I slipped on my satin black dress over my black nylons. I put on black lipstick over my smooth lips and put on a black scarf to cover my bald head. I then slipped on my high heels and walked out of my hospital room. Everyone was waiting for me in the lobby but Alex was waiting right outside the door. He can into the room and I smelled the red roses beside my bed. Tears threatened to escape my blood shot eyes as I remembered where he was taking me. I walked arm in arm with Alex. The whole crew was in black and I noticed a shiny diamond on Meredith's left hand and I looked at George's photo on the hospital board that said

One of Seattle Graces finest going to Iraq as I trauma surgeon!

Under it was George's picture that Meredith must have summated that had George standing beside the Christmas tree holding an ornament. I didn't notice I was crying till I felt Alex remove the tears with his index finger. He tugged at my hands that had silk black gloves on them. We road in a sleek black limo with Georges family. I blinked back the tears as I stepped out of the limo that we were now at a grave site and I clutched Alex's hand. Meredith was having all he weight on Derek's left side and would probably be on the ground if he wasn't supporting her up with his masculine arms. Christina froze as she saw burke by the coffin. "This is not a good day." She whispered. I had to agree but I slowly moved forward and put my hands on the smooth exterior of the coffin I saw one of my tears hit the wood and slide down until it landed in the grass. "Iz its time to say good bye." Meredith said putting a hand on my shoulder. I nodded and said my goodbye "George. Before I came to say goodbye I practiced a speech in front of the mirror but the only thing I can think of now is how much I miss you. And how much I never wanted to live without you. You were my best friend I never wanted to loose you. I guess our someday promise doesn't exist anymore and I promise to fight this cancer for you. I promise to live everyday like my last for you and I promise that I will never ever forget you." I backed away from the coffin not able to look at it any longer I took off my heels and took off in a run. I thought of Denny how he could be with George. I heard someone's foot falls not far behind me. Alex's no doubt. I collapsed behind a huge oak tree outside the grave yard. He took me in his arms and I cried I felt worn out from all today's activity and emotion. I laid there in his arms and felt his beating heart.