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Summary: After Edward left, everything happens as it does in New Moon up until just after the jump. A few nights later, Victoria shows up while Bella's sleeping, and changes her, thinking it would be more painful for Edward if he knew she was alive…forever. She stays alive, only hanging onto the fact that Edward is out there still…somewhere. Jacob stays with her, frozen at sixteen, because he cannot learn to control his anger…

Ninety years later, it's still risky to go back to Forks. Jacob thinks that no one at the 'messed up high school' lived passed seventy. But you never know, Mike Newton may be a hundred and seven...ok, so probably not. But whatever.

"Bells, is there a dress code?" Jake yelled from the other room.

I shook my head, "No, Jacob. For the tenth time."

He smiled, "Just checking…for the tenth time."

I rolled my eyes even though he couldn't see me. I pulled out a blue blouse and skirt. I fixed my hair in my mirror and did my makeup quickly. I took a deep breath and opened my door.

Jacob was just coming out of his room and I laughed. He was wearing dark jeans and no shirt. He smiled and fiddled with his wolf necklace that matched my wolf bracelet.

"Put a shirt on, Jake."

"You said there wasn't a dress code."

"You knew exactly what I meant." I pushed him towards his room. "Go put a shirt on."

He smiled and turned around and came back out seconds later, slipping a dark gray tight shirt on. I smiled and walked down the stairs.

"Come on, Bells, you gotta admit, I had you stunned with my sexy abs." Jacob called from the top of the stairs.

Even after eighty years of the little mutt following me (kidding, I love him!) he still joked about him and me. It stopped being serious a while ago…I just can't get over Edward…and he finally accepted that.

"Yeah, you got me, Jake," I said sarcastically.

"For a vampire, you still can blush pretty good," He teased from behind me.

I smacked his shoulder and rolled my eyes, "Yeah, yeah, whatever."

He smirked and dug through the fridge.

I sighed as I stared out the windows. Eighty years earlier, I was starting Forks high school in this exact house.

Jacob hugged me from behind, "You sure about this?"

I nodded my head.

"We can go back to Alaska or something."

I shook my head, "He might be there…"

"He might be here too," He reminded me.

"No. He wouldn't take the chance." I said, looking down.

"We don't know that they don't know…" Jacob said carefully.

"Yeah we do, Jake!" I yelled. "You're here…you're a block for Alice…" I said, calmer.

"K, sorry." He said, giving up.

"You could go to school on the reservation," I reminded him. "With Embry and Seth and them."

"Would it kill you to let the Rez go?" He asked.

Awhile back, Sam yelled at Jacob to come back. Jacob refused and he's held a bitter grudge ever since.

"Would it kill you to let the Cullen's go?" I asked.

"No, but it'd kill you." He spit back.

I took a step back and glared at him.

I stomped out to my car (a black Volvo) and started it. Jake climbed in a few minutes later but said nothing.

I sped off towards the high school.

"Come on Bells," He said slowly. "You know I didn't mean that."

I nodded my head.

"Forgive me?" He asked.

"Yeah, of course." I said quietly. "It's just…I'm here. Again."

"I know Bella." He answered. "Come find me if you need me."

I would be a junior this year, and Jake would be a sophomore. It was pushing it for him, but we wanted to stay as long as possible. We'd be lucky to stay more than four.

I pulled into a space near the back of the parking lot. Nothing had changed much…which was refreshing.

We both took a deep breath and got out of the car. It was still kind of early, but there were a few other cars in the parking lot. I scanned the parking lot for anything that was even the least bit too flashy – nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

I walked next to Jacob, gave him a quick hug then rushed to my first class. I knew I wasn't going to be late, but I was nervous about just hanging around.

I sat down in the back, hopefully to be unnoticed. I closed my eyes and laid back.

"Are you Bella Wolfe?" A male voice asked. I opened my eyes.

He was tall, skinny and wore baggy clothes. I nodded my head.

"Are you dating that other dude?"

I shrugged, "What other dude?"

"The guy with the wolf necklace and the shiny teeth."

I shook my head and smiled to myself, Jake's teeth…


I looked up and put my best I'm-annoyed-so-leave-me-alone look and he shuffled away.

I leaned back again. I sighed a breath of relief when no vampire or wolf people were in my classroom after the bell rang. After the one guy, who didn't even tell me his name, no one came near me. There was only the seat next to me open in the class, which I guess meant there were still room for vampire-wolves, but I doubted it.

I was last on the roll sheet, and didn't look up to answer. I jut said here from where I was, keeping my eyes closed. Blend. I told myself for the twentieth time. But it was hard to blend when you had flawless skin, gold eyes and never ate. I mean sure, Jake ate…he ate tons. But I don't think he really counts.

The first half of the morning passed quickly, every teacher spent the hour rambling about rules and expectations. So far, I hadn't run into any vampires…I heard quiet whispers about the new kids, but I figured Jake and I were new, so, you know.

A few kids turned out to be like Mike Newton…annoying, pushy and overly talkative, but no one was extremely unbearable. I had made it so my schedule was the same as it had been ninety years ago…don't ask why, I'm not even sure. I was giddy for Biology…I wasn't sure how well that would go with my mental health. But today was all about taking chances, right?

I met Jacob in the parking lot then walked slowly behind him towards the cafeteria. Neither of us said anything to each other. He opened the door and I stepped in. He walked in and stepped in front of me again, going into a very protective stance suddenly. I surveyed the room.

I froze. Was it possible for a vampire to go into shock? I wasn't sure. How could I be sure? My mind worked quickly – like it always did – and I was able to take a step back into the rain and hope he didn't see me. Jacob was outside next to me, a worried look on his face.

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