Hey all!! This is my new fic and I hope you like it!!! Sakura is a princess in another kingdom but she is not the happy go luck girl you know! She is tough and does not want to get married to a weakling. Fighting off all of the princes she is suppose to marry Sakura gets beat in her own game by no other than Syaoran!! Hope you like it!! S+S and T+E!! I don't know if the title goes with it but if any one has a better one please tell me!! Please R+R!!

Getting Beat By The One I Love

By MoshiMoshiQueen



(Me talking)

I start to laugh it is a wonderful feeling I get when you have won another battle against an opponent.

"Get up." I say to the boy on the ground.

"I can't."

"You can't or you won't."

The boy still lies there.

"Are you to weak or something. I bet you are weak you can't even get up after a fight. I bet you so easily that I am not even bothering to talk to you any more. I am the stronger one, now when you get up go tell your mother that you don't want to marry me and that you have changed your mind. There will be no weak people in this kingdom. Do you hear me?"

"Yes I hear you please don't tell any one that I got beat up by a." he stopped. (So did not think that it would be a girl you thought it was a boy but it is not!!)

"A girl you mean. I will not tell any one that I beat you, just say you changed your mind and that you can't marry me. I am leaving you now."

"Princess wait."

"What do you want?"

"Why don't you marry someone?"

"Because I want to choose my husband I don't want to have to marry someone I don't even know. Good bye and so long."

The Next day

"Princess you father has some bad news for you. He wants to see you in the front room."

"Thank you Ms. Rita you may leave now."

I walked down to the front room and saw my father sitting in his favorite blue chair.

"Sakura I am sorry honey but Prince Julio does not want to marry you any more for some reason."

"That is ok daddy I did not really like him any way. We will just have to find someone else I guess."

"Well you will not have to wait long I have found another for you to marry."

~Man after all that hard work I did to get rid of Julio I have to get rid of another. ~

"Ok daddy I am glad, I can't wait to meet him."

"He will becoming soon my daughter. I hope that this one does not run away like the others. Sakura how come most of them have changes their minds?"

"I don't know daddy and some of them I really did like." I said putting on my sweet smile.

"Well go up stairs and get ready for dinner."

"Ok daddy."

I walked up the stairs. "Man another stupid prince trying to marry me! How many are there?"

I walked into my room and waited for Rita, my maid to come and get my dress. I hated dresses but my father made me wear them to lunch, dinner, and breakfast everyday! And I always wore a different one! How many dresses does a girl need!

"Well another victim that I can just fight off! I hope this one is really easy I don't feel like fighting today." I said sighing.

"Princess Sakura here is your dress. And your father says that Prince Syaoran will be here soon."

"Thank you Ms. Rita."

I ran to the garden quick so I could get ready to see the new prince when he and his family came in. ~Where is he? It is not like a prince to be late. ~ I looked around and there was still no sign of the prince.

"Come on where is he, I can't wait to long I have to know what I am up against." I said to myself.

"Well it is a pleasure to meet you Princess Sakura." Said a boy coming out behind the Sakura tree.

"So you are Prince Syaoran I guess it is a pleasure to meet you to. Why were you late?"

"I was not late I was looking around, I guess you did not know that I arrived."

"I was not informed that you were here. I am that I was a little mad sounding when we first talked."

"I should be the one saying sorry Princess I was the one who sneaked up on you like that." He stopped and looked in my eyes.

I looked into his amber ones he would be a tough one to get rid of that was for sure. He was acting very polite but he cannot win me over by acting polite to me.

"We better get going, dinner will start soon." I said walking to the mansion.

"Hello my daughter I see you have met the prince you will marry soon." Said my father.

"Yes I have daddy, he is very polite."

"That is nice to here Sakura, please both of you have a seat."

"Syaoran I am sorry that your mother could not stay, she had a meeting to go to as you know." My father said to the amber eyes boy.

"Yes sir I am afraid my mother has been very busy since father died. But it is very nice to stay here with you. Thank you for letting me stay the night while my mother is away." Said Syaoran acting all polite.

I glared at him, did he think he could get all-nice with my father so he could get to me. I don't think so! I will get him tonight; see how polite he can be when I am kicking he face to the ground.

"Sakura are you ok?" my father asked.

"Couldn't be better daddy."

We all ate and it was time for my bath.

I walked up stairs and told Lady Rita just to leave my clothes on the sink.

I relaxed in the bath trying to think of what happened during dinner.

That prince knew his stuff. My father loves him now! I can't believe he could be that polite! He defiantly knows what he is doing but how can I stop him. He is different from the others.

I got out of the bath and dressed in my fighting outfit. I looked around and quickly jumped from my window to the ground. I landed safely as always.

I looked around again. I thought I had heard something coming from the bushes but how could that be I made sure that I was the only one here.

I looked around and saw nothing again.

Then I heard some one.

"So princess I see you are ready to try to defeat me."

I turned around and saw…

Well I guess that you know whom she sees but still how do you like it?? Was it good? Sakura is so tough!! I bet you thought at the beginning that is was Syaoran didn't you?? Well how do you like it?? Please R+R!! I hope you like it!! The next chapter will be out soon!!! Yes Tomoyo and Eriol will be here soon!!!

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