A/N: Story title taken from No Rest for the Wicked. There are a lot more of us in the Challenge now. Please go to Enkidu07's or Onyx Moonbeam's profile pages for a list a of the usual suspects, or to join in!

Word Count Each Section: 100 on the nose.

Summary: E/O CHALLENGE. Drabble word – Ditch. This is a dark AU told in 3 drabbles. Dean gets bitten by a fugly during a hunt that goes horribly wrong. Plenty of Dean, Sam and Bobby angst.

Disclaimer: This is for entertainment only, not for profit. I do not own Supernatural, darn it!

I'm dead. My body doesn't know it yet.

Me and the fug stand toe to toe, slashing at each other, me with my Bowie knife, the wolf thing with its claws. The fug's growling. I am too.

It ends quick and bloody. I'm standing there panting like a dog, staring down at the thing's dead body. Knife's blood slick in my hand.

Damn thing bit me in the arm; it burns like hell.

Bobby and Sam are in the woods behind me. Gotta ditch 'em both. I'm not safe to be around.

I won't live like the things I hunt.

Sam's up next.