a street that was in a safe neighborhood, with what appeared to be reliable neighbors.

Minutes later, InuYasha bit his tongue. Heavy rap music, with Earth-rattling bass, played out of a large white vehicle speeding down the road. InuYasha glared, ears back on his head.

Kagome stiffened uncomfortably as the vehicle pulled into the driveway across the street. She gasped – it was a very familiar vehicle.

The driver's side door opened sloooowly…

And out bounced the bane of InuYasha's existence.

'No way.' InuYasha's eyes couldn't possibly grow any wider. 'It's not fucking possible. There's no god-damned way…'

It was her.

Kagome laid her hands on InuYasha's and he realized he was growling.

A very familiar, very unwelcome screech echoed through the air as the young woman skipped into the house. "Mama! Who's your new neighbors?"


Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I do not own nor rent InuYasha or the characters of… though I own an ever-expanding collection of merchandise! The "real" InuYasha belongs to the genius of Rumiko Takahashi.

"The Neighbor" is a collection of nine pieces set in an Alternate Universe. The collection was written for the LiveJournal Community FirstTweak, for the "SFX" challenge.

"Full Circle" was written for the "Ha" (or "Gasp") prompt.

"Full Circle", coming in at 386 words, was posted on LiveJournal on December 31st, 2009.