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Musical Dismay
Chapter 13

2 AM, a time when most other people were deep in sleep. She wasn't. She had slept earlier that day after the fight with her mother. A bitter tear slid down her cheek as she forced the last of her belongings into her SUV.

Michiru re-entered the house and made her way up to her room. She had spent the last two hours going through all of her belongings, taking only what she knew she couldn't live without. After one final glance around the room she sat at her desk and pulled out a piece of paper and a pen.

Dear mom,

I feel like I at least owe you this much. An explanation. I know you hate Haruka. I did too at first. Then...that happened to me. How could I continue to hate someone that saved me? I couldn't. I'm glad I gave her a chance and I hope somewhere down the road you can give her a chance too. She's the best thing to ever come into my life.

Haruka never made a pass at me. She never once tried anything with me. I'm the one that kissed her. I'm the one that made a move on her. When we kissed for the first time, I felt happy. It was the first time that I've ever felt like that.

She brightens even the darkest of my days. I found that the woman I once hated was the woman that I fell in love with. One of the things that you taught me, I'm realizing now how wrong it is. Love isn't only between a man and a woman. Ruka helped me to learn that love shows no gender. Love is happiness. Nobody's ever made me as happy as she has.

I know you're probably thinking that I'm too young to know what love is. I know more than you think I do. You and dad were married very young. You still tell me how much you love him.

I do know what love is. I'm very much in love with Haruka. Two days ago, she asked me to marry her. We were hoping to be able to break it to you about our relationship soon. The way you found out isn't the way I wanted you to. I was hoping to be able to sit you down and break it to you gently.

I accepted Ruka's question to marry her. Instead of a traditional engagement ring she got me an absolutely gorgeous necklace. It's a heart shaped, aquamarine pendant. She had the back of it engraved. I wish I could have had a chance to show it to you. I'm sure you would love it mom. Hopefully by the time we have the wedding you'll be over all of this and come.

You're the only mother I've got and I'll always love you. But you can't expect me to apologize for being happy.



She sniffled, reaching up with her hand to wipe away the streams of tears from her eyes. A sigh left her throat as she folded the two pages in half and made her way slowly down to the kitchen. She was careful not to make a noise. It was hard enough leaving without needing to see Ayame.

"I'll miss you." Michiru spoke softly to nobody as she placed her farewell letter near the coffee pot. The coffee pot was always the first place her mother went in the morning.

If she hesitated, she knew she shouldn't be able to go. She reached out for her purse, slipped on her shoes and locked the front door on her way out.

The night seemed endless as she drove the hours to Haruka's house. The only times she stopped was to refuel her vehicle and grab a cup of coffee as the sun started coming up.

"Hey Haruka...you might want to come down here." Setsuna spoke while peeking through the curtains at the SUV that pulled into the driveway.

"You know I was upstairs working on a new song for Michi." The blonde appeared at the bottom of the steps.

"Well, she might get to hear it sooner then you expected." She turned to the younger woman and smiled at the plain black t-shirt and wore over a pair of green flannel pants.

"What are you talking-" She was cut short when the doorbell rang. "What the hell, it's barely 8 AM."

Michiru's eyes never left the ground as the door in front of her was opened. "I know it's early..." She lifted her gaze to meet that of her love's. "I'm yours forever, no matter what anybody else tries to tell me."

The End