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Fighting The One I Love

By MoshiMoshiQueen

Beta Reader: Hana no Tenshi



(Author Talking)


Hold on to me love
You know I can't stay long
All I wanted to say was
I love you and I'm not afraid

"You can live for me."

Eriol turned around to come face to face to none other than Tomoyo. "You're dead."

"Live for me, Eriol."

"You hate me."

She shook her head and smiled softly. "I could never truly hate you, Eriol. Please, forgive me."

"I forgive you," he said as his tears fell down his pale cheeks.

He stepped towards her, and she smiled. "Come to me."

Holding out her hands her hair started to fly through the air… her white dress floating upon the wind's soft breath.

Can you hear me?
Can you feel me in your arms
Holding my last breath?
Safe inside myself
Are all my thoughts of you

Eriol stopped in his tracks. "You're dead."

The smiled kept playing on her sweet lips. "Come to me, Eriol."

He stepped forward again shaking in every step. He felt as if she was miles away when she was only a few footsteps ahead.

"Do you love me, Eriol?"

"You know the answer to that."

"Say it," she said in whisper.

"I love you, Tomoyo."

"Say you'll live."

He caught his breath in his throat. "I'll live, Tomoyo. I promise I will."

Sweet rapture and life,
It ends here tonight.
I'll miss the winter
A world of fragile things
Look for me in the white forest
Hiding in a hollow tree

She held out her hands. "Come to me."

He was only one step away from her, but was afraid if he tried to touch her she would disappear.

"I'm not going any where, Eriol. Come to me."

He stepped towards her, and wrapped his arms around her body, which was surprisingly warm.

"I love you, Eriol."

I know you hear me,
I can taste it in your tears.
Holding my last breath
Safe inside myself

Are all my thoughts of you.
Sweet rapture and life,
It ends here tonight.

Afraid to open his eyes Eriol kept them tightly closed, but that did not stop his tears from flowing freely from his deep pools of sapphire.

"I love you, Tomoyo. Please, don't leave me… please, I need you."

He heard her laugh slightly. "I'm not going any where, Eriol."

He slowly let go of her, and opened his eyes only to she had disappeared.

"I'm not going any where, Eriol."

Closing your eyes
You pray your dreams will leave you here,
But still you wake and know the truth -
No one's there.
Say goodnight, don't be afraid
Calling me, holding me, as you fade to black.

"Tomoyo!" he screamed searching for her.

"I love you, Eriol. Find me."

He looked around, and heard her giggle. "I'm not there."

He turned around, and saw a piece of her dress as she ran. "Find me."

He started to run, but got no closer to her than he had to begin with… "Tomoyo?"

"Find me…" she whispered.

Say goodnight

Holding my last breath
Don't be afraid

Safe inside myself
Holding me

Are my thoughts of you
Sweet rapture and life,
It ends here tonight.

He fell to his knees. "Don't leave me, Tomoyo. I love you… please, come back."

"Find me…" she whispered in his ear.

He opened his eyes and turned around. "Tomoyo?"

"Kiss me."

And so he did…

Parting from her, he looked up confused. "How can I kiss you? How are you so real?"

She laughed again. "I am real, Eriol."

"No, your dead."

She shook her head. "I'm not dead, Eriol. Touch me, feel me, kiss me… I'm real."

"But, how?"

"Eriol, I never died. You did not let the nurse finish… the baby died, Eriol… but, I survived. Eriol, say you still love me."

He grabbed on to her tightly. "I still love you, Tomoyo. I always will. Kami-san, I love you."

Their tears mixed together peacefully… their hearts finally bonding… their lives finally making sense… this fight is over.

*Closes Book*

(Come now y'all should know by now how I do things… would I really just kill Tomoyo off like that? Of course, I couldn't make them both live so the baby died… sorry. The doctor said, "Sir, I'm really sorry…" and then Eriol ran off… the doc didn't get to finish. "Sir, I'm really sorry your baby is dead." When Tomoyo 'disappeared' in this chapter she really just hid behind a tree. ^_^ Play on words.)

*Opens Book*

"We both won our fights," Sakura said holding onto Syaoran.

"Hai, we both won our fights."

"Whose do you suppose was easier to win? Ours or theirs?"

"I'm not sure, Sakura. I guess we will never know. I'm just glad you didn't go and try to kill yourself."

"Would you die if I did?"

"Hai, I would," he said kissing her passionately.

"Are we going to live happily ever after?"

"If we are together then I am happy."

Sakura stared up at him. "Nothing can really have a happy ending forever, right?"

He nodded. "But, that doesn't mean we can't have one right now."

They kissed again…

"I liked fighting each other, Syaoran."

"I did too."

"Want to fight right now?" he said smirking and leading her towards his room.

She licked her lips. "Hai."

In fights you win some and you lose some, but when you're fighting the one you love… things get complicated. ^__^

The End

I usually end fanfics with a wedding, but I am really sick of writing weddings. I just wrote one to end Learning Love's Melody, and I really did not feel like a wedding would end this fanfic well. I loved writing this fanfic… it was different than many other fanfics I had written at the time. I put a lot of twists and turns in this fanfic, and I'm glad all of you liked this little twists.

I would try to make this fanfic longer, but I am afraid that I have no ideas to make it carry on. I'm sorry that this last chapter wasn't very long. I tried hard to make it longer, but making Tomoyo act like a ghost was getting old quick… This chapter wasn't even 1,000 words… anyhow please R+R.

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Oh, wait not the end. ^__^

Years Later (Don't ask how many, because I don't know)

Yelan played with her gray locks nervously. "Fujitaka?"


Yelan played with her hands, and just as she was about to say something a nurse interrupted them.

"It's a girl!"

