Foundations for Hope


The world has ended.

A thousand tongues

Are screaming at our plight

A thousand lives have ended

And their spirits sing lament

Oh, the night was calm and bright

On that, our world's last hour.

A glint in the sky like a star belied

That which, in truth, was our doom.

A creature of stone and fire and hate

Set the sky itself aflame.

Cleaving asunder that sacred stone

Our Keeper of Memories usurped from her throne,

The Great Crystal shattered

To the horizon its fragments were thrown

Our Lady of Light was lost to us.

All was lost, with nary the glow

Of the Crystal's Memories to guide us on

What was once a mountain proud and clean

Became a pit, a chasm that lead to hells

That no mortal dare to know.

We who survived fled eastward

To havens we hoped had survived

What choice had we?

For from the gaping wound in the earth

A wound so cursed it would never heal

Poison flowed, like fog from the sea

Bringing death to all it touched.

We prayed the wind would sweep it away

But the foul mist was carried on its breath

We cannot outrun this Miasma forever

Yet onward we ran, we few who remember

Yet soon, we too will be lost.

My memories here are recorded on paper

For that is my trade and my art.

The Great Crystal is gone

And our memories fade with it

All but this poem

And I pray it survives.

For the world has ended

And from its death was born a demon.

- Terrand the Poet