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Chapter Fifty-Seven

Werewolf Tales

Remus gave a breathy sigh as he glanced around the small waiting room he sat in, along with several other people cursed with Lycropathy. Most of the others were adults of varying ages, though he was one of only two kids in the room. The other was a girl who he thought looked no more than seven or eight, and she just happened to be sitting right beside him.

"I'm scared," she admitted in a whisper.

Remus turned to meet her gaze, he could see the worry in bright blue eyes.

"Are you scared it won't work?" Remus asked gently.

The girl nodded as she moved a wisp of her dark hair behind her ear. "My mum and dad think it will, they trust Mr. Flamel, but I …" She dropped her gaze to her lap and let out a small whimper, "What if their wrong. They expect me to be cured when I get home but what if I'm not. What if I'm still a monster?"

He understood her fear completely, and while he had absolute faith in Severus and Mr. Flamel, that didn't mean there wasn't a chance for error. This was a test trial after all, and they were the first the elixir would be tested on, so at this point all they could do was hope.

"I'm sure everything will be fine," Remus said, trying to sound as reassuring as possible. "I'm Remus by the way," he introduced himself with a smile.

The girl returned the smile and extended her hand, "I'm Sarah."

"It's nice to meet you Sarah," Remus replied, shaking the girl's hand.

"You too," her smile widened as her hand slipped out of his and into her lap, where a small stuffed dragon rested.

The sound of a large metal door scraping against the floor as it slowly opened, pulled Remus' gaze from the little girl, it was now focused on the two images from the other side.

Severus gave his friend a soft smile as he made his way over. "You ready?" The young-in-bodied apprentice asked.

Remus nodded as he stood, "As ready as I'll ever be."

Severus pulled a small blue vile from his robe pocket, handing it to his friend. "I suggest you drink it down in one gulp. The smell is quite unpleasant, so I'm assuming the taste is at least equally bad, if not worse".

Pulling the cork, a foul stench similar to rotting rubbish wafted out of the bottle. "Oh wow," Remus grimaced at the putrid smell.

"Like I said," Severus added with a smirk, patting his friend on the shoulder, "one gulp."

Remus watched Sarah, along with the others, forcing themselves to swallow the nasty concoction. Looking back at his friend, who was giving him a reassuring nod, the teenage werewolf plugged his nose, brought the liquid to his lips, poured the entire contents into his mouth, and swallowed.

"Urug … gah … n-nasty," Remus blanched, his face scrunched up like someone had shoved a entire bucket of sliced lemons into his mouth. "It tastes like someone shit in my mouth."

Severus let out a snorted laugh, "I bet it does. Here, this should help." He handed over a bottle of Giily water. Remus quickly gulped down the entire bottle, desperate to wash away the horrific taste of the elixir.

"Better?" Severus asked.

Remus nodded, "Much."

"Good, come on, I'll show you where you'll be spending the next few of days."

Remus simply nodded as he followed his friend past the large metal door and into a long, narrow corridor.

"Good luck, Remus."

The young werewolf looked over to Sarah, who was standing in front of an open door about a yard or so away from him. "You too, Sarah," he replied. The girl smiled and gave her new friend a quick wave before walking into the room, the door automatically closing behind her.

"As you can see," Severus started speaking, drawing Remus attention to the small square room they now stood before, "you have been given a few necessities to get you through the next few days. A bed, some reading materials, changes of clothes, and of course, food."

Remus looked at the small metal framed bed that was covered in a thick gray blanket, a fluffy white pillow resting on the top; he snorted at the sudden thought of his werewolf form ripping that bed to shreds. There was a box of dry food, a jug of water, and another of pumpkin juice that sat on the floor beside the bed, with a small private bathroom containing a toilet and sink to the left, as well as a small shelf on the opposite wall stacked with books and magazines, as well as a small wireless.

"Thanks, Severus, this is … well, a lot better then what I'm used to this time of the month."

"We just want to make sure you're as comfortable as possible, at least concerning the circumstances." Remus just nodded as he sat down on the edge of the small bed. "There are a variety of monitoring charms so Master Flamel and I know exactly how you and the rest of those in the trial are fairing. Also there is a cushioning charm around the walls so you won't harm yourself, just in case."

Remus sighed, knowing exactly what 'just in case' meant—it didn't work and he was forced to undergo the transformation—and he managed to get out a soft, "Okay," before looking in the eyes of his friend. "Severus, I just want you to know, that even if this doesn't work the way it's supposed to, the fact that you even cared enough to try to help cure me, well ... no one else has ever even considered it, and that makes you one of the kindest, most thoughtful people I've ever met."

