Okay...I'm kinda annoyed. I'd plan a Space Channel 5 fic for quite a while...and on Wednesday, I get a whole new idea, and it's done by the Sunday? Granted, this is a drabblet and not a one-shot like I had planned, but still...

Anyway! SPAAAAACE CHANNEL 5! This game made it into quite a few people's hearts, but not enough. Which saddens me, because this series is damn right awesome. It's number 2 on my top fave VG series, right behind Mario.

You play as a Space Reporter. (The sexy and awesome Ulala!) You dance to defeat aliens. (The Morolians!) You save people. (Who then strut behind you!) Everyone acts like the total shit. It's BRILLIANT! And yet, there's still no Part 3 on Wii.

So, my one-shot will be done whether, but this drabblet aims to convey what the Morolians experienced when they were brainwashed by Chief Blank in the first game. Instead of (oh you're bad deal with it) I decided to go for a more...righteous feel. Basically, the Morolians think that what they're doing is good, and they had to follow the orders Blank gave them during the brainwashing period, or else bad things would happen. You'll understand when you read it.

Anyway, enjoy!

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Space Channel 5, as much as I wish I did. All rights belong to SEGA.

The Morolians had no idea what the channel they all received on their televisions were about.

They at first sat there, gazing at the television for a few brief seconds. Then, a series of things happened. They pressed themselves forward, absorbed by the flashing colourful lights, the ever-changing images, the intense buzzing that was sweet music to them...it was a wondrous feeling. Like all weight of life had been lifted on their shoulders.

It was telling them their commands. The first thing was to listen. The Morolians must listen...they must connect with the music...the images...the lights...otherwise, terrible, terrible things would happen. The commands were absolute. They must be followed. Now they were being issued a new order.

They began to sway their upper bodies, slowly, at the same time. Like a continuous rhythm that seemed to have taken hold of them. Now they must move their arms...keeping the same beat...


Now...the other direction...


Then, with the commands...


The music...the lights...

"Make them...the earth......dance!"

The images...the rhythm...

"Make them dance! Make the earth people dance!"

...It all made perfect sense to them.

QUUUUUUUUE MEXICAN FLYER! So it was a sort of "We must do this or else" thing I had going...eh, I can't explain it well. XD

One thing I admire about Space Channel 5 is just how sinister they make the Morolians seem, despite how wacky the game is. Like during each cut-scene with them, it's all dark and serious and just shows the scary side of how warped they were. I sort of went for that style as well. Hope you liked reading this! This is Blue Toad, reporting, over and out!

~Blue Toad~