Okay, so this is my new story. I know many of my readers wanted "Road to Nowhere." Do not be sadden. The minute this story finishes that should be my next task. I just wasnt sure how I was going to work out the plot line. Now i must warn you about this story. It's kinda weird. lol there is use of weed and one night stands. i do not support any of these....okay one night stand if it was was with Taylor...god that man is sexy!

A Damaged God
warning: this chapter contains a lemon

She put the cigarette out and raised her hands high above her head. The convertible raced down the highway at top speed. She let her brown hair fly in the wind as she squealed with happiness. The radio was on, playing an old AC/DC song. Her bare feet were on the dashboard as she watched the desert fly by her. Her jean shorts were short showing off her legs and her white band t-shirt was blowing in the wind.

"Careful there cowgirl." He laughed looking at her.

"Jealous you can't do this!" she screamed over the radio.

"I could do it I just won't look as sexy." he smiled at her causing her heart to skip.

"Where are we going?" she smiled as he turned down the radio.

"I thought it'd be cool to visit where we first met." He said smiling.

"Your bedroom?" She giggled.

"No, that's for after this date." he smiled at her taking her hand. "You know Bella; there are a lot of things I love about you."

"Oh really," Bella said turning to him. "Is it my charming ability to wear short shorts?"

"No, believe it or not." he grabbed her chin and ran a finger over her lips turning his eyes off the road. "It's your uncanny ability to be the perfect girl for me."

"Caleb…" She whispered her eyes searching his.


"I love you."

"I love you too cowgirl." he patted her thigh as he turned the car into a parking lot.

They exited the car and she looked at the place as she put her flip-flops back on. "Is this the bar we met?"

"Yes, I hope you at least remember that Bella." He grabbed her hands tugging her in as she let out a laugh.

"Caleb I can't go in there!" she giggled stopping. "I'm 17."


"We all aren't over age like you." she giggled as he picked her up he tossed her over his shoulder and opened the door.

"Hey guys," he said hitting some men on the back. "I brought the party girl."

"Shut up!" she giggled hitting his back, "Put me down!"

Once her feet touched the floor, she held her hand up to attract the bartender. Biting her lip, she leaned over the table.

"I want one coke." she winked at the end of the sentence.

"Oh I see little cutie and what's in it for me?" the bartender leaning over to see down her shirt.

"Hey! You flirting with my girl?" Caleb asked pulling her towards him as he sat on a bar stool in bar. The concrete walls were gray with strobe lights bouncing off them.

"No sir." The bartender said smiling walking away.

"Bella!" Two girls screamed waving excitedly.

"Stephanie! Karina!" She smiled yelling back as she walked toward them.

The red head with a toned body held up a bag. "Karina and I found this and thought of you."

Bella giggled looking back at Caleb. His brown hair a disarray of their earlier session in his back seat. His beard was scruffy and a black t-shirt covered his chest while his jeans hung low. He was 25 and all hers. Just as soon as she turned 18, she was out of the house and off marrying him.

He was her first person she ever slept with. Sure, she fooled around with many guys but he was the only one she went all the way with.

She turned around to her friends and nodded. "Sure, lets go." she smiled.

The three females ducked into the girl's bathroom. "Bella this dude who gave us this shit said it was the best!" Karina giggled.

"Bella is too busy thinking about Caleb's junk" Stephanie cackled.

"Shut up!" she said blushing looking away as they rolled the joint carefully.

"Bella, your first puff." Karina held it up to her as the end smoldered by the heat.

Caleb's tongue swirled in her mouth as they rolled around in the stall. She moaned as he broke the kiss, "You're a wild one cowgirl." He laughed clearly high.

"I can get wilder!" She giggled.

"No, I think this is as wild as you can get." He laughed, as he zipped up his pants exciting the stall as the music boomed in the background. She buttoned up her shorts as she stood in the stall doorway.

"What is that suppose to mean?" She asked suddenly angry.

