Ch.1 - Yuugi sitting.

Yami approached the house of his charge for the evening. God he'd been dreading this evening. Stuck watching some hyper-active eight year old. The door swung open as the child's frazzled mother rushed out the door. "The emergency numbers are on the fridge I'll be back in a few hours." Geeze Yami thought is he really that bad?

"Hey!" a small boy hugging a teddy bear to his chest demanded. He looked almost like an exact copy of Yami.

"Hey little guy." Yami tried to smile.

"I'm Yuugi." The small boy stuck out his hand. Yami took it, It felt sticky.

"Mom says you have to what I say" Yuugi said purple eyes narrowing. Yami stared at the boy . It was going to be a long night

"I want to go to the park!" Yuugi said.

"Its to late to go to the park" Yami said "It's almost time for you to go to bed"

"I cant go to bed I haven't had dinner yet!" Yami slapped himself in the forehead .

"Fine what do you want?" Yami pushed him towards the kitchen.

"I want hamburgers"

"I cant make hamburgers what else do you want."

"You asked me what I wanted, and I told you, I want hamburgers."

"Your not getting hamburgers just chose something else brat!" Yami had never been good with kids but this one was getting on his nerves.

"I'm gonna tell my mom you where mean to me!"

"Go ahead make my day."

Yuugi was quite. "can you make macaroni and cheese" Yami smiled "that's one of the few things I CAN make." They sat down at the kitchen table after a long debate on whether or not they where going to eat in front of the TV. Yuugi prattled on about this and that. (Jou can shove a beetle up his nose. Jou and Honda tried to look up anzu's skirt but she beat them up) After dinner Yuugi took his bath. Yami had to chase the naked little boy though the house to get him to put his pajamas on.

"Time for bed kid" Yami said standing behind the couch.

"Just ten more minutes" Yuugi pleaded.


"fine meanie" Yuugi said dragging his bear up the stairs. Yami collapsed on the couch . Within ten minutes he'd fallen asleep. He woke up groggily and looked at the clock. Midnight, why hadn't Yuugi's mom got home yet? He walked quietly up the stairs and looked into Yuugi's room. The brat was gone. "Dammit" Yami cursed. "YUUGI" he called frantically though the house. The boy wasn't hiding anywhere in the house so Yami grabbed his jacket and ran out into the dark night.

Yuugi was huddled in as ball under the slide at his favorite park. It was dark and every noise made the poor frightened boy clutching his teddy jump. He sobbed. He was cold and tried He wanted to be back home in his warm bed. He heard A voice calling him. He got up from his hiding place and ran into Yami's arms. Yami looked down at him, the boy's face was covered in tears and snot.

"Shhh Its ok Yuugi. I've got ya." Yami patted Yuugi 's head. "It'll be alright." Yami carried Yuugi to his bed.

"I'm sorry I snuck out" Yuugi said as Yami handed him his teddy. Yami smiled

"Its ok, just don't tell you mom, ok?" Yuugi giggled "Deal"

"Night Minime" Yami said turning off the light.

Yuugi's mom didn't get home till about 3:35 in the morning.

"Thank you so much" she said handing Yami the money she owed him. "My car broke down then I lost my cell" Yami decide not to mention that he could smell the alcohol on her breath." I hope he wasn't to much trouble."

"Not at all" Yami smiled "In fact He was an angel."