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[Jasper] (taking place prior to the wedding)

It was Alice's big idea to surprise my parents with a weekend visit. Don't get me wrong, I was happy that she enjoyed being around my family. And it seemed like my family was starting to love her more than they loved me, which was a big deal. I'm Jasper Whitlock, Angel of the Whitlock clan and the apple of my Mama's eye. So when she'd started calling and texting Alice over me, I won't lie—my heart may have broken a tiny bit.

So when we got off the plane, I couldn't help but scan my eyes around the airport. I'd gotten way more protective over Alice in the last few weeks—she was tiny and often times the paparazzi would pull a sneak attack on her. She's not fragile by any means, and can usually handle a crowd, and of course she could own the paparazzi with her charm and gorgeous smile. But part of me couldn't help it—she was the most precious thing to me and I wasn't about to let someone mess that up for me.

Alice slapped me lightly on my arm. "Calm down there, tiger. We're alright."

She was so intuitive that she already knew what I was thinking. Did I mention that I was in love with her? Yeah.

I grabbed our bags and we caught a taxi. Alice was vibrating in her seat and I couldn't help but grin at the thought that my girl was excited.

"Oh I know I have it in here somewhere," she muttered while she rummaged around in her duffle bag sized-purse that was almost as big as she was.

"What, hon?"

"Oh, I told your sister I'd bring her something the next time I saw her, and I know I put it in here somewhere."

I laughed. "It'll be alright."

As soon as the taxi pulled up Alice all but bolted out of the car. My dad had come to the porch to check out all the commotion. I heard him call for Mama and she came out, her hand shielding her eyes.

"Jasper, Alice, is that you?" she called.

I waved at my Mom as she started down the steps and across the yard. Alice took off at a sprint and they collided with each other in a big bear hug and squeals.

Dad came over and helped me with the bags and a clap to the shoulder. "What a surprise," he said with a smile on his face as he looked over at the ladies.

"It was Alice's idea; I can't take credit for it."

"Either way, I know this will make your Mama and sisters happy for a long time."

We all stepped into the house where another madhouse erupted. My sisters jumped all over Alice and another round of giggles ignited. Dad and I settled down in the living room and turned on the television.

A little while later I heard loud cackling in the kitchen followed by screams of "Oh my God" and "I can't believe this." You know that sick feeling in your stomach when you feel like you're about to be embarrassed? I had that.

As they got louder, I knew I had to check things out. When I walked into the kitchen, I shouldn't have been surprised by what I saw. I mean, really, I was more surprised that this hadn't happened before.

Sprawled out all over the table were photo albums. The girls were all pointing at certain ones and telling stories about each of them. I just knew these had to be the ones of me from my younger years.

"Look at how poofy his hair was!" Alice said between laughs.

I wanted to be mad at her. Or embarrassed. Or both. But I couldn't bring myself to act like that—she was just so…happy.

"Aww he was four years old here and this is his first tricycle," Mama cooed, fingering the picture with a nostalgic look on her page.

"Oh…oh this is gold right here," my sister said as she pulled a picture away from her chest and they all threw their heads back, cackling.

Alice started wiping tears from her eyes as Mama held her side. "Oh, Alice, honey, this was back when Jasper was about twelve years old. I wanted him to have some dance experience, so I went to sign him up for ballroom dancing, or something that would help give him grace. But they were all full. I saw a flier outside the grocery store one day for these dance lessons and I signed him up." She had to take a breath before looking at the picture again. "He hated the idea that he had to take dance lessons, and he hated it even more when he found out they were clogging lessons."

My face turned bright red as the howling started up round two. Alice looked over and caught me eavesdropping and tried to wipe the tears off her face again.

"Oh, Jasper, look how…handsome…you were!"

I knew exactly the picture she was talking about. Mama had prided herself on making my own costumes for the recitals, and in this one I was wearing white pants and a white shirt with a red sequined vest and matching bow tie and hat. She had sewn each sequin on by hand, and as much as I hated her for it, I must have been smart enough to humor her because in the picture I'm posed like I am saying "Tada! Here I am!"

If Emmett ever caught wind of this photo, I would be a dead man.

Mama looked to me. "I hope you're not embarrassed, Jas; you were definitely the most attractive and best clogger in the group!"