"It means Bella," he turned around from washing his hands and drying them on his pants. "You can only be so wild. You're young." he laughed as he turned around fixing his hair.

"So? That means nothing." She said crossing her arms.

"When I met you, you were a virgin." he smiled at her.

"What does that mean? I was a virgin what's the big deal?" She frowned.

"Bell…" He turned and smiled. "It's okay you're my little pure flower."

"Yea…" She looked away as he grabbed her hand dragging her out the bathroom stall. She frowned when the left the women's bathroom and went back to the bar.

She was coming down off her high as her cell phone rang. She turned nodding at Caleb as she walked out the bar with the phone to her ear.

"Hi mom."

"Where are you it's about midnight Isabella Marie?"

"I'm out." she snapped back.


"Caleb." She growled.

"Isabella get your self home now!"



Bella hung up the phone turning back into the bar and stopped cold.

Caleb was pushing a blonde girl's hair behind her ear. The blonde girl was giggling, Bella growled as she sauntered up grabbing Caleb's ass.

"I need to get home." She said frowning.

"Awwww little baby got to be home on time." The blonde-haired woman giggled.

"Bitch-" Bella growled before Caleb cut her off.

"Let's go Bells." Caleb sighed.

"You were flirting with her!" Bella growled looking at him as the convertible made it down the highway.

"Bella, I wasn't"

"Yes you were!"

"Calm down Cowgirl."

"Don't patronize me!"

"I'm not baby."

"I hate you so much some times."

"I love you too babe."

"Shut up." Bella pouted looking at the dust flying by.

The silence cut through us.

"I can't wait to be 18..." she whispered.


"I can move out. Move out of my house."

"Where you going to go?"

"With you." Bella looked innocently at him.

"You can't stay with me…" He whispered.

"Why the hell not?" she hissed.

"My wife wouldn't agree with it." He laughed slightly.

Bella's blood ran cold.

"You're married?" She stumbled.

"Yes, didn't we talk about this? Anyway cowgirl you should watch yourself starting fights with girls."

"Do you have a kid?" Bella asked.


"You're 25 you wouldn't get married so young with out a kid."

"You're still on this problem?"

"Is that a yes?"


"Let me out!" Bella screamed.


"Let me out of this car!"

"We are in the middle of the high way Bells!"

"Let me out!"

"Fine!" heroared as he pushed his car to side quickly hearing the horns.

Bella screamed and everything went black.

Bella blew the smoke out of her mouth as she leaned down to the graveyard. The smoke bounced off the headstone.

Caleb Reese, a beloved father, husband and son.

Bella looked down at the grass and pulled out her lipstick she sighed as she wrote "And beloved lover." on his tombstone with the red lipstick. She looked up and saw a crying woman walking toward her. Bella stood sighing as the woman-stopped inches from her.

"Who are you?" the woman asked in her black dress. "Are you more family?"

Bella wore a pair of boots and a black skirt. Her shirt was red it had a low dropping v-neck. She looked at the woman.

"I'm the girl he fucked when you held out on him." She said bitterly pushing past the wife. She heard the wife gasp and let out a moan of pain.

Bella swayed down the hill looking at her friends waiting in the car. She slid in next to a guy as Karina and Stephanie sat in the front laughing. "What did you say to her?" Karina asked turning around.

"Nothing important." Bella said pulling a joint to her lips looking at the guy next to her before leaning into kiss the guy.

Edward watched as the strippers in front of him danced magically. He watched intently until some one knocked on his door.

"What?" He hissed at the strippers froze.

"We are going to go out; we figured you'd want to tag along?" Emmett said slumping against the doorframe.

"No thank you I'm quiet fine here." Edward said his eyes on the two blonde strippers.

"No kidding." Emmett sighed as he shut the door.

The girls giggled as Edward nodded them to continue. He looked around his room before he pulled out a cigarette bringing it softly to his lips as he blew the smoke out looking at his ceiling. He looked back down at the girls and growled as they shared a kiss.

