Author: K

Rating: MA

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"Love is a game in which one always cheats."

-Honore de Balzac

Sakura bit back a moan as his teeth and lips assaulted her neck. Her fingers found their way into his choppy onyx locks. He then trailed his tongue to her jugular, feeling the thump of her heart through her skin. His pink tongue next trailed down to an old bruised mark. Colors of the mark ranged from purple, blue, to yellow, indicating the harshness of his bites. His tongue then glided to a newer one, fresh with pink and red marks, and shimmered with hints of his saliva. Sasuke then made his way up to her mouth, those pouty abused lips already agape for his tongue.

Sakura's green eyes clenched tight as Sasuke's tongue worked gently against hers. Her legs then pressed secure on one another, feeling her excitement soaking into her underwear. Sasuke pressed himself hard against her, earning a moan from the girl below him, as his arousal compressed against her. He then broke their kiss and hastily yanked her legs apart. He placed himself between her legs, lifted her skirt, and gave a rough thrust against her clothed sex. She gasped at the friction, and also began to fist the cotton of his shirt.

He thrusted repeatedly and began using his nimble fingers to unbutton the front of her light pink blouse. He gained access to her black bra, showing parts of pale skin as it plunged, giving her cleavage. Sakura opened her squeezed eye lids, to look down at Sasuke, pulling down the straps of her bra. His teeth quickly latched onto a pert nub. Rosy, flesh, turned even harder as the small bumps and ridges of tongue ghosted over the sensitive skin. Sakura closed her eyes once more at the feeling of Sasuke thrusting against her and his mouth latched onto her chest.

The pink haired teen jumped with a moan as his fingers dipped into her. A louder moan then erupted from her lips as the pad of Sasuke's thumb rubbed continuously against her clit. His fingers, then sped up with pace. Sakura arched against Sasuke, her toes curling at the pleasure. His fingers plunged into her once more, before he completely detached himself from her body. Sakura groaned at the loss of pleasure. She laid her green eyes on Sasuke as his hands began to work on his pants. Her hand shot out to stop him. Sasuke looked up her with a look of aggravation and anticipation.

"Sasuke, we don't have that much time. We've used enough time already." Sakura said while looking into his dark craving eyes. She then watched as Sasuke's face slackened and his removed his hand from his pants.

He rolled his eyes with a groan. "You're right, let's go back."

She nodded as she got off the table while grabbing her purse and followed Sasuke to the door with an arm over her chest. Sasuke poked his head out the door of the abandoned science room. He took in his surroundings and strained his ears to hear any sign of up coming foot steps. He then began to walk out of the classroom, with Sakura in step. The two quickly walked to the restrooms. Sasuke walked into the boys as Sakura walked into the girls. Sakura then began the process of fixing herself up. She grabbed an alcohol wipe, lotion, and a powder compress. She started off by wiping off Sasuke's saliva with alcohol wipe in various places. The alcohol wipe made the procedure easier. She then grabbed the lotion and rubbed it into the skin on her neck. Her fingers gripped around her compress and swiftly popped it open. Sakura ghosted the powdered substance over her neck, covering up the new and old hickeys Sasuke had given her.

Once she was satisfied with her makeup, she started to button up her shirt while trying to straighten out the crumpled piece of cotton as much as possible. She dropped the used contents back in her purse and whipped out other products, lip gloss, eyeliner, and mascara, to fix the melted look of her makeup. Her hand reached for the lip gloss and ran it across her bottom lip. As Sakura rubbed her lips together as she grabbed the mascara and eyeliner. Her pink eye lashes turned into a darker, wet black as the bristles ran underneath each one. She set down the mascara and her fingers curled around the eyeliner. She then drew a quick line under and above both of her eyes.

Sakura rolled her eyes as her mascara rolled off the sink and hit the floor. She crouched and hastily grabbed it with aggravation. When she was standing, she put all three makeup products in her purse and tried to ignore the dampness of her underwear as she moved. Sakura gave herself one more look over in the mirror and grabbed her purse. She wasn't surprised to see Sasuke walk out at the same time. His t-shirt fixed and the tent in his pants nonexistent. It was their ritual, they were used to it by now. The couple walked down the hall to free period, where some of their friends already would be waiting.

