Weight of the world

I have some notes on this story, if you wouldn't mind reading them:

~I sent Hermione back in time a way that would happen again and again…That probably made no sense what so ever, but when you read the story it might become clearer…

~Dumbledore is dead and Snape did kill him, but Harry is unaware of that fact.

~Snape wasn't the DADA professor in their Sixth Year, but they did bring Professor Slughorn in to share Potions lessons (a bit like Trelawney and Firenze for Divination) which is why Snape is teaching Potions.

Great! Thanks for reading that! Now, on with the story!

September 2nd 1997

The sun was rising on that wet, foggy day, sending rays of sunshine through the dark, moody clouds. Hermione Granger sat at the Gryffindor table, as bright eyed and bushy tailed as ever as she spread some jam onto her toast, bit into it and opened her copy of Advanced Charms to read as she waited for Harry and Ron to come down to breakfast.

She didn't have long to wait and she was not disappointed as they rushed into the great hall, their hair messy and their robes creased, their bags clutched in one hand as Ron held his chest with the other, wheezing slightly. They had obviously run from Gryffindor tower to be able to make it to breakfast and Hermione was amused to see that Harry's glasses were broken.

"Err, Hermione? Could you help me out?" He gasped, handing her his glasses, looking extremely sheepish.

Hermione sighed in her usual fashion and, with a small, albeit reluctant smile, she tapped her wand on his glasses and said, "Oculus Repairo."

Harry grinned at her and took the now mended glasses back and placed them back on his face, his green eyes flashing with humour.

"And where have you been?" Hermione asked, folding her arms and glaring at the two boys. "You're late. There's only five minutes left till double potions with the Slytherin's."

Ron groaned from across Harry and Hermione and began heaping as much food as he could onto his plate.

"Did you have to tell us that? Bloody hell, Hermione, would it kill you to keep some things to yourself?" He asked as he shoved some food into his mouth. Hermione looked at him disgustedly before turning to Harry.

"You two had better hurry up. Snape is bound to take points from you for being even a second late." She warned them, "Would it kill you to eat with your mouth shut, Ronald?" She asked Ron, looking disgustedly at his open mouth before standing up and grabbing her things before leaving the Great Hall, ready to face the double potions that awaited her.

"What's wrong with her?" He asked, perplexed as he watched after Hermione's figure leaving them behind.

"Beats me," Harry shrugged, "Pass me the toast."


Hermione was sat down at the door to Potions in the dungeons, her back against the wall and knees bent towards her chest, her Advanced Charms book resting on them. Her hair fell foreword as she read, covering her face, effectively blocking it from view.

"Well, lookie here. I found me a mudblood." A voice filled with venom floated towards her and she rolled her eyes before raising her head slowly, looking Draco Malfoy in the eyes.

"Well, lookie here, a twitchy little ferret." She rebuffed, putting her book away before rising to her feet, realizing that she left her bookmark out, shoving it in her pocket before taking on a defensive pose. Draco Malfoy had blushed slightly at the memory of being turned into a ferret before he composed himself.

"You really shouldn't talk in such a manner to me, I am a superior." He sneered, looking down his nose at her. Hermione scoffed.

"Oh please, spare me the useless dribble. Really, Malfoy it's getting old. You need some new material."

Draco raised an eyebrow before turning and entering the classroom, his school robes billowing behind him as if he were a superior.

Hermione shook her head and turned, entering the classroom after him, sitting at hers, Harry's and Ron's usual table, awaiting for them to be late and get some house points knocked off for Gryffindor, on their very first day back after the summer holidays, which was typical and happened at the start of every year.

In about five minutes, the room had slowly filled up, chattering pupils from every house entering, usually in twos or threes. Harry and Ron were amongst the last ones in but thankfully, they weren't late.

"See Hermione, were on time!" Ron said victoriously, pointing at his watch as he took his seat next to her. "In fact, were 30 seconds early!"

"Yes, Ronald, it's nice to know that you can tell the time!" Hermione said sarcastically as she heard Harry hold back a laugh on the other side of her. Ron turned a very light shade of pink and turned away, grabbing his book from his bag and slamming in down on the table.

Just as she did so, the door to the classroom burst open and in glided Professor Snape, his black robes billowing, mirroring Draco Malfoy's previous entrance.

"Welcome back, class." The class frowned and a low murmur started up, rippling across the classroom in confusion.

"What's up with Snape?" Ron asked in a low voice, meaning only for Hermione's ears. She shrugged and watched Snape as he disappeared into the store cupboard.

Harry had a look of total paranoia on his face and he was watching Snape's every move. From his seat he would be able to see what Snape was doing and, if Hermione knew Harry (which she did) then she knew that he was processing all the information, and finding something to pin on him.

"As it is your last first lesson on NEWT potions, I've decided that those who are worthy of being in this class need to learn the basis of power." He sneered, looking down his nose at the class.

"There he is. Every thing is right with the world!" Harry spat sarcastically, expressing his hatred for Professor Snape.

"Now, can anyone tell me examples of potions which have elicited power?" He asked in his usual bored tone, black eyes scanning the classroom overlooking Hermione's hand which had jumped up straight into the air at the question.

"No one? How disappointing," His greasy voice filled the classroom and Hermione put her hand down in annoyance. "Today, you will all be brewing a potion that will send the drinker into a deep sleep, from which they will not awaken for several days. This will give the brewer power. Turn to page 483." And he sat down at his desk, clasping his hands in front of his chest, his elbows leaning on his desk as he looked at his class, his greasy, stringy hair falling into his soulless coal black eyes. "But I must warn you, if this potion is brewed incorrectly it could have dire consequences."

The class all froze at his words and looked shiftily at each other, trying to figure out if what he sad was the truth, or if he was just saying it to see who would be able to brew the potion correctly.

"Is he being serious?" Ron asked, outraged, looking at the recipe with something akin to fear. Ron wasn't the best at potions and had only managed to get in the NEWT level class just barely.

"Looks like it," Harry informed him from Hermione's other side, and she turned to face him, her bushy hair coming undone from the hastily done plait, exploding in Ron's face.

When Ron resurfaced, he looked slightly shocked and the three looked at each other before exploding into laughter, Hermione putting her hair back the way it was.

Snape breezed by at that point, slamming his hands on the desk with force.

"At what point did I say that you insolent little brats could have fun?" His hard, cold voice making Hermione shudder as she instantly turned to the store cupboard to get the ingredients that she'd need.


"This is probably the hardest potion I've ever done in my life," Harry mumbled, bending foreword over his potion, watching it, waiting for it to turn a murky blue colour. Once it did he whooped and punched the air. So far so good.

Hermione looked over to see that Ron was actually doing quite well for once. He was only one step behind Hermione and one step in front of Harry. Not to bad for Ronald Weasley.

Hermione reached over to get her last few ingredients when…


Hermione's body was thrown forewords with the force of the explosion; she cracked her head onto the desk and felt the blood trickle down her face. Harry was by her side in an instant, hands on her back, turning her over. He was yelling, yelling at Ron? Hermione groaned and opened her eyes to see Professor Snape yelling at Ron and Harry's face looming over hers before it all went hazy and turned to black.