"You girls wouldn't happen to know where I can get some stuff would you?" he smiled evilly.

"Maybe." One of the girls giggled.

"Do not tease me girl." Edward hissed.

"Fine maybe we know some one." one of the two said.

"Number." He said pushing a notepad to the girls.

"We can't give out the number."

Edward stood bring a hand to the girl's face as the other one screamed running for her bag.

"Don't tease me." He hissed.

The other girl came running out with pepper spray "Get away from her."

He grabbed the woman's hand. "Get me the number." He hissed

"Okay.." She whimpered. She ran to the bag getting a cell phone holding the address book open for him to write it down.

"Thank you." He hissed. He waved his hand as they scurried out. He pulled his cell phone to his ear.

"Hello." He cooed.

Bella grabbed the beer bottle smashing it on the security guard's head as he jumped on Karina.

"Get him Bells!" Stephanie called as she jumped on the bar holding the soda nozzle.

Screaming she pointed it toward the ceiling as the bar erupted into a riot. Bella stood on the bar stool jumping on the guard's back as her friend swung at a girl from under him.

The security guard smashed his back against the bar causing Bella to fall over the bar. She grabbed a near by glass smashing it on his head.

Edward pulled up on his motorcycle looking around the dark alley. He walked forward as his long black trench coat flew behind him. He saw the shadow in front of him as he held out the money, the man gave him the brown paper bag.

"Thank you." Edward whispered.

"Yea," the dealer looked at him jittery and Edward immediately knew.

The dealer pounced on Edward punching him in the face.

Edward growled as he attacked the man.

The cop grabbed Bella by the wrist cuffing her as she escorted her away.

"Fight it Bells!" Karina screamed as she pushed into the cop car.

"You're going to the big house little missy." The cop snarled as he jumped in the front seat starting up the car.

Edward left the alley wiping his mouth with the back of his hand; he looked back at the mangled body before jumping back on his bike. Leaning forward he drove through the dark streets shaking his head to himself thinking of the story he now had to tell his father about this mishap.

To bad, the blood was not really worth it.

"Seriously, Bella this is the last straw!" Renee tugged her arm as she walked out the jail cell.

"What?" Bella said moving her hair out of her face.

"You're 17 and you start a bar fight?"

"I didn't start it, but thank you for thinking I'm that good." she winked at her mother.

"I called Charlie." Renee said smirking and crossing her arms with attitude.

"Why?" Bella turned around.

"You're going to Forks Bella."

"Edward…" Carlisle pinched the bridge of his nose. "You are a handful."

"What?" Edward leaned back.

Bella sighed. "I didn't do anything that horrible."

Edward smiled. "I didn't do anything that horrible."

Carlisle frowned looking down at him. "You killed some one."

"A bottom feeder!"

"A human life is still at lost."

"You started a bar fight!"

"At least it was defused in like 15 minutes!"

"They might press charges!"

"They didn't know it was me!"

"You such a handful!"

"So you send me away? Nice parenting mom!"

"Pack your bags Bella, your new home is waiting." Renee slammed the door and walked into the house leaving Bella out in the car by herself.

"What a bitch…" Bella whispered to herself.

"Edward…" Esme stood in front of him looking hurt. "I think what Carlisle is trying to say is that….maybe you need to calm down for a bit."

Edward chuckled. "Fine, I can calm down." He smiled. "All you had to do was say so."

He got up walking past them and walked up to his room slowly touching the brown bag in his pocket.

Bella looked away from her mother. "Isabella, you're going to thank me for this."

"Thank you mommy for sending me away!" Bella rolled her eyes as she walked to the front door placing her bags down.

"Bella, its cold in Forks." Renee sighed as she saw her daughter wearing a pair of ripped shorts and a spaghetti shirt. She wore a pair of black knee high boots and her hair was in two low pigtails.

"So?" Bella shrugged walking back up the stairs and down again placing more bags at the door.

