Authors Note: This is simply my little twist on what I think should have happened with the entire Triple H/Stephanie/Randy thing. I think that the WWE could have done so much more with this but this is just how I think things could have went. Hope you all enjoy and please read and review.

Stephanie McMahon paced around backstage watching the match. Hunter was taking on Randy and the match was going back and forth. For the last three months Randy did nothing but terrorized so much that her real life relationship with Hunter was brought to life and put out there for the fans to see. She bit her nails watching as the match ending Hunter winning, the crowd going crazy. She sighed softly as Hunter made his way to the back stepping inside her office.

"Is this finally over?" She looked at him. "Can things finally go back to normal?" She asked.

He looked at her nodding his head. "I promise you that he will never hurt you again, no matter what." He slowly walked over hugging her; his hand rubbing her back. "Nothing will ever happen to you again." His eyes seemed to glance at the monitor as Randy Orton was shown in the back. He couldn't make out what was being said so he grabbed the remote turning it up.

"Look I did what you said. Everything that you said. You had this brilliant plan and now it is..." He growled looking at someone that could not be seen by the audience. "Went to hell and that is not my fault. I did what I was told. Now you better live up to your end of the deal."

There was silence heard for a few months and then a disguised voice spoke. "Don't you dare tell me what I have to do." The voice growled out. "You didn't finish the job. She is with him right now. A few RKO's here and there isn't going to make up for everything that we have been through. Everything that I have went through. Randy you told exactly what to do and you blew it."

Even though the voice was disguised you could tell it was a woman but you could not tell exactly who it was, as the person talked it caught Stephanie's ear as she turned to the monitor listening to it.

"This is the problem Randy. When someone tells you to do something then you get the job done instead of screwing up. Now I have to go out of my way and do things my way. The right way."

The monitor seemed to cut out on that last sentence as Hunter went running out of the room only to find Randy standing there. "Who the hell was that?" He grabbed a hold of him as he tried to run. "Who were you talked to Orton?" Hunter's eyes looked at though they were going to pop out of his head. "Answer me Orton." He glared his fist raised ready pummel him.

Randy laughed evilly. "You will find out soon enough. The entire world will find out soon enough." He laughed as he pulled away from the grip that Hunter had him in walking away.