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Weight of the World

Chapter 60

13th October 1997

Hermione awoke as the sunlight streamed through the gap in the pale blue curtains and she groaned lightly, turning her face further into the pillow beneath her head and mumbling incoherently.

"Morning, love." Sirius chuckled, kissing the back of her neck lightly as his arm tightened around his waist. "Today's a big day," he said quietly, sitting up slightly, resting his weight on his elbow behind him as he hovered over Hermione's form. Hermione sighed and rolled onto her back, lifting her hand to his cheek and brushing her thumb over his cheekbone. 18 years. They had known each other for 18 years and been married for 13 of them, the engagement ring on her finger glinting happily on her finger in the sunlight and she leaned up and pressed a closed kiss to his lips, just as the door to their room banged open revealing their eight year old daughter, Ysabelle.

They had been married for eight years when they adopted the tiny girl before them when she was just a baby whose parents had been killed in a rogue Death Eater attack and Hermione had instantly fell in love with the olive skinned baby with wispy brown hair and big clear green eyes.

"Daddy!" She cried and launched herself at the couple on the bed and Sirius picked her up with ease, placing her on his lap. "I want to watch a film! Can I watch a film?" She asked her eyes wide with excitement, her thick curls bouncing on her shoulders and Sirius chuckled.

"Of course you can, sweetheart. What do you want to watch?" He asked her gently, huddling her closer and Hermione felt her heart melt at the sight before her.

"Pocahontas!" She cried happily, squealing in happiness when Sirius nodded and raced out of the room, her laughter echoing along the walls. Sirius smiled at his daughter and climbed out of bed, stretching and Hermione couldn't stop staring at the muscles of his back and they were pulled taunt under his tight web of skin. Even in his thirties, Sirius still thrilled her in ways that no other man ever could or would get a chance to.

Hermione followed her husband's lead, climbing out of bed before racing into the bathroom before Sirius could blink, laughing at his quiet curses as he traipsed to the bathroom down the hall.

After washing quickly she went to her son's room, not at all surprised to see him laying on his bed with Benny Kid clutched in his hand, his eyes scanning the page quickly – Dean had been adopted by Sirius and Hermione a year after Ysabelle when he was nearly three and had been beaten by his parents so many times that he had been taken from them and landed in a care home. Sirius had taken one look at the poor boy and became determined for Dean to become his son.

"Hey, mum." He said, his eyes barely leaving the page of the comic in front of him.

"Morning, Ace. You planning on doing anything today?" Hermione asked, perching herself on the edge of his bed, smiling sweetly at the ten year old boy who's blonde hair was in spikes.

Dean shrugged, turning the page in his book. "Avoiding Ysabelle. She wants me to watch that Disney movie with her and no way is that happening." He said indignantly, turning the page, "I can't wait till I go to Hogwarts." He mumbled quietly and Hermione smiled before ruffling his hair, laughing when he ducked out the way and went back to his book.

"You watch, Dean, I'll make you a reader for life." She warned, pointing to the shelves against the wall and Hermione caught the title of one book Time Rose before Dean visibly shuddered. He hated reading big tombs of books filled with useless information, but if he was going to Hogwarts next year then he needed to be able to read them. She had until September 1st, she'd make it.

"Everyone knows that you're the ultimate reader mum." He smirked.

Hermione stood up and left her son to his comic as he flipped the page again, mumbling under his breath.

"He reading his comic?" Sirius asked behind her and Hermione turned to see Sirius in loose jeans, a tight black top and a towel slung around his shoulders, catching the droplets from the end of his long black hair.

"Of course. When does he never?"

"Well, he is a Brook Lucas Fan."

Hermione stared at him vacantly having never read the comics and having no idea what he was talking about. He shrugged his shoulder and pecked her on the forehead before making his way quietly to the living room to join his daughter.

Hermione was in the spacious kitchen, cooking breakfast quickly for her family when she heard Ysabelle's indignant cry of "Get off my carousel, Dean!" and shook her head, unaware that her son was even in the living room. She stuck her head around the doorframe and saw Sirius defusing the situation, a toy carousel in his hand and left him to it, trusting him to take care of the family spat.