"You're going to die of frostbite before you touch the ground."

"I'll be fine. I'll find a guy to warm me up." Bella teased heading back up the stairs.

"Bella that is not the propose of this trip!" Renee screamed up the stairs as the doorbell rang.

Putting her hands in the air Renee swung open the door to Stephanie and Karina. Karina was wearing a short black dress holding a Kleenex to her small nose. Stephanie stood next to her in a black shirt with black leggings on.

"Girls…" Renee sighed. "Coming to say goodbye?"

"No, they are driving me." Bella said walking passed her mother hugging the girls as she picked up her bags.

"Wait, Bella I thought I was driving you…" Renee said following her daughter out to the red beat up car.

Bella hit the car with her fist as she placed her bags in the trunk. "Oh, well Renee you signed me up for this trip and the girls want to drive me to the airport."

Bella walked back to the house to get two more bags. Renee on her tail.

"I wanted to take you." Renee said watching her daughter pick up more bags.

"You never said anything." Bella shrugged.

"Bella, I'm your mother.."

"I know we went over all of that in therapy." Bella smiled at her mom as she closed the trunk.


"I know mom I know you're going to miss me." Bella smiled.

Bella walked up to hug her mother for added dramatic affect but her mother backed away shaking her head.

Renee pinched her nose and sighed. "Good-bye Isabella. Have a nice life in Forks." Renee walked into her house slamming the door behind her.

Bella stood there momentarily affected but she shook it off. "Let's go girls." She jumped in the passenger seat as the two other girls slid in.

"Bella I can't believe your mom is sending away to dad." Karina said painting her toenails in the back seat.

"I can," Bella, said blowing smoke out the window. "My mom just wants more time for her new boyfriend, and my father is like a cop so what ever."

"A cop for a father?" Stephanie said taking her eyes off the road.

"Bummer." Karina whispered.

"That won't calm me down." Bella whispered.

"But aren't you going to be sad?" Karina frowned.

"Why would I be?" Bella looked back at her. "A new town to seek trouble in, new boys, new-"

"Caleb's grave is all the way in Arizona." Karina cut in.

Bella looked forward slowly, she forgot all about that.

"And you'll miss us." Stephanie said jumping in.

"I won't have to…if you take me all the way there." Bella jumped up looking at them.

"It's two states! Oregon and Nevada we got to drive through, plus the rest of Arizona and the point to Washington." Stephanie frowned.

"Bells, I don't know if I can drive that much."

"Who said anything about driving?" Bella laughed. "There is hitchhiking….jumping on an airplane" Bella smiled.

"We don't have tickets." Karina whispered.

Bella pulled out her purse and pulled out three tickets.

"Oh my god!" Stephanie said jumping at the tickets letting the steering wheel go.

Bella grabbed it keeping it straight smiling at her friends.

"How did you afford these?" Karina marveled.

"I used some of the money Caleb gave me awhile back when we first met. Then I took some from my mom, and then I used some of the money I earned from dealing a little while back." Bella waved her hands letting go of the wheel as Stephanie grabbed it.

"Whoa." Karina said grabbing the tickets.

"We are going traveling girls!" Karina screamed.

Bella twisted her self as she leaned out the window and howled into the air.

"Bella this is going to be so much fun!" Karina whispered as they pulled into the airport.

"Always!" Bella smiled.

"Wait…what about baby." Stephanie said petting her steering wheel.

"Leave him in the parking lot, trust me this trip is not forever like my mom is saying." Bella sighed.

"Okay." Stephanie sighed parking her car in the parking lot.

"We don't have any clothes." Karina said turning to Bella as they got out.

"I think ahead girls, I packed a lot if you didn't notice." Bella smiled.

"What if your dad so wants to keep you in Spoons?" Karina said as they got their tickets checked.

The flight attendant looked up at Karina as she said this remark.

Bella laughed. "Forks, its Forks. In addition, I will just leave. We can go anywhere."