Severus felt his heart drop to his stomach. As wonderful as it was to hear such kind words he knew, he didn't deserve them. There had been a time when he had been so full of hate and anguish, it was a daily struggle to keep going, and it was only out of wanting revenge for his sweet Lily, coupled with the desire to see the Dark Lord gone for good, that carried on. During that time, while he served the Light faithfully, he was anything but kind.

Lily was kind. Remus had been kind. Severus had been bitter, hateful and mean.

His head dropped to his chest as he shook his head. "I do not deserve such praise, Remus."

The next thing he knew, Severus was being enveloped into a fierce, emotionally-filled embrace. Remus gave a breathy laugh of disbelief as he let so of Severus. "No one could ask for a better friend then you Severus Snape, no one."


David Davenport had been cursed with Lycropathy for the past fifteen years of his life, since the tender age of nine, when his family had gone on holiday to Romania, only to find vampires were not the only creatures that lurked in the shadows of the night. His parents, no longer feeling they could care for him properly, sent him to live with a family friend who had experience with his kind. Jonas was solitary figure by most accounts, he never married or had a family of his own, but in time, came to think of David as his own son, despite his condition. He raised him, schooled and made sure he had the chance at a prosperous future by teaching him the trade of Muggle farming, knowing it would be all but impossible for him to get a job in the Wizarding world.

While David still spoke to his family on occasion—he didn't really see them as that anymore—his parents and his younger brother, felt more like distant acquaintances then true family. David was, for the most part, content with his life; he had his farm, his dogs, and Jonas, who he still saw often, but there was always the desire for a more normal existence, for connections he knew he couldn't obtain as a werewolf, such as a wife, maybe even a child of his own.

Sighing in relief, he looked at the clock on the wireless—it had been three hours since the full moon had risen, and so far so good—and leaned back in his bed, closed his eyes, and smiled, hopeful that three hours would quickly turn into three days.


Madeline Contra had been a werewolf for just under two years. Her husband had borrowed a large amount of money from some rather precarious people to feed his gambling problem, and when he didn't pay by the deadline, they came to their home to retrieve what was owed to them. They took antiques and jewelry that had belonged to her grandmother, as well as some very valuable paintings that had been given to her husband by the Minister of Magic himself, as a thank you gift for all his years of valuable service. While they had been distraught by what had happened, Madeline and her husband had thought that was the last they would see of the unsavory wizards, and tried their best to put it behind them, to carry on with their life. It was two weeks later at the next full moon that they would find out that loan-sharks are called that for a reason. She was bitten, just once on the arm, while her husband was mauled by the angry beast, and in the end lost too much blood to survive.

She sighed as she looked at the picture of her husband that she had placed on the small table beside the bed. They had been married happily for forty-five years and together had raised three wonderful children together. It was after their youngest left the house, and Miguel had retired, that he got into gambling. At first he would simply bet ten galleons here or there on a Hippogriff race or on Quidditch matches, but what started off as simply something to pass the time soon turned into a serious problem. A silent tear fell down her cheek as she thought of her later husband. She had fallen in love with him when she was just a young girl of fourteen, and as their years together continued, that love only grew and blossomed. Despite what he did, despite that it lead to this curse that plagues her body and mind, Madeline will always, deeply, and unconditionally love her husband.

She hated the pain the transformation caused, and not being able to control herself during those three days that the curse took her, but what was worse was no longer having a connection with her family. Although she knew her children loved her, they became more distant as time went on. She hadn't even been able to visit her daughter when her grandson was born, as it was too close to a full moon, and even after, her daughter was hesitant. She had told all her children about the trial. Only her eldest son seemed somewhat optimistic about it. She truly hoped it worked, fully and completely worked. She had already lost her husband, and she was afraid, as time went on, if she remained a werewolf, she would lose what little relationship she had left with her children.

"Please," she prayed quietly, "please Lord, take this burden away from me. I need my children, my family, to look at me the way they once did. Please … Please …"


Nikkie Rose was an angry, bitter young woman; she had been robbed of her normal happy life, of her future, and once had great plans. She wanted to marry well, have a child or two, and continue on with her high Pureblood society life, but putting her trust in the wrong person changed all of that in a matter of just seconds. His name was Roy—he was handsome, and from a well-respected Pureblood family, and she had absolutely no inkling of what he truly was, a monster—and he had taken her out on a date; they had gone to a high scale restaurant in Diagon Alley that caters to only the most elite. They talked and laughed and ate and drank and when they left, Roy whispered in her ear that he wanted to take her somewhere special, and enjoying herself most thoroughly, she happily agreed. In the blink of an eye, she found herself in the middle of forest of trees. Before she could even ask what they were going there, Roy roughly grabbed her into her arms and kissed her. His fierceness scared her and she tried to pull away, but he was too strong.

