Chapter 14: Epilogue

Mayor Manx stared gloomily out his study window. He could just barely hear the booms of explosions and see the smoke of the hopeless fight going on in the distance. He had no idea what he would do if Dark Kat finished his business and came looking for him.

Why that creepy tom felt the need to have the present Mayor actually hand over the city, just didn't make sense to Manx. He needed to think where and how he could he away before that happened.

Suddenly, his worried thoughts were interrupted by a bright blink and his precious city reappeared. He jumped to his feet sending his chair backward as he leaned into the window and gaped. He was terribly afraid it was an illusion but the longer he stared the more certain he was it wasn't a mirage.

"Yes!" He yelled, raising both paws into the air and yelling. His butler came running in concern.

"Sir...are you alright?"

Manx came around his desk and hugged the startled tom. "They're back! Feral did it and my city is back!" He shouted with glee. He pulled the butler to the window.

"Oh my! How wonderful, sir!"

Have my car brought around! Hurry! I've got to see this in person!"

"Yes, sir...right away!" The butler hurried off.

Manx grabbed his jacket and hurried out of his study, down the stairs and out the front door of his home. His limo was just pulling up. Not waiting for the driver to open the door he yanked it open and jumped inside.

"Take me to city hall as fast as you can, Jeffery."

"Yes, sir." The driver drove as fast as he dared and made it to the newly restored city hall just twenty minutes later. When he stopped the car, the two of them could see people milling around, a mix of enforcers and civilians.

Manx jumped out and called aloud, "Callie? Where are you?"

Ms. Briggs was standing on the front steps of city hall speaking with the few members of council that had been with her. She'd gotten a ride from one of Feral's enforcers to bring her here while he took care of getting the Katizens home safely. Meanwhile, she wanted to hold a meeting as soon as possible to trade information and plan for the recovery of those that had suffered the harsh conditions of their kidnapping. Thankfully, they weren't talking about too many Katizens but still they had to get this taken care of before anyone got it into their head to sue.

Suddenly she heard a familiar voice calling her name just before a roly poly form pushed its way through the crowd to her side.

"Callie!" Mayor Manx cried and hugged her fiercely.

"Mayor Manx, so good to see you are alright. Anything happen here?"

Manx pulled away and stared at his deputy mayor. She looked like she'd been through far more than he had and was exhausted.

"We were doing alright. I'm grateful for Major Clawmore who wasn't here when the city left. That's one singularly brave Kat and a good leader. When we learned there were very few enforcers left to us, he went out and recruited security and mercenaries he could he get to help protect what we called the Lost Zone, the empty place the city had been. Things were fairly quiet until Dark Kat appeared and tried to take over the city. But...where is he?" Manx stopped to ask, looking frantically around. There seemed to be no sign of the omega or even the war he knew was being fought here.

His mouth dropped open when he really took a look at his city. "Why there's no sign the city was even taken?" He blurted in shock.

"Yes, well Razor seems to think that the alien machinery that took us just returned us a few minutes before we left so no damage was done. As for Dark Kat well, it seems he was definitely in the wrong place at the wrong time when we reappeared. He's gone for good."

"Oh that's wonderful news...but...but... Major Clawmore..."

"Oh, he's alright, Mayor. He and what soldiers he still had didn't step foot into what you called the Lost Zone."

Manx sighed in relief. "Well, then that's good. What about Feral and the SWAT Kats...did they survive?"

"Oh yes. If it weren't for them, some special ops, scientists and even Viper and Hard Drive. We wouldn't even be here."

"Vvviper and Hard Drive? You're joking?"

"Nope, they volunteered. Viper is in jail unharmed but Hard Drive did something truly dangerous and is unconscious. He's gone to the hospital for treatment."

"Well, it certainly seems you have a lot of tales to tell but right now, what do we need to do this minute? I can tell you're done in and should go home. Does Feral look as bad?"

"I'm afraid so, as is everyone that was there so a good portion of the city is going to sleep for days so I hope it stays peaceful. As for what we have to do now, glad you asked," Callie said, putting an arm around the Mayor's shoulders and guiding him and the council back inside city hall.


As Callie predicted, most of the city slept for days. The ones that had been locked up due to their bad behavior were taken to jail and held until more of the enforcers were alert enough to deal with them.

Mayor Manx found he was still handling many of the details of the reintegration of the city but didn't complain. He was far too grateful just to have his city back. One of the first things he did was hold a press conference. He told them only the little he knew and promised more when all the ones who had returned were able to rest first. But one of the most important things he had to say caused the news hounds to leapt for joy...the permanent loss of Dark Kat. He knew that should perk up the city more than any other news to come out of this strange incident.

The reintegration wasn't without its strife. Fights broke out, pushing and shoving nearly caused major harm but because of the heavy enforcer presence, Major Preston and Major Clawmore managed to retain control and get people cleared out and home before the rest of the city invaded and made a bigger mess of things.