"Like Vegas!" Stephanie screamed waving her hands in the air.

"Totally." Bella whispered sitting in the airplane seat by the window. Her two friends plopping next her giddy about the trip.

Good Bye Caleb. Bella thought to the clouds as the plane took off.

Edward leaned the blonde-haired woman on the bed as she moaned in pleasure. Alice pushed open the bedroom door and stood in the doorway with her arms crossed.

"Alice!" Edward hissed as the girl squealed covering her self in the sheets.

"Get out." She said looking square at the blonde.

"But my clothes…"

"OUT!" Alice hissed causing the blonde to run out from under Edward wearing only a bed sheet.

As she ran out of his room she pushed pass Emmett. "Hey!" He screamed. "Rude.." he walked into the doorway with Alice.

Edward plopped on to the bed holding his head. "I need to move out."

"Edward Anthony Cullen!" Alice stomped her foot.


"You were suppose to pick me up today from school!" Alice growled as Emmett smiled.

"How old was that girl?" Emmett asked.

"Legal." Edward whispered as he turned on his side.

Alice walked up to him and smacked him on his back. "Edward do not turn away from me when I'm yelling at you!"

Edward growled sitting up looking at his sister. "Okay! I'm listening."

"What is with you lately?!" She stomped her foot.

"You interrupt me during sex." He growled.

"No, you've been a major ass hole!"

"You can leave now Alice."

"No!" Alice stomped her foot again.

"Emmett." Edward looked at his brother. "Remove her or I'll stand up."

"That's a lame threat."

"I was just having sex do you really want me to stand up?" Edward whispered.

Emmett ran towards Alice picking her up throwing her over her shoulder.

"Let me down!" Alice roared hitting his back.

"No! I'm doing this for all of us." Emmett smiled.

"Thank you." Edward hissed.

He jumped up pulling on any type of clothes and walked out of his room.

"Where ya going?" Jasper said looking at him happily.

"Out." Edward shrugged.

Edward left to the garage jumping on his motorcycle looking back at the house before he kicked into drive.

Bella walked off the airplane stretching looking at her friends who were doing the same. As the three walked to baggage claim. Bella spotted her father looking around for her. She put her head down quickly, grabbed her bags, and hurried her friends along.

They stood outside the airport holding onto their bags, "Which way?" Karina said turning to her. Bella picked up her cell phone, checking the time she smiled.

"We need a ride." She laughed.

"Ohhh maybe we should ask them." Karina said flipping her hair back as a bunch of guys stood away talking to one another.

"Yea, maybe one has a coat I could borrow." Stephanie said shaking.

Bella laughed softly.

"Hey…" Stephanie called to the guy shaking her body as she swayed toward them.

"Hey." One of the guys said back.

"Do you think you guys can give us a ride?" Stephanie said nodding back to Bella and Karina.

"Sure," the guy smiled. "I'm Paul, and this is Seth, Jared, and Quil."

"Hey." Stephanie smiled at Seth.

"Uhhh.." He looked at Paul who took over the conversation again.

"Get your friends. I'll get my car." Paul backed away as Stephanie skipped to her friends.

"We got a ride." she said smiling.

"Hells ya!" Karina said holding up a high five for Bella.

Bella high fived Karina and turned her self to look at Stephanie.

"That's them?" she nodded toward the van driving toward them.

"Yea Bells baby."

They jumped into the van with the group of guys. The van had two front seats and behind the seats, there was an open space.

Bella took over the open space with Karina as Stephanie was in the front with Paul.

Bella looked at Seth who sat next to her. He stared at her for a while she returned to the favor. As the van drove down the green highway, it hit Bella.

She knew these guys.

Jared has his tongue half way down Karina's throat when Bella noticed a small diner.

"Stop!" She screamed causing everyone to jump.

"What?" Stephanie looked back at her slightly annoyed.

"Let me off here."

"Why?" Karina wrinkled her nose at the odd request. "It's so warm in here." she said looking at Jared and Quil licking her lips.

