Nothing to really say here...found this story while digging through old files and whatnot. Enjoy.

Musical Dismay
Chapter 1

"Mom, I just got here. I know you told me to call you when I made it safely. Give me a call back whenever you get this message. I love you." A young aqua-haired woman closed her phone before dropping it back into her purse. She proceeded to pull out the first of her many bags from the back of the BMW SUV her parents had given her as a high school graduation gift. A soft thud was heard as she pushed the hatch shut. She'd return later to gather the rest of her items. First thing's first though; she had to find her room.

She followed a rather handsome young man into the building and made her way to the registration desk to retrieve her room key.


"Michiru Kaiou."

The older woman at the table thumbed through the pages before her, searching for Michiru's name. "Here we go. Room 412. I just need you to sign stating that you picked up your keys." She handed the young woman a pen and watched her sign the bottom of the paper.

"Thank you." She turned and made her way to the elevator. "Thank you sir." She smiled to the same blonde man she had followed into the building.

"No problem. What floor?" He graciously returned her smile.


She eyed him as he pressed the small round button. He was easily 4 inches taller than she was. He wore a loose fitting t-shirt which made him look much larger then he actually was. She could tell he worked out on a regular basis. The muscles in his forearm were evident as he gripped the bag that hung on his shoulder. There was a green duffel bag in his other hand. "Ladies first." He motioned for Michiru to get off the elevator first. He soon followed, tilting his head to the side as he watched her hips sway. "I think I'm going to like it here."

His voice was barely audible, but still, the young violinist heard him. She stopped in her tracks and turned to face him. "Whatever you're thinking…don't. I'm here for one reason and it's not to sleep with every man that lays eyes on me."

Green eyes grew wide at what the woman had just said to him. "Well damn, can't blame a person for trying though, you're beautiful."

She blushed slightly before smiling. "Thank you…" She glanced at the key ring that contained a small plastic oval with her room number on it, and then started looking at the numbers on the doors. "Here it is…" She barely took note of the other name listed on the door before sliding her key into the lock.

"Well lookie at this… we're roomies." The blonde man followed her into the room and set his things down on one of the two beds.

"No, the men's rooms are further down the hallway. Nice try though."

"Check the name on the door. I'm in the right place." He waved his keys at her.

Her eyes narrowed in disbelief as she opened up the doorway again to look at the name. 'Haruka Tenou.' She didn't say anything as she turned back to him.

"Haruka Tenou, at your service." He bowed, almost in a cocky manner, a smile plastered across his face.

"Prove it to me. Show me your driver's license!" She stepped closer to him, demanding the identification.

"Pushy aren't we…" He retrieved his wallet from his back pocket and opened it, revealing his license. "See, Haruka Tenou…female."

She frowned at the woman in front of her. "Then why didn't you correct me when I called you a man?"

The blonde shrugged. "I'm sort of used to it." She unzipped her backpack and pulled out a folder which she tossed on the nearby desk. When she did, several pieces of sheet music became loose and separate from the colored file.

"Music major?"

She nodded and watched her roommate carefully thumb through the pages. "I've never heard of any of these."

"Maybe because I wrote them myself?" She smirked at the frustration the other woman was showing.

"What are you anyway?" She turned to face the woman near the bed, the light coming through the window reflecting on the visible cross around her neck. "Why do you dress and act as if you were a man."

Haruka stepped toward the smaller woman, nearly pressing her body to hers. "Because I like women, and it's easier for me this way."

"You…You're disgusting…" She picked up her bag and made her way to the door. "There's no way I'm sharing a room with some immoral, unnatural woman." She stormed from the room, leaving the other woman nearly in shock.

"Well I can't say that's ever happened to me before…" The blonde mumbled as she watched the other woman storm out of the room…


"What do you mean I can't change rooms? Why can't you just change me with a girl who hasn't signed in yet?" She nearly screamed at the woman at the desk.

"Why do you need to change anyway?"

"Because I can't share a room with some faggot. I can't be around that sickness my entire term!"

The woman frowned at her. "Ms. Kaiou, the rooms are assigned based upon your major, and we can't just allow you to take someone else's room. Each partner was thoroughly considered. And based upon you and Ms. Tenou's grades and talents, the administration figured you two would complement each other perfectly."

"Wait until my mother hears about this."

A few older students couldn't help but chuckle at the young freshman. "This isn't high school anymore honey. You have to deal with your roommate, faggot or not."

"Shove it buddy!" She quickly retorted to the man and made her way outside to try calling her mother again.

"Hi, this is Ayame Kaiou. I'm sorry I'm not here at the moment. More than likely I'm in a meeting and can't be bothered. Please leave your name and a brief message and I'll call you back as soon as I possibly can."

Michiru sighed when she heard the beep. "Mom, this is serious, I need you to call me back as soon as possible. This stupid school put me in a room with some mentally diseased lesbian. I need your help. They won't let me change my room."

She walked back out to her car and climbed in. She quickly started the engine and sped off, looking for the bookstore. She had to find something to preoccupy her time with. The more time out of the room, the less time she risked catching the lesbianism.

'Finally!' Michiru thought as she reached for her phone when it rang. She was thankful when she saw 'Mom' on the screen.

"Mom, you have to help me! I can't be stuck in that room all year with that thing!" She pulled the car into a parking spot outside of the bookstore.

"I know honey, I got your message. I tried calling the admissions office about it. They told me that they placed you both together due to your talents and grades…They told me the same thing, that they can't change your room. And that it has to be a legitimate reason."

"But this is a legitimate reason mother!"

"I know honey, I tried to tell them that. They don't consider that to be a legitimate reason. They would only consider it if you could prove that she was trying to kill you or something along those lines. At that point she'd likely be thrown out of the university."

"Then what am I supposed to do?" She reached up and clung to the cross around her neck, speaking a soft prayer under her breath.

"Ignore her. I'm sure you can manage that. Just think of your father and how often you brushed him off when you were growing up." Michiru smiled at what her mother had said. "If she tries anything funny with you then simply go to the police and state that it tried to rape you. She'll be out of that room faster than you can sign the paperwork."

"I'll remember that mom, thank you. I'll give you a call later to let you know how things are going OK?"

"OK. I love you honey. Stay strong."

"I love you too mom." She hung up the phone before stepping out of the car and going into the bookstore.