As the two entered the classroom, they noticed their friends, chatting away and eating a some food from lunch last period ago. Sakura smiled at her group of friends as she took a seat across from Hinata. Sasuke kept his usual clean slate of a face as he sat next to Sakura. Naruto narrowed his eyes as he looked at the two of them. Something he always did when they came back together, but he never meant anything by it, just joking around at least that's what the two of them thought.

''You guys are always together.'' Naruto said with obviously fake suspicious blue eyes.

Sasuke rolled his eyes while crossed his arms. ''Whatever idiot.''

Sakura couldn't help but roll her green eyes and narrow them at the blond. ''Naruto, we go through this almost every other day. It's called coincidence.'' And the fact her Sasuke did this just about every other day.

He scowled at the two. ''Gosh, you know I'm just messing around. How'd things in the clinic go? And did you find your book bastard?'' Naruto asked while referring to the reasons why they left lunch early. Sakura claimed she wasn't feeling well, and it was easily believed since there was a blush on her face. And she was practically moaning and groaning at the lunch table, thanks to Sasuke touching her under the table. While Sasuke said he was going to go look for his math book in his car.

''Yeah, she gave me some aspirin for my stomach. I just had bad nausea.'' She replied while trying not to blush.

''It turns out Sakura has my book. We ran into each other on the way back.'' Sasuke stated.

Naruto nodded as he ran his eyes over the two. ''Fine, but you guys always miss lunch, the best subject ever.''

''You only think it's the best subject so you and Choji can have eating contests.'' She mumbled as she rested her elbows on the table.

''Well, it's still pretty damn awesome, and you guys miss like ten minutes of free period.'' He retorted while gesturing to the clock on the wall.

Sasuke rolled his eyes. ''Hn, it's not that important, you remind us every day, just drop it loser.''

He glared at the dark haired male. ''Whatever bastard,'' Naruto began before he looked at the classroom door, ''here comes your girlfriend.''

Sasuke fought the urge to flinch as Naruto reminded him. He then looked beside him as Ino sat down, smile and all. ''Hey Sasuke.'' Ino said before she planted a long kiss on his lips. Sasuke, of course kissed back, use to the whole thing, while Sakura looked away. Sakura felt guilt and pain wash through her as Ino lovingly kissed Sasuke. If only Ino knew what they were doing behind her back. This so called thing they were doing behind her back, has been going on for a while. It started once when they were fifteen as an on and off thing and it turned into and almost everyday thing at seventeen.

Sakura could recall the whole thing like it was yesterday, the first time. To sum it up, it was Ino's birthday, and it was a pool party. She decided to invite the usual friends. Sakura being the nice person that she is, went inside, wet from the pool to call for pizza. And Sasuke, being a Uchiha, had to leave early to meet his family for a business luncheon. So on the way to the getting dressed and getting ready to go, Sasuke stopped and began watching Sakura, searching through kitchen drawers for the pizza phone number. He then walked into the kitchen to help her, but all he really did was look through one drawer.

She found the fold piece of paper next to the fridge on the floor. He rolled his eyes and called her a waste of time. She stuck her tongue out at the dark haired boy and proceeded towards him, due to the fact he was in front of the phone. On her way, Sakura slipped in her own puddle of water into Sasuke and caused the two of them to hit the ground. As the two hit the ground, the strings on one side of Sakura's string bikini bottom came undone, as well as Sasuke tugging the front open by accident.

Sakura opened her eyes in pain to notice Sasuke straddling her while starring down on her body. She couldn't exactly tell why until she felt a shiver run through her. Her top was dangling on both sides of her chest as she was exposed to Sasuke. Her bottoms more than inch away from exposing herself even more. Sakura didn't know what to do. All she could do was turn red and look into Sasuke's dark eyes, but when he descended his lips onto hers things went down hill from there. She ended up losing her virginity to Sasuke Uchiha on a kitchen floor, wearing a bathing suit. Now, isn't that romantic? That was when the utter guilt kicked in, Sasuke was definitely dating Ino at the time, and the two didn't want to bring the whole thing up.