Those needing medical assistance were carried off to area hospitals for treatment. The enforcers left stranded behind volunteered to cover the city beat while their lost companions got the chance to rest, eat, and recover their strength after the arduous adventure.

After doing what they could to help the enforcers to settle the Katizens back in their homes, ferrying the criminals locked in the animal cages to jail and anything else that was needed to settle the city, the SWAT Kats finally went home as the sun was going down.

"Gods, I don't remember when I was this tired," Chance groaned, dragging his tail up the stairs to their apartment.

"Uhg, I want to sleep for weeks and that's unusual for me." Jake's words were slurring, he was that tired.

Chance just grunted a response to that as he went into his room and slipped into bed, sighing with relief. When he got up again, he'd take a shower...he was far too groggy to do it now.

Across the city, Feral too was so tired he was swaying on his feet as he finished giving out orders for those that would take care of the city while he slept.

Major Clawmore gently touched his Commander's shoulder. "Sir?"

"Huh?" Feral jerked, realizing groggily that he'd actually fallen asleep for a second while standing up. "Oh, yes. Thank you." A huge yawn interrupted whatever else he might have wanted to say.

"Sir, forget it. Let me personally escort you to bed," Clawmore said, mildly amused to see his Commander literally sleep walking and unable to put two words together. Like right now...he doubted the huge tom was even aware he was being guided away from his office. He carefully steered Feral all the way to the barracks and the room he used when he stayed at headquarters.

He had to physically undress the Commander whose body was very impressive to his eyes and push the somnolent body toward the bed and under the covers. Feral was no longer aware of anything as he'd long since given up trying to stay awake.

Smiling, Clawmore closed the door and went off to complete his tasks before seeking his own bed. He'd had to force Major Preston to go to bed as well so all that was left around headquarters were the meager complement of enforcers that had been left behind to take care of things for now.


It would take more than a month before anything felt normal again but eventually a sort of peaceful calm settled over Megakat City at last.

Hard Drive recovered, though it took a long time. Doctors were uncertain as to what had happened to him but plenty of bed rest soon returned him to health. The trip to another dimension had changed him and despite all the thanks he'd received as part of the rescue team, he no longer felt comfortable in Megakat City and one day simply disappeared never to be heard or seen again.

Dr. Liter Greenbox had redeemed himself and was released from jail by Mayor Manx and allowed to research and invent again though he had to accept being kept under watchful eyes to ensure he didn't stray off the path again.

Dr. Viper was disgusted and angry as he was forced to accept being jailed. Though he had helped to return the city, he was not to be trusted and spent quite a few months in jail before finally escaping.

When Manx learned of Director Mece's invaluable assistance to the rescue team that had gotten the city home again, he saw that the tom was given an award for his service to the city and funds to help build more weapons especially earmarked for use by the enforcers. Manx had finally learned his lesson and stopped cutting the budget so stringently for the enforcers much to Feral's surprised relief.

Callie and Major Preston did finally date. Though it was Preston who succeeded in weakening Callie's resolve not to date anyone beneath her social strata so as not to cause problems. He convinced her that she deserved and had a right to see whomever she wanted. She enjoyed his company and they remained together for quite some time.

Feral had relaxed his stance on the SWAT Kats though he had to be careful not to outright show acceptance of the two vigilantes but he couldn't forget their bravery and fortitude when things were truly bad. With some of the omegas still around, he no longer spurned their assistance in ending things more quickly than usual giving the city longer periods of quiet.

Pleased with Major Clawmore's performance as well as Major Preston's, he got them both promoted. Clawmore insisted on keeping his present job, enjoying it far more than the one pressed on him by necessity. Major Preston was put on the fast track at eventually being Feral's second in command. He was very pleased and honored by the confidence his commander had in him.

Feral had a small epiphany when he had a moment to think without interruption about his adventures in that other world. He's reached the top of his field and had no desire to go further, much preferring being on the front lines however, he was bit lonely. Deciding getting himself taken care of should be his priority right now, he began to do the club circuit, getting it on with both male and females. It provided him a peace in his soul he'd never realized he was missing.

The SWAT Kats for their part, were ever so grateful at having their real jet back and all their equipment. Chance took the Turbokat for a lengthy run alone, just enjoying flying over his home again. Meanwhile, Jake didn't forget how much of his inventions he'd been forced to give away to the Pumadyne techs. Now he would have to come up with something that would push the Turbokat ahead of the pack again.

He needed to keep his edge so he spent nearly all his free time inventing and building more new tech for them. Chance would find his partner buried for hours in the hangar inventing. He would sigh, bring the slim tom food and do his part in building what his partner made. It was the way of things.

Yeah, things were back to normal, sort of, but the changes were for the better and Megakat City and its special Katizens, were happy with that.