"Mummy, when is Blaise Zambini coming around again?" Ysabelle asked and Hermione smiled at the thought of him – Due to Morgan and Etelani being together the night before the battle, she had landed herself pregnant with his child…Two years ahead of schedule, but still, better early then not at all.

"It's Zabini, not Zambini." She called to her daughter, "sometime next week, he's busy with his job at the minute, Ysabelle." The Blaise was so different from the Blaise that she went to school – he was cold, conceited, prejudiced whereas this one was kind, caring and polite, treating women right and with respect. And he was exceptionally handsome, which was a bonus.

"Breakfast is ready!" She called to her family and nearly laughed with the speed that they all got to the kitchen, piling food onto their plates. Hermione rolled her eyes and picked up her jacket, threading her arms through the sleeves and shrugging it on. "I'm off – have a good day, everybody." She said happily and, with a final kiss from Sirius, she left for St. Mungo's.

She apparated in the hospital, almost getting knocked down as someone over the speaker requested that Charlie Peach get to room 385 for a patient. She shook her head and made her way down the familiar path to the familiar room and knocked gently on the door and smiled when Thoma appeared, looking exactly as Hermione remembered. She had on a grey suit jacket over a white blouse and a grey suit skirt. She had tanned skin and big green eyes surrounded by thick, black rimmed glasses that suited her elegant face. Her brunette hair went halfway down her back and her side fringe swept across her forehead and bright orange heels adorned her feet.

"Hermione! Are you waking up yet?" She asked, stepping back and letting her past into the staff room where Lily and Kara were sat, talking animatedly to each other and Rayne was stood by the window a smile on her face. She had told everyone the truth about where she came from when she tried to stop Rayne from doing experiment in her home and saved her life. She had done it and Luna still had her mother at sixteen, but she was still as beautifully weird as she was back then. At first, no one had believed her except for Lily and to an extent, James, but it became obvious when she told them things that were going to happen, which then did – like the Goblin Revolution of 1986 and the birth of Draco Malfoy.

Draco Malfoy had become an amazing topic of conversation for the girls once she had told them that in her time before, he had been pretty much like Blaise used to be, only worse. Strutting around the castle like he thought he was the king and sneering at any one who he thought was lesser then him and used women like trash. Now though, he was in a relationship and had been for a long time with a girl called Avaline, who hoped to be become Avaline Malfoy in the future.

"Draco is a looker." Thoma said conversationally as she sat opposite Lily who raised her eyebrows. "He is. I speak only the truth."

"What would Matthew do if he heard you talk like that about a younger man?" Kara sniggered and turned her attention to Hermione. "Are you waking up?" She repeated Thoma's earlier question.

Hermione nodded, collapsing next to Thoma. "Yeah, and thank God – mine and Sirius' relationship seems to be suffering – so far I've called him a lying scumbag, a cheater and a Neanderthal."

"So I'm guessing that this Hermione isn't a fan of being back in time?" Rayne asked and Hermione shook her head.

"I just hope she listens to me," she said reaching foreword for the sparkly cupcake.

"No!" Thoma shouted, "that is the cupcake of Death!" Hermione stared at her in confusion and very slowly put it back down. "A moment on the lips, forever on the hips." She explained and Hermione rolled her eyes, not really caring about such trivial things as she was lucky enough to have Sirius as her husband, who she knew would love her always. "Anyways, I am the child of the gypsies –"

"-I'm waking up soon," Hermione said and gestured to Lily, who stood and walked with her to the door to the staff room, where they really weren't supposed to be. Together the best friends made their way to the Hospital room where Eighteen year old Hermione lay and she pushed the door open, not at all surprised to see that Harry and Ron where sat on either side of the bed, staring at the pale figure on the bed.

"Harry, Ron, come on, it's time for you to go back to Hogwarts," Lily said gently. Harry looked up brokenly and Hermione smiled at the smooth forehead that she saw – not a lightning shaped scar in sight.