After that one day, the two tried to avoid each other for a whole month. It worked, but sometimes failed in between with group hang outs, and outings. It especially failed during October. That was when it became the second time, a Halloween party. A very liquor induced Halloween party. Every body was lose. Sasuke and Sakura didn't care about hanging around each other through the whole thing and when Sasuke offered to drive Sakura home because they lived in the same neighborhood, and on the same block, he was inebriated, but not drunk. Sakura gladly accepted the invitation, since the party was at Ino's, Ino didn't have a chance to talk to her friends while keeping others busy.

On the way to Sakura's house, it was mostly silent, till Sakura told Sasuke she liked his costume. Vampire, courtesy of Naruto and Ino. Ino claimed he'd be a sexy vampire, while Naruto said he looked like a vampire type. Sasuke just mumbled a thanks and said she looked nice. Well nice was the best way to say it without coming off as he was hitting on her. Due to the fact she was dressed up as a naughty nurse, a very naughty nurse. A small top hugged her chest that turned into a halter, a skirt that stopped a good foot above her knees, white fishnets to stopped three inches below her skirt with bows, and to top it all off, a small nurse hat and white go-go boots.

It then occurred to Sasuke that when offered Sakura a ride, he must have been thinking with his dick and not his head. As the two drove, Sasuke tried his best to keep focused on the road and not Sakura. He really couldn't understand how she could dress like this on Halloween and not expect looks and stares, it's like she wanted everyone to see her body. The thought was annoying, but he pushed the thoughts aside once they were at Sakura house. Before Sakura started to open the car door, she leaned over and gave Sasuke a kiss on the cheek and that set him off. As she began to sit up and reach for the handle again, Sasuke pulled her back in and attacked her lips with his.

She was surprised, but got into it. She closed the car door and stayed in the car for their make out session. Sasuke was the first to break the kiss, and began to drive to his house, a house which he shared with Itachi. When his brother said he was moving out, he begged his older brother to move with him. It took a lot of work, but his brother said yes. The only reason why he asked was so he didn't have to worry about waking anybody or having his parents walking in on him while he was doing something or someone. What made it even better was the fact Itachi was never home. After the two were at Sasuke's house, they couldn't help but go down hill another time.

Sakura remembered waking up and looking at the Uchiha, feeling guilty, and dressed herself in costume, before heading back home, hoping her parents weren't back from their Halloween corporate party. After that, they avoided each other for two months, and it ended in January, New Years eve. That was obvious what happened, too much champagne and alcohol muddled their brains as they slept with each other. Also the fact Ino was visiting family that weekend, there was no way they could get caught. So they rushed back to Sasuke's house, and repeated what happened on Halloween.

This time, the avoidance lasted another month, till Valentines day. The day Sasuke utterly hated. He hated all types of romance, and that's what Ino got on him about the whole entire day. About how he was ignoring her, didn't get her any candy, jewelry, makeup, nothing. Sasuke didn't care, he watched her rant all day about the fact, and he let her be mad at him the rest of the school day. Sakura of course noticed Ino's hastiness and feelings towards Sasuke. She invited Ino over to her house and listened to her tirade as she cried about him, especially the parts how she felt Sasuke used her. Used her love for him, her kisses, the times when they had sex. All those comments made Sakura tense and fill with guilt. So she offered to go to Sasuke's and talk to him about it.

Ino of course perked up and told Sakura to go now, and how she would wait till she got back. She paused, she couldn't tell Ino no, but she didn't want to go over there by herself. She did it anyway for her best friend. She left the house and she slowly walked to Sasuke's place. When he answered the door, he looked annoyed and obviously aggravated. Before Sakura had a true chance to open her mouth, Sasuke pulled her into his home and shut the front door. He roughly pushed her into the door and sneaked his tongue into her mouth. Sakura couldn't do anything but sit back and relax as Sasuke took his frustrations out on her through pleasurable, rough sex.