Quil looked away and Jared smiled widely.

"I got business here." Bella said climbing from the back.

"Bella, what about your stuff?" Karina asked as Paul pulled into the diner parking lot.

"Take it to my dad's house." Bella said pulling on the door as Seth's eyes widened.

Shit shit shit let me out! Was all Bella thought.

Paul unlocked the door. "Okay, what ever you say." He smiled as she jumped out. He winked at her as she slammed the van door. She watched it peel away but not before she saw Seth stare at her from the back door's window.

She turned around to the diner she was stranded at. She walked slowly up the diner. She opened it as she watched everyone in there.

She backed away and looked in the parking lot. She smiled widely when she saw a motorcycle. Running up to it she swung her legs around on it lowering her self on the seat she looked around before leaning down fumbling with a few wires.

Caleb taught her this a long time ago, when his brother took his motorcycle.

The purr came to life. She sat back up and turned the handles as she turned to look behind her she looked forward to come face to face with him.

"What the fuck are you doing?" He growled.

"I'm…" Bella pretended to ponder her answer. "Getting a ride." Bella smiled as she lifted her boot pushing him away a bit, as she turned the nose of the bike.

There was no time for backing up. Hit the gas as she drove left, keeping the front wheel left she made a big circle before she peeled out of the parking lot.

He stood there growling to himself before taking off into the trees.

He would catch up with her.

Bella smiled as she drove through the highway on the bike, it was a nice bike. Black with a lot of chrome shining through. She loved the way it purred under her. She looked back at the shrinking diner and laughed as she sped down the empty high way. She screamed as he walked out of the woods calmly and in front of her. She turned the wheel right causing the bike to spin out of control, she hit the pavement rolling. The bike spun out of control falling on its side scrapping against the pavement.

"Bitch." Edward whispered as he picked his bike up off the floor. Setting it on the stand, he turned to her and grabbed her by the arm.

"Let me go!" She spat tugging her arm away.

They got a good look at each other for the first time.

His topaz eyes roamed over her curves, the long black boots, the jean shorts and the black shirt. Her hair in two low pigtails.

Her brown eyes stayed staring right into his topaz eyes. She saw his pale stone features and his muscles under the white shirt he wore. The way his black jeans were ripped on the end by his black shoes, the long black coat. Her breath caught when she realized he was looking at her too.

"Do you always take things that don't belong to you?" he spat, she was just another pretty face.

"Do you always dress like the terminator?" she growled back, he reminded her so much of Caleb.

"Bitch." He seethed again turning and swinging his leg on the motorcycle. Bella looked down the highway; no cars were on their way.

She swayed to the front of his bike as he kicked the stand closed. He looked at her and blinked.

"I will run you over."

"Give me a lift." she said as the engine purred.

"Do you think I'm an idiot?" Edward raised his eyebrows.

"You wouldn't leave a poor girl out on the street." She pushed out her chest a little bit.

He stared at her, realizing he could read none of her thoughts. She must either be really stupid, or a vampire.

"I've left them in worst places." he smiled moving forward on the bike causing her to jump back.

"Asshole." She growled.

"Thank you." He smiled.

"I'll make it worth your wild." Bella said rolling her eyes.

"You'd sleep with me just so I can give you a ride?"

She paused for a minute. "Yes."

"Who said there wasn't a god." he smiled looking at her. "Couple of rules though Miley Cyrus."

"Fuck you."

"Rule 1: I don't do sluts."

"Go figure even you have standards."

"Rule 2: I don't do emotional connections."

"Oh poor little old me, here I thought we'd fall in love and have a baby some day!"

"Rule 3." he went on as if she never interrupted him "Get rid of pigtails."

Bella looked at him in disbelief.

"Oh yea, Rule 4: If you start it, you better finish it."

Bella looked at his gorgeous features and sighed. Walking to the back of the motorcycle, she went to swing her leg over but he went forward a few inches.

