AN: Okay so our dog of seven years died today. He drowned in our pool. So I wrote a piece that matched my mood. But after reading it I though I could re-write it a little to fit in with Supernatural. Hope you like it.....There will be a better explanation at the end of what I was going for. If you feel like it please review!
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~Black and White~

Tears slowly dripped from his eyes creating intricate patterns that wound their way down his face.
With each tear that fell another piece of his soul died, only to be replaced by a darkness that threatened to swallow all that was good in him.
As the years pass, and more people are lost, more tears fall. The darkness continues to grow.
So he sits and watches as life goes by too afraid to get involved, waiting and hoping that one day he will be saved. That one day his tears will be replaced by smiles which would bring the light back into his blackened soul.
He could only pray that the day would arrive before his soul was completely lost.
But when his reason for living was gone he realized that his prayers had gone unanswered. With nothing else to believe in, nothing else to fight for, he let the darkness consume him.
When he realized what he had allowed to happen, he decided to end his misery once and for all.
But because he failed to notice the one patch of light deep within, telling him to fight, he had with one decision truly lost himself forever. If he had only found that light to fight for, he would have seen the day his life and soul were restored through tears of joy.

AN: So I re-wrote this to try to fit in with the show. It starts out at the beginning of the show and continues as Sam continues to lose people he loves. It is my take on what he is feeling as all this darkness comes into his life. I wrote up until when Dean died and his reason for living was gone. It is supposed to be him trying to fight, but in the end he can't find it within himself to keep going.
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