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How 4kids Screwed the Akatsuki


"Got any sixes, un?"

"Tobi does not have any sixes, Deidara-senpai."

"Tobi for the last time, it's 'yes' or 'no.' Don't extend the answers. You're almost as bad as the lobsters were at poker…"

"You mean the ones we ate yester-"

"Does this feel familiar to anyone?" Kisame asked, cutting off Deidara to save himself the humiliation of yet another crying session in front of his comrades.

"Of course not, Kisame. Don't be ridiculous."

"Yes, Kisame. This time we're playing Old Maid."

"Uh, Tobi. This is still Go Fish, un."

"Oh, then why is there a picture of an old lady among Tobi's cards?"

"GRANDMA, UN!" screamed Deidara, tackling Tobi to the ground and attempting to wrestle the cards out of Tobi's hands.

Sighing, Itachi set down his own cards and faced Kisame on the couch, folding his hands meticulously on his lap.

"So, where is Hidan today?" he deadpanned.

"Probably getting a contractor for his destroyed room," responded Kisame a bit unthinkingly.

Itachi looked like he was about to reply when the door of the room suddenly burst open, and all heads turned in the direction of the intruder.

Well, except Tobi. He was getting strangled by Deidara.

Had he looked, he might've peed in his still burnt Powerpuff Girl boxers, because at that moment, the person at the door looked like he was bordering on insanity.

"Kakuzu…" said Kisame slowly, watching said man closely.

Kakuzu chose to turn his crazy eyes onto Kisame, looking for all the life of him like he was going to rip the blue man's head off.

There was a collective shiver around the inhabitants of the room, even Itachi shook slightly.

"Where are…"

There was an intake of breath as Kakuzu struggled to regain composure, and he strode further into the room.

"Where are my trading cards…"

There was a short period of silence, before Deidara chose to voice everyone's thoughts.

"What the fuck, un."

"My Pokemon trading cards. Don't make me kill you all. Just tell me where they are, and no one will get hurt."

At this point, Kakuzu was standing in front of the couch where Kisame and Itachi sat. Itachi pressed further into the cushions as Kisame took the initiative to stand up and try to calm Kakuzu down.

"Kakuzu… You've never had any trading cards… So if you would just take a few deep breaths, maybe we can talk about-"

"SCREW TALKING, FISH BOY!" screeched Kakuzu, throwing up his arms dramatically.

In the background, Tobi sputtered.

"WOULDN'T YOU BE MAD TOO, IF SOMEONE, OH, FLUSHED ONE OF YOUR GOLDFISH DOWN THE TOILET?" at this, Kakuzu sent Itachi a meaningful glance. Itachi's eyes widened a fraction as Kisame frowned.

The fact that it had nothing to do with trading cards was lost on everyone in the room.

"Is that… hypothetical?"

"Ohoho, fish boy. So you DO know what I mean? Well, let's just say a little raven-haired Uchiha prodigy decided to-"

"That's enough, Kakuzu."

Itachi stood from the couch, and put a hand on Kisame's shoulder.

"I'm…" he struggled for words for a moment, "S-sorry…"

Kisame looked stunned, before quickly turning a glare to his partner, "why?"

"One of your goldfish told me that it didn't like cotton candy, so I flushed it down the toilet and made the others watch."

Kisame blinked twice.

Kakuzu smirked in satisfaction at Itachi's confession.

Deidara looked like he was about to laugh.

And Tobi was passed out on the ground from lack of oxygen. No one really paid any attention to that fun fact.

In a flash, Kisame had Itachi by the front of his robes, shaking him violently.


"It was…" he paused, waiting for Kisame to stop shaking him. "Doris."


And then Kisame dropped Itachi, running with his face in his hands and crying his heart out into them.

He proceeded to run into a wall, fall on his butt, and then crawl out of the room whimpering and then closing the door with a 'snap' behind him.

Through the closed door, they heard a voice between gasps and strangled cries.

"Y-you g-g-guys…b-bet-tter c-come t-to… to the… the… FUNERAL!" he sobbed loudly at the end, before he could be heard running up the steps, then there was a faint slam of a door.

"I have several things to say, un."

Itachi and Kakuzu both turned their gazes to Deidara, who was now seated on his partner's stomach.

Deidara looked between the two of them in a motherly fashion before speaking again.

"You all are fucking crazy, un. I mean, I know Hidan was crazy before, un, are you all making up for it in his absence?" He looked thoughtful for a moment, before adding, "where is that psycho anyway?"

"I passed him on my way back. The men in white coats got him." Kakuzu said in all seriousness.

"White coats…Ah, so they've finally taken him to the asylum, un. 'Bout time, too. He was dipping into the dairy fund a little too much if you ask me, un." Deidara waited for Kakuzu's reaction to the money reference, and when there was no change in his facial expression, frowned. "Shouldn't that upset you, Kakuzu?"

"No. Why should it?"

Itachi raised his eyebrows, turning to survey the money-lover skeptically.

"Kakuzu, may I borrow some money so that I may purchase a cotton candy machine?"

"Sure. Do whatever you want, just don't tap into my trading cards fund."

Deidara stood up suddenly, as Kakuzu's eyes narrowed.

"Speaking of my trading cards, I thought I smelled them in here. Have you seen them?"

