E/O Drabble Challenge

Challenge Word: ditch

Length: 100 words

No spoilers in this one but have you guys been seeing the ones on the internet for season 5? OMG!

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Sam found Dean face down in the ditch across from the motel.

"Dean, are you okay?"

Dean groaned and pushed himself unsteadily to his feet. Sam reached out, gingerly touching a knot on the side of Dean's head. Dean swatted his hand away.

"Did you see which way they went?"

"Who?" Sam scanned the deserted road.

"The guys who jumped me. Two big freaking guys......" Dean blew out his breath. "They took the Impala."

"What?" Sam ran both his hands through his hair in frustration. "Dean, the weapons, the ID's....."

"To hell with the weapons, Sammy. They took my car!"