"I have to have you, I can't stop myself anymore," he hissed in her ear as he tore her clothes from her body. She screamed, cried, begged, and pleaded for him to stop, but he refused, repeating over and over, "I can't stop, I have to have you … mark you …"

When he had finished raping her, he stood above her, a look of complete satisfaction filled his dark eyes. As the full moon reached its peak in the sky Roy gave out a loud roar before transforming into a beast. Nikkie tried to run, but there was no chance of escape. He caught her, grabbing her by the ankle, his teeth digging into her, so fierce he nearly severed her foot; she thought she was as good as dead, assuming he would finish the job, and make her his meal. Instead he ran his long wet nose across her naked stomach and chest before, and with a small growl and a loud howl, ran off into the surrounding woods.

She refused to tell anyone who her attacker was, in fear he would go after her friends and family next, though she assumed most had their suspicions; her parents knew where she had gone that night and with whom, though they never outright accused him.

A week later, as she recovered from her injuries in St. Mungo, she had a visitor. Nikkie shook in fear as Roy sat down on the edge of her bed.

"Nikkie, please, I … I am so sorry. I planned to have you home before the sunset, but the animal in me … I can't control it. It was just too close to the full moon. I didn't mean to … to do that to you. I am so, so sorry."

At that point all she could do was cry. She hated him so much, she could have killed him, and had her wand been available, she just may have, but then he tells her he's sorry, that he couldn't control himself; she didn't believe him, she couldn't.

He sighed as he stood from her bed, and just briefly Nikkie found herself looking into his eyes, eyes that were filled with guilt and sorrow. "I will never forgive myself for what I've done to you," then he leaned down and placed a soft kiss on her forehead before finally leaving her.

She had heard, through her parents, that he had attempted to kill himself, and that his family had shipped him off to a Wizarding mental facility in France. Her parents had been able to keep her condition quiet, bribing medical officials to get rid of any lingering paperwork that had sited what had truly happened to her, and most people believed Nikkie suffered from a blood disorder that made her too weak to do much of anything, explaining why she rarely left her home. It was her mother that had heard of Mr. Flamel's elixir, and desperately wanting her perfect life back, Nikkie was quick to agreed to be in the test trial.

She had been so lost in thought that she laughed in shock when she looked at the time and suddenly realized she had been there nearly five hours, and she was still human.


Sarah Miller had been bitten at the young age of six, and had only just recently turned eight. Her parents had purchased some property in the country shortly after she was born. Her mum had grown up on a Muggle farm, and she had missed the country life, so her dad bought her land just because he loved her so much and wanted her to be happy. The small girl loved their home, their house was small but warm and cozy, and she had a really neat tree house her daddy had made her for her sixth birthday. They had a cow named Daisy and three chickens her daddy named Larry, Moe and Curly, they even had a beautiful stone creek that was enclosed by magnificent willow trees at the edge of their property.

It happened late one summer's eve. It had been a warm night, and Sarah had left her window open, allowing the night breeze to cool off her stuffy room. She had done it many times before, and living twenty miles away from even the smallest town, her parents hadn't though there was the possibility of someone attempting to break into the house. Plus, they did have a sensory wards placed around the perimeter of the property, so if a person came onto their property without their permission, they would quickly become aware of the fact.

Sarah had woken up as a sudden gust of hot air rushed over her face. As her eyes popped open, she let out an ear-piercing scream at the sight of a full grown werewolf hovering there. Her parents heard her cry, grabbing their wands, and rushed into their daughter's room. Just as they pushed open door, the creature opened its mouth, closing it with a loud crunch over Sarah's left shoulder. Both of her parents shouted the Unforgivable at the same time, two flashes of green light hit the werewolf square in the back; the animal didn't let out a single sound but collapsed dead to the floor beside Sarah's bed. (Mr. and Mrs. Miller never reported that they had killed the werewolf that attacked their only child, as they knew to use an Unforgivable was punishable by time in Azkaban, and while they knew their actions were justified, they didn't want to take the chance, so they buried the creature at the edge of their property, and when questioned by the Aurors, they stated that they stunned it and it ran off.)

Sarah picked up two books off the shelf and went and sat down on the bed. They were both about dragons; she loved dragons, wanting to work with then when she grows up. Her mum always tells her she'll be burned to a crisp, while her dad is all too happy to encourage her little girls dream of becoming a Dragon Tamer. She may be young, but she knows that if she stays like this—a werewolf—there is no way she'll be able to work on a Dragon Reserve, or anywhere else for that matter. Not that her parents would ever say that, but she's smart, she knows; she reads a little but then puts the books down, some of the words too difficult for her, and she has started to get frustrated.

Looking at the cover of the second book that shows a blond boy drawing a sketch of a Hungarian Horntail, she suddenly thinks of Remus, and wonders, when this is over and even if they are both still werewolves, if he might want to come to her house and visit.


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