My sisters were holding onto each other for dear life.

I tried to put on a brave front, but inside I was absolutely mortified that Alice was seeing pictures of me in my awkward stages. I was chubby there, and liked to think I had grown into a much better looking man since then. I knew this day would come when she'd see the pictures, but I had hoped by then we'd be legally married and she wouldn't be able to run away from me as easily.

"I was going through a phase then," I mumbled, going to stand next to Alice and peeking at other pictures on the page.

Of course. Me wearing a horrible Christmas sweater opening gifts, me with my third place science project, and another of me performing in the church's Christmas pageant.

"Jasper, these are so wonderful; thank you, Mama, for showing these to me. I already know so much about Jasper, but these really show me a side of him I never dreamed of."

"It was my pleasure, sweetie. Really, Jasper might not think it, but he was always quite a catch. The girls swarmed around him," Mama said.

I shook my head. "It's only because they thought I was related to that guy from *NSync—at least that's what Peter and I told them; apparently it worked."

Alice shook her head at me as she kissed me on my cheek. "Anyway, you were such a doll, and I know our kids are gonna one day look as handsome as their daddy."

My heart stopped right there. Of course I'd always dreamed of having children with Alice Brandon. But to hear those words come from her lips?

Perhaps her seeing these pictures wasn't as bad an idea as I thought.

[Bella] (taking place after the wedding sometime)

I was bloody tired. My body had been going non-stop, and I didn't really take as good of care of myself as I should. I'd stopped eating all the In-N-Out Burger that I used to, but it still wasn't helping. The only things I'd lost were a few pounds and my sanity.

We'd been filming Metropolisfor what felt like months, and I missed being at home in my apartment. I missed curling up on the couch with a good book, or playing my guitar. But there was something else I missed even more.


After finally finding the one thing that was missing in my life, I didn't want to be without him. I understood that he had his own life and his own job and I couldn't possibly expect him to be at my side every second of every day. Although that would be quite lovely.

We'd text during the day and talk at night, if I wasn't filming until 5 or 6 am. I wanted him to visit the set, but I was worried that the press would have a field day, and maybe he wasn't ready for that yet.

What I was really worried about was that he would get scared off and I'd be alone and without him.

My mind's wandering was stopped by my ringing phone. I picked it up and glanced at the screen.

"Carlisle?" I asked. I hadn't heard from him in a while and hoped all was well.

"Bella, hello, sweetheart! How are you doing?"

"I'm fine, how are you? And how is Esme?"

I heard him chuckle on the other end. "We are doing great, thanks. I know things have been busy, and I saw on the internet that you've been very busy filming—I just wanted to invite you and Edward over for a game night when you're back in town. Esme misses having all her girls together, and Alice and Rosalie have already agreed."

"Oh, of course! That sounds wonderful!"

"Great—she'll be glad to hear it! How are you doing up there in the cold?"

I sighed. "The cold is fine—I just miss everyone and everything back home."

"Ah, I recognize that tone."

I settled back on my chair and crossed my legs, getting more comfortable. "Carlisle, can I ask you a question?"


"How do you deal with being apart from someone for so long? How do you do it when you're filming Dr. Jack and Esme is not with you?"

"It's never easy, Bella. I'm sorry that this is difficult for you. But it is true what they say—absence makes the heart grow fonder. At least you can talk on the phone or Skype on the computer. Just hang in there—I can't tell you that it will get easier, because it doesn't always. Just know that Edward is definitely missing you just as much as you are missing him."

"How do you know?" I asked softly.

"Oh, because I called him the other day to check on him and he went on and on and on about you," he teased. "You're a lucky girl, Bella Swan."

I smiled to myself. "That I am."

I chatted with Carlisle for a little while longer before I was called to set. After what seemed like hours later, and probably was, I was heading back to my trailer when I heard a group of girls calling my name. I turned to smile at them as they waved me over. I greeted them all while reaching into my pocket for my go to, a Sharpie Permanent marker.

"How are you all doing?" I asked them.

They giggled before one girl bravely answered. "I'm great! My name is Kara, and I am a HUGE fan! Seriously, I love all your films!"

"Oh, thank you! I'm so happy to meet you, Kara. Would you like to take a picture with me?"

