Hey everyone, I would like to say a couple of things.

1.) I started my newest story and trust me it will be better then this one.

2.) Some one asked me if I was going to do a second part to Forbidden sunrise. Answer? Yes I am it's going to be called Welcome the Setting Sun. I will get to it as soon as Venomous Lovely is done.

3.) I would like to thank you guys for commenting to this story but remember it is a story and I am some one who likes to changes a few things. So yea I add things you may not of read about, but then again everyone does a an All Human story and it's accepted. If I were to write, exactly what the book says then whats the point of doing a story right?

4.) Like I said Venomous Lovely is already up and it's deadly already :D

Thank you reviewers you make it all worth it.