"But Hermione –"

"Will be fine. Come on." Lily signalled again and Ron and Harry shared a look of utter annoyance with each other, "don't make me drag you out Harry James Potter!" Lily threatened and Harry and Ron took the threat, breezing past the pair of them, and Hermione caught snippets if what Ron was mumbling to Harry in a sarcastic tone. "Misty…Willow…Black…Snape…"

Thankfully, Hermione and Harry had become friends almost instantly on the train and Hermione herself had taken the liberty of introducing Harry to Ron at Kings Cross Station as well as herself to the Weasley Clan and her and Sirius were happily welcomed into their home and Sirius and Hermione together had leant the twins the money to start their joke shop in their sixth year, knowing that it would get paid back, which it had done, with interest and an offer for free merchandise whenever they wanted, which Sirius got a kick out of.

She was lucky really that everything happened pretty much the same way that it had before well, except for the obvious 'No Voldemort' but things like, in their first year her and Ron disliked each other straight away before becoming friends on Halloween, in their third year Crookshanks and Ron hated each other, in their fourth year the Triwizard tournament happened and Viktor Krum took Hermione to the Yule Ball, in their sixth year Ron and Lavender had their 'relationship' as did Harry and Ginny, and in this year the potion had exploded, sending her back to 1977.

Now that they had cleared Harry and Ron from the room, which was their main goal at the minute, Hermione and Lily were free to apparate back home for a few hours before they would be needed again and a silver giraffe galloped into the room telling her that she was about to wake – when Matt Corbin escaped from the psychiatric part of the hospital and attempted to kill her.

She spent those hours with her family before the silvery giraffe appeared and together, her and Sirius went to St. Mungo's after asking Remus to look after them, which he happily did, along with his own son, Peter, as his wife, Elizabeth was out of town visiting her sister.

They got there in time to watch as they carted Matt Corbin away, who was laughing hysterically to himself, his eyes bloodshot, his teeth a bright yellow and his hair matted and greasy.

Suddenly, Hermione couldn't breath, her lungs felt ready to explode and her throat felt tight. She tried to gasp, but couldn't inhale and she clutched desperately at Sirius' jacket, who wrapped his arms around her, grasping his wand from his pocket frantically as Hermione's vision swam before her, multiplying into two as she failed to take a breath…

"Ipse!" Sirius cried, the tip of his wand against her chest and her lungs expanded as oxygen rushed down her throat.

"Thanks." She gasped, straightening up and Sirius sighed shakily, pulling her close.


The three of them carefully made their way to her room, pushing open the door once the Healers had left to see her blinking sleepily at them, confusion settling on her face as she looked at Lily.

"C…Ginny?" She asked, seemingly out of it as she looked at Sirius, her eyebrows raising up her head. "What…Where am I?" She asked quietly, trying to pull the blankets off her legs and she struggled to her feet, but Sirius was there in a flash, hands on her shoulders, pushing her down. "Sirius?" She asked, obviously confused and her eyes flashed as she realised who the girls where.


"Yeah, that's me." She said, steeping foreword and sitting beside her younger self on the bed, pleased when Sirius stepped back, allowing them to have a moment of privacy.

"I was…I was just –"

"You were in the past. February 1978." She answered, crossing her legs, "I know. I was there."

Hermione looked up and frowned at her, "You weren't. I've read the biography on you – you should be there when I am. Was." She grimaced in confusion as she learnt her head foreword.

"I am," She said honestly, resting her hand on her shoulder lightly, offering comfort. "You see, my name, my real name, is Hermione Granger, and I need you to do something for me," she said honestly and Hermione looked at her with both confusion and annoyance.

"What are you talking about?" She asked, anger seeping into her tone.

"Woah, you're turning into a fires spawn, aren't you?" Hermione said sarcastically and the younger Hermione looked ashamed.

"I'm sorry." She said quietly and Hermione nodded.

"You've read the biography so you know all about the Horcruxes, where they are, who to trust and I know you'll make the right choice," she said and ran a hand through her curly hair.