By the time she got back to Ino, the blonde was asleep on her bed, with a half eaten box of chocolates on her bed and crumpled tissue. When Ino awoke, Sakura told her it took a while to coax him to be nicer. Sakura wasn't exactly lying, she did tell Sasuke to be nicer before she left. He quickly did his signature grunt and shut the door in her face. She just rolled her eyes and went back home. Ino hugged the pink haired girl at the news and decided to go over to Sasuke's. Sakura smiled at Ino as she left the room. Ino promised Sakura she'd be back after things were settled with Sasuke. Of course, the blonde came an hour and a half later with a smile on her face. Sakura didn't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out Ino and Sasuke had sex. The thought made her angry, how Sasuke could mess around so easy, but she brushed it off. She wasn't even supposed to be screwing the younger Uchiha. The thought shouldn't make her that mad, in fact she should feel guilty, which she did feel after the fact.

Then it happened again, they avoided and ignored each other and this time, it was four and a half months. Sakura couldn't ignore Sasuke on his sixteenth birthday, even if she really wanted to, but she had no problem ignoring Sasuke on his birthday, because Ino convinced him to have a party at her house, not his because she knew he would freak out and say no. He rather not have teenagers he didn't like in his house all time. What was even better for Sakura was the fact she had a boy toy on her arm most of the night, so that drove her to ignore Sasuke. That vanished when, her boy toy had to ruin the night and cheat on her, kissing some random chick on the dance floor.

As soon as Sakura left the dance floor, she grabbed a couple jello shots, and left the party to walk back to her house, even though it was a good five miles. Five miles that could be ran with the intoxication of her jello shots in her veins. Instead she walked, munching on a couple shots. She then stopped when she noticed a car to the side of her, and of course it was Sasuke. She looked into his dark eyes before opening the car door and taking a seat inside. Sakura wasn't shocked when Sasuke drove right past her house to his. The thing with Sasuke was, he couldn't see her in pain on his birthday.

His so called birthday party was driving him insane, guests he completely hated were invited and that at least half the school. Everyone knew it was a Ino Yamanaka party so they just had to come, birthday or not. So he left, he knew he made the right decision when he noticed Sakura walking down the street. He decided he was going to take her back to his place and did what they usually did. He got to use her for Valentines day and now she could use him for her 'break up.' The break up he noticed as he trying to get a drink strong enough to ignore the party. Sakura quickly complied to the whole thing, no hesitation present in either of the two as they began to shed clothes on the way to Sasuke's room.

Then, that's what it began as, a friend helping out another friend. When one another was down or had an issue, they'd be there and meet up either at Sasuke's and on rare occasions Sakura's, and begin what they started. Somewhere in between, it wasn't just about comforting each other, it turned into lusting for each other. Now a days, they had sex any chance they had. Sasuke continued to date Ino, while Sakura chose to date in between. It bubbled jealousy in both of them, but they got over it and continued their actions. Soon it spreaded so that they did whatever they could in school.

Sakura had to admit to herself, it was wrong. She felt bad, like she was a bad friend and sometimes a bad girlfriend to the rare boys she went out with, but she couldn't help it. Every time, her and Sasuke were together and he touched her, her body would break out in tingles, and heat would spread through those tingles. They soon became so much, that she had to succumb to the Uchiha and let him take over her body. Because no one else could do it like him.

While with Sasuke, there was small moments when he felt bad. When he felt he was doing something wrong. The only time he actually felt that was when he would look into Ino's face during the small moments they were together, while they kissed, or when they had sex. That's what he also realized, he was feeling bad for Ino, yes, but also for Sakura. He felt as if he were cheating on Sakura. He knew it a while back, but never said it out loud to himself. So he ignored it, he continued to use her body as she gave it to him. With her, sex was different.