Yelan and Fujitaka looked at each other and in an unattractive manor jumped up shouting, "It's a girl!"

"What's a girl?" a little boy with bright jade eyes popped up out of nowhere.

"Seiji, how did you get in here?"

"I followed Miya."

"And how did Miya get in here?"

The little boy thought for a moment. "She followed Sachi."

"Do I ask how Sachi got into here?"

Seiji only smiled brightly. "Grandmamma wants to see us all."

Four heads popped up behind various items.

"Dear me!" Yelan exclaimed.

Fujitaka only smiled. "Now, Yelan-san did you expect them to stay put?"

"Iie. Well, since you are all here lets go see your mother and father and your new baby sister."

All five children followed as they were told each showing their reactions to their new sister brightly plastered on their faces… somewhere happier than others.

"Jouji is missing grandmamma." An amber-eyed girl said.

Yelan looked around, "He must be with your mother."

The girl crossed her arms, you could tell she was the tattletale of the bunch, "He disobeyed orders."

Yelan smiled. "So did you my dear, Airisu."

The girl pouted. "They made me."

"She is lying," Sachi exclaimed dramatically as most three-year-old would.

"Now, Sachi…" Yelan started.

"Mommy!" Sachi yelled running towards his mother.

"Sachi," Sakura said surprised, "Airisu? Miya? Seiji?"

"Good evening, mother," Airisu, said trying to act grown up.

"Mommy!" Sachi said again holding her, "I missed you. Airisu wouldn't leave me along the whole time!"

(Sachi is three years old, Jouji is thirteen years old, Miya is eight, Seiji is six, and Airisu is ten.)

"Do you want to see your new baby sister?" Sakura said happily.

"Hai!" they all exclaimed.

"Your father has her with Jouji."

"What is her name, mother?" Airisu asked.


"I can't wait to see her!" Sachi exclaimed once more running towards the back room, "Daddy!! I wanna see Erina!"

Sachi ran towards his father's arms happily as looked at the new baby.

"Daddy, why is she so small?" Miya asked coming up behind Sachi who cooed at the tiny baby.

"Duh, because she didn't eat yet," Sachi said as if the answer was not hard to miss.

"You don't know any thing, Sachi. You're still a baby," Seiji said looking at the pink bundle of joy.

"I am not! Erina is the baby! I'm the big brother," Sachi said hugging his father's leg," Isn't that right, daddy?"

Syaoran smiled. "That is correct, Sachi."

Syaoran turned towards his oldest son. "Jouji, come hold your sister."

Jouji gave Syaoran a good glare, but could not stare Syaoran down. He shuffled his feet towards his father, and took Erina into his arms.

She giggled playfully at him, and Jouji couldn't help but smile at the new addition.

"And here I thought we were going to be the first one's here," a blue haired male said coming in the room.

"Uncle Eriol!!!" Miya shouted, jumping into his arms, "Where is Serina?"

"Right here," Serina said right behind her mother, Tomoyo.

They both screamed happily, and ran into the back room.

Tomoyo smiled. "Hello, Syaoran. It's good to see you."

"Airisu, please take you're brothers and sisters into the other room for now. Ok?"

Airisu pulled up her sleeves. "Hai! Let's go you all. We don't want to interrupt the grown ups."

Sachi and Seiji followed their sister grumbling. "Don't see why she has to be in charge all the time."

"Because I'm older!" she said sticking her tongue out at them.

"Quite a family you are building, Syaoran," Eriol said punching him in a friendly manor.

Syaoran smiled as he looked towards his new daughter. "Hai."

"Come, Jouji. Let's go see your mother."


Sakura smiled at her family brightly… Jouji held Erina protectively beside Airisu, who watched carefully. Sachi and Seiji stood by their father never leaving his side, and Serina and Miya played dolls quietly…

"This was worth the fight," she whispered.

Syaoran held her hand tightly. "Hai, it sure was."

"Mommy, Seiji hit me!"

"I did not, mother. Sachi hit me first!"

"Mother, I want to see the baby. Jouji has held her enough."

"Have not Airisu! You will get your turn next."

"Mommy, I want a doll just like Serina's! I want it!"




Syaoran smiled at her. "Yeah, it was worth it."

Sakura punched him lightly. "It's worth it. But, why they don't bother you-"

"Dad, how come Jouji gets to hold Erina! I want to hold her!"

"Be quiet, Airisu. Father, trusts me more than you to hold the baby."

"Does not!"

"Does too!"

"Daddy, I want that doll! Daddy! Please!!"

"Dad, Sachi hit me!"

"I did not!"

Sakura smiled. "I take that back."

Tomoyo smiled. "Let's make a big family like that, Eriol."

Eriol gulped. "You sure?"

"Not worth the fight?" she said raising her eyebrows.

Eriol chuckled. "It would be worth it… I'm sure, but I don't think I can deal with five little you and me's."

Tomoyo smiled. "Me neither."

Just When You Thought The Fights Were Over… New Ones Begin… It's Just How Life Plays It's Games, But When You're Fighting Five Brothers And Sisters Things Get Complicated.


The End

For real this time… I really loved making this fanfic, and I am really glad you all gave me great support and great reviews. Writing this fanfic really helped out my writing skills, and really helped others. I am glad I have started some trends here at I wasn't quite sure how to end this fanfic… and the whole wedding routine was getting on my nerves… don't get me wrong if you like writing those scenes (even I have written them several times) than please don't feel offended… I am just getting bored of writing them… so I decided to use the 'title' approach. Using the title as many times as possible to prove that the title really did intertwine with the plot… as the 'in the future' approach. Always a favorite amongst people… one of my favorites as well, since all of us love to see how our favorite characters turn out to be in the future years.

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