"How? You don't know me." Hermione said, but not unkindly.

"Because." Hermione said simply. "I am you."

Hermione shook her head in disbelief, "I must be dreaming." She mumbled quietly to herself. "Although I can't be dreaming while awake…"

"Not a dream, yet not a nightmare," Lily said in the background and Hermione smiled at her friend, eyebrow raised in their secret language that they had developed through their two years of living together and Lily winked in reply.

Hermione knew that it would take a lot to convince Hermione that yes, she was in fact her and that also, she needed to go back and fall in love with Sirius, because she was destined to. Together though, the three of them would be able to convince her – after all, if she was anything like Hermione it would be easy.

After the long, exhausting conversation that she had just had with the younger Hermione, Hermione was now walking the path of Hogwarts to get Snape's potion that he had made that now only needed Hermione's hair. She slipped easily into the dungeon and knocked on the door lightly. Severus looked up and smiled lightly at the time-traveller, who smiled back stepping in the potions classroom, staring at the place where she had been sent back in time.

"You convinced her, then?" He asked, standing from his chair and placing his quill on the desk beside the papers he had been making and went into his office for a moment, carrying a vial of yellow potion when he returned.

"Indeed. Didn't take long actually, once she had gotten over the shock of realising that I was her all along…Which is a little confusing." She scratched the back of her head and half shrugged before reaching for the vial. "Thanks, Severus, I owe you."

"Actually, Hermione, hold up." Severus said and disappeared back to the office and came back out with a bubbling, lilac potion and handed it to Hermione, slightly hesitant. "I've…Er, been working on this for years now. I've done it – who would have thought that the final ingredient would be water flower?" It was slightly endearing to see that Severus looked uncomfortable, his arms crossed over his chest and his big, black robes billowing around him, making him look menacing.

"Severus…What is it?" She asked, holding it to her nose, inhaling deeply. It smelt like sweet-tang-honey, a brand of honey her parents used to get when she was a child.

Young Hermione and Thoma were now at her parent's house with Quinton, erasing their memories. Hermione knew that it was cruel, but she (And she agreed with herself) thought it would be better this way, no pain on their part for the girl that they would never see again. After that, she was going to explain it all to Harry and Ron as she herself had done before – it was only fair that they know where their best friend was going. She remembered all to vividly saying goodbye to her best friends and knew that it would be harder this time round. Before, Hermione had something to go back to. This time, she doesn't. Not yet.

"It's a potion, Kingsley." Severus rolled his eyes at her and Hermione rolled hers to – he had never quite gotten out of the habit of calling her Kingsley.

"I gathered. What will it do?" She asked

"It's a project revolution, really. I didn't expect it to work, but I think it has –"

"Severus!" Hermione laughed, "what does it do?" She repeated and Severus blinked vacantly.

"It'll heal you." He said simply, leaning back against his desk, arms crossed over his chest. "I mean, you can't have kids and I know it slightly traumatised you, and I thought that you deserved a chance to –" He didn't get any further before Hermione literally threw herself at him, her arms wrapped tightly around his neck and he felt his skin flush lightly before awkwardly patting her on the head unsure what to do. When she pulled away, her eyes are wet with tears, making him feel even more uncomfortable.

"Thankyou." She said honestly, pressing a kiss to his cheek and his skin instantly heats up and he coughs into his curled fist, turning his back on the woman and waiting for his skin to cool before lowering himself into his seat and picking up his quill again.

"No problem," he says icily and carries on grading the papers. He hears the door close quietly and he smiled to himself – he could probably sell this stuff for a good profit, he thought to himself as he leaned back in his chair, he just hoped that it worked.

When Hermione got home after giving Quinton the potion to give to her younger self later that night when she got back from saying goodbye, the first thing she did was see her children. They were in bed and Ysabelle was clutching her stuffed cow, which was her pride and joy and so imaginatively called Miss Cow. She was surrounded by stuffed toys, Amrawo, Dozy Dora, Reina, bib and Becky Boo, most of them bought by Regulus and his wife Isabel Black.