More rough, more exciting, and way better than with Ino. So when he was rock hard and wanted somebody, all he had to do was text her and she'd be there or he'd be on his way over there. The days they couldn't do it or when they just had the urge to, they texted each other in school to make up plans for them to meet. It was mostly Sasuke doing all the texting. He was the type to get bored easily and having a quickie in school was just the thing he needed. While at home, he felt the same. So basically with this, they had it down packed. From how to where to when to why and the solutions to their problems when asked. It was genius for the couple, for doing this for so long, and never having a close call or anything drastic and they promised themselves it wasn't going to happen anytime soon.

After Ino's lips detached from Sasuke's and she gave Sakura a smile. ''Hey forehead, feeling any better?''

Sakura internally glared at the blonde towards that nick name, but she replied with a peachy smile. ''Feeling just fine porker.''

Ino raised a blonde eyebrow with a smile. ''That's my girl. Did you find your book Sasuke?''

''Yeah, it turns out Sakura had it. I forgot I lent it to her.'' Sasuke mumbled. If Ino was such a smart girlfriend, she would have noticed Sasuke doesn't forget anything.

''Oh alright. Well anyway, did you guys hear? We're having some project. It's a couples project reflecting on marriage, sex, and dating and how we shouldn't rush into things and blah blah blah.'' she said with her baby blue eyes showing mischief.

Sakura looked at the platinum blonde with a questioning face. ''And…?''

''And it's going to be awesome,'' she began, ''well, that's my opinion, except the fact, people that are dating may or may not get separated. I don't want to let some whore be all over Sasuke. Especially the girls in this school.'' she finished while making a face.

Sasuke and Sakura rolled their eyes. ''Yes, that'd be very unfortunate Ino.'' Sakura replied.

''It'd be horrible! I wouldn't want some guy touching all over Hinata. I'd kill somebody.'' Naruto said while putting a protective arm around Hinata, who started to blush.

''No one would even touch her since she's Neji's cousin. You have nothing to worry about idiot.'' Sasuke answered to ease his friend's conscience.

He nodded. ''Hm you're actually right bastard. I can't wait to see what couples we get.''

''Well, we're about to see now. Free period is over.'' Sakura muttered. The four teens glanced at the clock and stood up just as the bell rang. Time to meet their spouses.

''Okay to put it short and simple,'' Anko began, ''I know most of you have heard about this so here we go. This assignment is going to be a school week, or five days. During those five days, you are going to live in your spouses house. Your choice of whose house to live in. You may also room with other couples if you have enough space, once again your choice. The point of this is to show you how commitment works. If you rush into things early at a young age, you'll regret it.'' Anko finished as she gave a quick look around the room before she continued.

''Most of you may think this is going to be an easy grade, living with another classmate in the same home and having fun with other couples, but that's far from the truth. Being committed means a lot. Even if it's a week. When you are married, the person you choose is the person who is going to see you're good sides, bad sides, what you look like in the morning, your flaws, everything, there's nothing you can hide from your spouse. And another important thing, is talking. You have to talk during this project. I'm going to give you sheets you have to fill out, regarding what you are to do those five days with your partner and questions that are to be answered.

"And I'll say this one more time, this is not going to be easy. Some people can't even handle this assignment after the first day. We even lowered the days from seven to five for the students who couldn't complete this. Due to the fact they couldn't stand their spouse or they felt it was to much work. I will admit, some of you who are already going out will have your girlfriend or boyfriend. Those of you who don't, is because we wanted to give others choice towards who their spouse is. And when you hear who your spouse is, you better not complain and come whining to me. Got that?'' Anko asked while running he eyes over the students.

''Good, I will call out the names, and hand out the papers.'' She stated before she reached for the paper on her desk. She started, calling out names that didn't matter. Sakura only tuned in when she heard peoples names she knew. She heard the obvious ones, Shikamaru and Temari, Neji and Tenten, and Naruto and Hinata. Sakura was just dying to hear her name called. The next thing she heard shocked her enough, Ino Yamanaka and Sai Omoi. And the one that followed was even more shocking, Sakura Haruno and Sasuke Uchiha.