"No, un. Search yourself."

"Good idea!"

Deidara grabbed Itachi by his upper arm and dragged him across the room as Kakuzu attacked the couch, flinging cushions around at random. One particularly floral one landing on Tobi's face.

"This is weird, un." Whispered Deidara conspiratorially as Itachi ducked a pillow.

"We are in the Akatsuki, Deidara. Almost everything we do or say is classified under 'psychotic.' I do not see how Kakuzu's actions are any different from Hidan's the other day."

"I know we're normally this weird, un," he glared over his shoulder as another pillow hit his arm and flopped to the ground, "but we're not this weird. Something has to be going on, un."

Itachi sighed and strode past Deidara, who gave him a questioning look.

There was a loud thud as the couch's back made contact with the floor. And Kakuzu moved on to the bookcase, stepping on Tobi's chest as he went over to it.

Deidara and Itachi watched as book after book was ripped frantically from the shelves, but neither made a move to stop him.

"Deidara, tell Leader that I left on very important business." Itachi said, turning to the blonde and crossing his arms.

"…Why, un?"

"Kisame is going to drag us into-"

And as if on cue, particularly morbid funeral music began to play.

Itachi closed his eyes and put his hand to his forehead.

"Here we go…"

And in came Kisame, wearing a black wedding dress. Jashin-sama knows where he got it, but there it was, in all its gothic glory, and looking a little stretched on the manly torso of Kisame.

He even had the balls to wear a veil, too.

Itachi brought his hand to cover his eyes as he brought his face skyward. Most likely praying to Gods he didn't believe in for this to end as quickly and painlessly as a decapitation.

What? You didn't expect Itachi to compare that to anything remotely sane did you?

Pft, as if.

Kakuzu had chosen to ignore Kisame's sudden solemn entrance and was now rifling through the DVDs in a metal rack, books still scattered everywhere but no one paying them any mind.

Tobi was now invisible under a combination of cushions, Ispy books, and Will Smith DVDs.

Kisame had begun walking toward Itachi slowly, hugging the large fish tank to his abdomen while the water inside sloshed dangerously, threatening to spill out at any moment.

He had successfully made it halfway across the danger zone, when disaster punched him square in his blue you-know-whats.

Deidara had been trying to subtly slip out of the room, but had slipped on a James Bond DVD, falling flat on his face. The DVD had flown out backwards after he fell, and shot directly at Kisame. More specifically the fish tank.

Yes, the fish tank. The fish tank made of glass.

Long story short, the DVD hit the glass with a loud 'CRACK,' and for a moment, nothing happened. Deidara had looked over his shoulder in horror when he heard the noise and Itachi was peering through his fingers at Kisame, who had gone completely still.

The spider web of cracks had slowly taken up a good portion of the square side of the tank. And everyone waited with baited breath for the inevitable.

Well, except Tobi, he was still unconscious.

And Kakuzu, who was still rifling through the DVDs.

But they don't matter right now.

For a New York second, it felt as if everything was fine, and the glass had withstood the DVD death strike.

But of course, fate hated shark-like men, so it decided to kick him while he was down.

And so, in a particular display of anger, Kakuzu threw the last DVD (which just so happened to be Finding Nemo) full-force at the unsuspecting aquarium. Not actually meaning to aim so perfectly at the vulnerable box of glass, but somehow he managed to have a nearly flawless pitch, and the DVD soared directly at the remaining fish.

Kisame looked on in horror through his veil as his favorite movie made contact with the other side of the fish tank, and another web of cracks appeared.

But again, nothing happened.

Since the suspense was gone, Deidara opted to restrain Kakuzu from tearing up Pein's favorite armchair.

"Leader-sama will KILL us if you do that, un!" screamed Deidara over Kisame's shrieks of "ITACHI, GET THE DUCT TAPE QUICK!"

Itachi walked calmly across the room toward the door, readily ignoring all the commotion.

Which is something only Itachi could do.



Itachi's facial expression didn't change as his foot made contact with a pile of DVD cases.

Well, it did when the pile of DVDs moved.

Hm, maybe it wasn't a pile of DVDs.

I strongly believe, in fact, that it was Tobi.

Itachi fell backwards, waving his arms around like a windmill in a vain attempt to keep his balance, while Tobi began sitting up as slow as a zombie.

One of Itachi's windmilling arms swung dangerously close to Kisame's fish bowl, so Kisame opted to move the cracked fish tank out of harm's way.

Bad move, shark boy. Jaws does not approve.

The next minute found Kisame frantically trying to pick up all of his exotic fish- using his wedding veil as a temporary basket, Itachi wringing his sopping hair out, Tobi trying to ask Itachi what happened, Deidara getting repeatedly elbowed in the face, and Kakuzu biting Deidara's arm roughly.

When Pein walked in with Konan a few moments later, neither were surprised.

Over the commotion, Pein screamed something much more unexpected than the scene in front of him.

"We're going to the carnival."

And he effectively made every psychotic man in the room freeze.

Except Kisame, who was still desperately attempting to save his fish.

Little did he know that Sasori had poisoned the tank long ago-

-but that's a different story entirely.


Person: Kakuzu

Problem: Obsession with money

4kids Solution: Obsession with Pokemon trading cards (I mean, who hasn't had that at one point?!)


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