"What?" she hissed.

"Pigtails." He looked back at her as she tugged the rubber bands out her hair. She let the brown locks fall freely. She swung her leg over and wrapped her arms around his waist.

They were speeding down the highway. She squeezed her eyes shut, her hands tightened around him. He looked at her through the side mirrors. He smiled to himself, as he looked her shuteyes. He pulled at the bike handlebars he kept pulling until they were on one wheel.

"Oh my god" He heard her scream. As she dug her face into his back. He was laughing as they came down on two wheels again.

She gasped as he pulled up to a big glass house. "Nice house."

"Yup." Edward said swinging off the bike.

Bella hopped off as he walked forward.

He heard her heart beat speeding.

She had never done this before, Bella was no virgin but even when slept with guys she barely knew for a few hours they were more…personal.

He was so impersonal almost like a stone.

He opened the front door turning to look at her. "Are you going to come in or stand there like an idiot?"

"You know just how to sweet talk me." She hissed.

"And yet here you are going up to my bed."

She stood in the doorway staring at him. They held that angry eye contact for a while until he sighed hitting his head against the door.

"I don't break rule two for anyone."

"I'm not asking you too." she looked at him her face never changed.

He looked at the short walk to his room and heard the silence of his house. His family was out hunting. He reached his hand taking hers in his. He tugged her inside, and slammed the door behind her. He held her hand up until they reached his room.

His hand was like stone to her. She wiggled her finger uncomfortably in his hand.

He pulled her into his room, she looked around the room the windows were huge and the carpet was gray. She looked at the bookshelves that were built into the wall, the computer in the far corner but the big bed in the middle of bay windows was her only focus. She felt his hands grab her shoulders, she turned around to ask a small question but his mouth crashed down on hers.

She staggered backwards as he pushed her onto the bed. His tongue worked its way around her mouth. Her hands flew up to his bronze locks running her fingers through them. His lips left her mouth and kissed her neck his tongue swirling around.

Her body shivered under him. Her hands clawed off the coat on his shoulders his stone hands outlined her frame. His lips left her neck for a moment as he grabbed her shirt; he took the straps in his hands ripping them away. He ripped the shirt open smiling to himself at the view under him.

She gasped as the fabric gave away to his stone hands. She watched him her breathing shaky as his eyes roamed over her flat pale stomach and her vibrant red bra.

His arms wrapped around her as he fiddled with the clasp on the bra. She sat up on the bed pulling his shirt over his head. Her hands traced his muscles as he threw the bra to the side.

Her breathing was erratic as he pinned her back on the bed his tongue tracing over her nipples. His breathing never hitched it remained calm his hands floated in between them as he pulled at her shorts. She lifted her body in the air allowing him to rip the shorts and underwear off her body. He never took off her boots.

He leaned in between her legs kissing her chest and neck. She felt the bulge in his pants rub against her thigh.

She placed her hands on his chest pushing him. He lifted his mouth from her throat as she rolled them over leaving her on top.

He was taken back a bit as she pushed him down, her lips traveled over his chest down his abs and to his pants line before her lips traveled back up.

"Don't tease me." Edward growled his hand raveled itself in her hair pulling her head back. She moaned in pain. He released her hair as she moved back down unbuckling his pants.

Edward grabbed her by the shoulders flipping them over again. She was pinned under his a second time. She squirmed under him as he pulled off the rest of his clothes he moved back between her legs.

She pushed him back again as they rolled over once more causing him to growl. His growl melted into a hiss as her lips wrapped around his manhood.

His hand wrapped around her hair once more. He shoved her head all way down his shaft he was surprised when she did not gag. She brought herself back up as he continued to do the movements. He hissed as he was seconds away from climax. She crawled back up his body he growled as he threw her onto the bed pouncing on her he nipped at her shoulder leaving small bite marks on her shoulders.

He hated it when females teased him.

He positioned himself at her entry and slammed into her. She screamed under him as her toe curled and her hands gripped at his hair.