She moved swiftly to her son's room and heard his soft snores before she saw him and she crept quietly into the room and the quilt was pulled so far up his body that the top of his head was the only thing visible. She chuckled quietly, placed her hand gently on the top of his head and hurried out of the room. She needed to see her husband.

She opened the door to their room quickly and felt her heart skip a beat when he saw that he was still awake, leaning against the headboard, his feet crossed at the ankles and his black sleep pants loose around his waist – he had no shirt on and Hermione felt herself fall in love with him all over again.

"Hey. Get the potion to yourself?" He asked, reaching his arm for her and she goes to him, as if being pulled magnetically and gets on the bed, straddling his hips and cupping his face, pulling him closer. Sirius groans and happily returns the kiss, running his hands up her thighs.

"Not that I'm complaining, love." He said, one hand cupping her jaw, "but where did this come from?" She smiled and rustled in his jacket pocket, her fingers latching around the top of the vial and showing it to him. "Beautiful!" He cried ecstatically, barely sparing it a glance as he leant up and pressed kisses against the exposed skin of her neck as he pressed his feet flat to the mattress and he moved his hips up and Hermione's eyes rolled slightly at the feel.

"Sirius…Do you know what this is?" She asked and Sirius mumbled incoherently against her skin. "Sirius, this is the answer to everything! Severus made it for us…It can fix me." She smiled happily and Sirius stopped mid kiss and slowly moved back, his eyebrows low on his forehead.

"There's nothing wrong with you," he growled, his protective streak showing and Hermione took one of his large gently in her small one, placing it on her stomach. His eyes widened in realisation and he looked at her hopefully. "Seriously?" He asked.

"If it works." She said and uncorked it, "but do you want a child this way? We are a bit old now." She said sadly and Sirius shook his head quickly. "A bit old? My love, we have our whole lives ahead of us!" He grinned and she returned it, holding the vial to her lips and letting the lilac concoction spill down her throat.

Her insides felt warm and tingly and settling in her stomach and it felt as if someone had put a hot water bottle on her skin and she winced as it scolded slightly. "Hermione?" Sirius asked in concern, running a hand through her curly hair, "what's happening?" Suddenly, it seemed as if something clicked inside her and it felt as if she had been doused in cold water and she shivered before it settled, going back to normal. "Did it work?" He asked slightly panicky and Hermione grinned up at him.

"Only one way to find out." She latched onto his lips again as he pulled her closer, her fingers tangling in his hair as his hands shoved her jacket from her shoulders.

This is what she fought for, she thought as she landed on her back, Sirius hovering above her.

Him. This. Them.


When Hermione's eyes opened again after the room in St. Mungo's faded away, she was aware that she was in the Hospital Wing and she was slightly surprised to see that Sirius was sat next to her bed, his head and shoulders bowed as he leant against the mattress, lightly snoozing.

"What are you doing here?" She asked in surprise and Sirius sat up instantly, looking like a dog who just heard a dog whistle. He relaxed when he realised that he wasn't in danger and a small smile spread over his face when he saw that she was awake.

"Welcome back, Hermione." He said in relief and Hermione frowned at him in confusion…Before she didn't really believe his advances and was reluctant to take them because he married Hermione Kingsley but they were real and they got married and had kids and he knew and she loved him. He really did care for her and wasn't just being a playboy.

"It's good to be back," she said honestly, resting her hand over his. This was her life now and she'd seen her future. She could do this, she thought, but she'd need some help. "Wanna go out on a date?" She asked, knowing the answer. If it was possible, his smile spread even wider and he looked so triumphant.

"You know I do." He answered truthfully and Hermione smiled. He was attractive, smart, kind, caring…

It also helped that she had been attracted to him that moment she set eyes on him. Then she leaned over the side of the bed and was violently ill. Sirius chuckled and held her hair back, rubbing her back in soothing circles.

She was already falling in love with him.

Now she just had to get all the Horcruxes, find Regulus and Severus and defeat Voldemort.


After all, she'd already done it before.

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