Sasuke and Sakura's eyes connected at the mention of both of their names. Sakura didn't know what to do, be happy as hell or scream to death. Sasuke definitely didn't know what to do, be excited he could screw Sakura no problem or paranoid about what the others would think. Sasuke and Sakura broke eye contact and looked over at Anko as she finished the list.

''Okay, now I'm going to hand out the papers, after that, you can plan whatever you want with your spouse and friends.'' Anko said as she grabbed some papers off her desk.

Sakura heard the words, but as quickly as they ended, Ino began to speak along with the rest of the classroom. ''Thank god, I'm so happy Sasuke ended up with you Sakura. I don't know what I would have done if he ended up with Karin or Ami.'' she said with a sigh.

Sakura shrugged but nodded. ''Yeah, but aren't disappointed that you have Sai?''

She shrugged also. ''Eh, he's okay. Not bad, but not good.''

Naruto grinned as he wrapped his arms around Hinata. ''I'm happy I have my girlfriend.''

''Don't rub it in Naruto.'' Ino said with an icy voice.

He stuck her tongue out her before brining his attention towards Sasuke. ''Hey bitch face, since we can stay with couples, can me and Hinata stay at your place?''

Sasuke rolled his eyes. ''Fine, whatever, but you have to pay rent.''

''What? We aren't living there forever.'' Naruto said while raising his voice.

''So you're still using my house, water, food, and electricity, you definitely have to pay.'' He shot back.

Naruto frowned. ''that's not cool.''

''He has a point Naruto, just agree.'' Hinata said while trying to change her boyfriend's mind. The thought of staying with Sakura pleased her. Along with the fact, if they stayed at her place, her father wouldn't leave them alone, and at Naruto's his parents are pretty much like him, hyperactive and straight forward. She felt more comfortable staying with a friend.

His blue eyes settled on his girlfriend. ''Fine, but don't be over expensive teme.''

''Whatever.'' He replied.

''Ooh,'' Ino started, ''Sasuke, can me and Sai stay at your place?''

Sasuke, internally was taking Naruto's face and slamming it into a wall. ''Fine, ask him and then tell him he has to pay if he's staying.''

Ino smiled and kissed him on the cheek. ''Thanks babe.''

''Yeah.'' Sasuke couldn't care less. Except the fact she was going to be with him. Sasuke then looked over to Sakura, he noticed she was looking at a spot on the table. From what he could tell, she was thinking, and pretty hard. He focused on her, he even ignored the sheet of paper that laid in front of him. He still had to figure out how this was going to work between them. He just didn't want it to get bad, especially with Ino possibly living with him. This is just great.

Sakura looked at the clock in front of her. She couldn't exactly move with Sasuke's arm wrapped around her waist, but she was enjoying the warmth, enjoying what they weren't going to have very often if her friends decided to live here. That's absolutely why, when school was over, the two wasted no time having sex. Sakura had a feeling this was what she was going to be doing all weekend, but she didn't mind. It was only Friday and two more days of sex till Monday, where there wasn't going to be any, unless they managed to sneak it perfectly in school as done before.

Ino living with them did make her feel a lot worse. Especially when she was going to be sleeping in a bed with her boyfriend, even though she's done it countless times, but with her in the same house, it feels a lot like betrayal. She didn't even bother with asking Sasuke how he felt about the whole thing, and how things were going to work during the project, but she had a feeling she wasn't going to like his answers. She sighed silently to her self as the time changed to one in the morning. Time flew by so fast when you have sex and go to sleep.

Sakura then felt it again that pang of guilt. She didn't know how she was going to do this. She didn't even know how she was going to go through the whole thing without telling Ino what has been happening behind her back. She didn't even how she was going to sleep in the same bed as Sasuke without feeling paranoid, that Ino is watching them through the next room. She didn't know how she was going to keep herself from telling Sasuke she has feelings for him. She had no clue how to do anything anymore.