He pulled out all the way, as she took a deep breath readying herself for the next movement. He slammed himself back into her. She continued to cling onto him; she hands gripped around his arms muscles as he held himself above her. His topaz eyes looking down at her, she wrapped her legs around him but his body continued to rock into her as hard as he could. Her shoulders seemed to ache as he pounded into her, her hand squeezed tighter around her arms as he began to hiss he lowered his body to touch hers. She shivered against his cold skin. She began to moan in pleasure and move her hips in time with his.

She was wrapped around him like a glove; her brown hair was spread over his pillow. His hands slipped under her waist as he held her close to his body rocking slowly as he felt himself being pushed over the edge.

Her arms wrapped around his neck holding him tightly. He ducked his head low enough to catch her lips. Their kiss deepened almost like magic as he softened inside of her, he rolled them over so her body was laying flat on top of him. He slipped out of her but they did not dare break that kiss.

They were so wrapped into each other they did not hear Alice and Rosalie open the door. Then quickly close it. Until Alice got curious about whom the girl was and pushed the door quietly opened again Rose looked at Alice as both girls marveled they closed door.

"He never holds anyone like that."

"I'll say." said Emmett making both girls jumped.

"We got to stop walking in on him having sex." Rosalie hissed.

"That's like trying to stop walking on the ground. He's always doing it." Alice huffed.

"Lucky bastard." Emmett sighed.

Both girls looked at him.

Emmett's yell of pain jumped Edward and Bella apart. She looked down at him, "What was that?"

"Nothing." Edward said gaining his senses back. He rolled her off him and stood pulling his jeans up. "Get dressed I'll take you to where ever you need to go."

"I can't" Bella sighed looking at him.

"What do you mean you can't?" Edward said looking back at her.

"My shirt" she said looking at the torn rag on the floor.

Edward sighed pulled on a shirt and walked out of the room. Bella sat in his bed with the gray covers surrounding her body. She flinched at the mild pain between her legs. He was rough. He walked back in closing the door with his foot flinging a red shirt at her.

"Where did you get this?" Bella said standing pulling on her thong again Edward watched her pull her clothes back on. She paused while putting on her shirt tugging it off; she walked over to his bedroom mirror and looked at her torso in the mirror.

"I have two sisters." He said as he pulled on his shoes.

"Okay…" Bella turned to him.

"What's the matter?" Edward said as he stared at her.

"Did you bite me?" She said turning to him.

His throat went dry. "Why?" he stood. Looking down at her shoulders he saw his teeth marks there were about four holes. He bit her twice not hard enough to draw blood but enough to leave an indentation.

"Yes, I guess so." He looked down at her; she stood inches shorter then him. He shook his head just another pretty face.

"My name is-" Bella started only to have his hand clamp down her mouth.

"Rule two?"

"It's just my name," she said shaking free of his hand.

"Whatever, just put on the shirt so you can leave."

"Asshole." she growled tugging on the red shirt. He walked out of his room as she followed him down the steps of the big house. She noticed two girls staring at her as she raced to keep up with him.

He swung open the front door as they both left jumping on the motorcycle. He dropped her off at her father house.

"Good-bye Miley." he smiled at her.

"Good-bye terminator." she hissed back.

"You were a nice lay." Edward said looking forward as she jumped off the back of the bike.

"What happen to rule 2?" She asked crossing her arms.

"It still stands, I was just saying that if I swing by again there's a new rule."

"Rule five?" She asked raising her eyebrows.


"And that is?" she placed her hands on her hips.

"No underwear." Edward kicked his bike in gear.

Bella rolled her eyes turning to walk up the pavement her cell phone began to ring. She answered it.

"Hey Karina. Oh I'm just walking in."

She kept walking.

"Yea, I found a way home."

She listened to Karina and laughed.

"No, I doubt I'll ever see him again."

If only she knew.

Okay you guys, love it or hate it?

i know it's an odd start :)