Her eyes lit up like the Fourth of July. "Oh yes, yes I would! Thank you!"

After taking a picture, her friend nudged her. "We wanted to know…"


"Well, we wanted to know if, well, if Edward was here?" she squeaked the end of the sentence.

I frowned. "No, he's not, I'm sorry."

"We just love him!" Kara cut in. "You two are so perfect together and you can tell you really love each other. And he's so cute! You're so lucky, Bella."

I nodded. "Yes, I am very lucky. I'll tell him he's got a growing fan base out there."

"Growing? Oh goodness, our Edward Cullen Fans Facebook page has over 1,000 friends and grows everyday! He's a superstar all on his own!"

I spent a little more time with the girls before heading back to my trailer to relax for a few hours. I found the link for the Edward Cullen Fans Facebook page and e-mailed it over to Edward.


I met some new friends tonight who think you're as great as I do. I wish you were here, and I can't wait to come home. If by chance you've got some free time, I'd love for you to come visit. Carlisle told me that absence makes the heart grow fonder, but I'd rather not test that theory anymore.

Missing you always,

Carlisle was right—it wasn't ever going to be easy being away from him, but at least until we were together again I could stalk him on Facebook.

[ Emmett ]

Another premiere, another tuxedo, and another night of watching dumbass people try to grab at Rosalie, Bella, and Alice. And to think, I used to be one of those dumbasses. Amazing how things change.

After all these years, the Carlise'sAngels series was coming to an end. Part two of MendedDusk was set to be a huge hit at the box office and everyone had been touring nonstop to promote the film. And tonight was the last ever red carpet.

Poor Alice, who was six months pregnant, waddled around, stopping to take pictures and sign autographs. Jasper followed behind her, doing a better job of security than the people that the studio had actually hired.

Bella and my brother were the same as they always were, closed off in their own little bubble. The fans, the press... none of it could get beyond the little protective universe that existed only between the two of them.

And then there was Rosalie. Still too stubborn to admit when she was wrong, too prideful to let people help her, and still one hundred percent in love with yours truly. Thank God.

There was no more drama with Jake and Alexander, both of which had turned out to be pretty cool guys. The whole damn world now knew that they were in a relationship together and that left Rosalie free of the promise she had made to help keep their secret, completely available to make out with in public, and one hundred percent mine. Within twenty-four hours of the Jake and Alex news breaking, I had made it a point to be photographed as much as possible with my hands on Rosalie's ass and my tongue in her mouth. She was mine and now everyone knew it. That explained why I was holding her little sequined bag as she posed for the photographers lining the red carpet.

I stood there and watched as my girlfriend showed off her greatest asset while turning in a little circle and couldn't help but smile. Rosalie Hale might have been a serious pain in the ass, but she was my pain in the ass, and nothing short of me falling over dead was going to change that. The little blue box that I'd been carrying around in my pocket for the last month made that obviously clear...if she said yes.

"What do you think of Rosalie's dress?" One of the press members asked me.

I just smiled while taking my girl's hand and pulling her closer to me. "She's fucking perfect."

Rosalie rolled her eyes at my expletives but smiled against my lips when I kissed her.


Through the whole entire movie, I sat and thought about when and where I should ask Rosalie to marry me. Obviously, somewhere public was out. I wasn't about to share that moment with the entire fucking world like my idiot best friend had. So while I sat there gnawing on my thumbnail, wondering how in the world I was supposed to do this, Rosalie kept hitting my elbow with hers.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" She whispered. "You look like you're about to throw up."
I could have made some smart ass remark about all of the sex that was happening between Bella and Jacob's characters; that's what I normally would have done. But since all I could think about was not screwing up this proposal, my witty comebacks were at a minimum. And instead of being able to convincingly lie to Rosalie, all I could do was shake my head and mutter something that sounded like, "I need to go outside."

Jasper and Edward gave me looks of concern as I exited our row of seats with Rosalie following behind me. I shook my head at their questions, tripped over Jacob's fucking foot, face-planted in the aisle, and then tried not to cry like a little girl when people blatantly turned around and looked at me. By the time we had made it outside, I all but dragged her to our waiting limousine and got inside.

"Emmett... what... Are you okay?"

I looked at her for all of three seconds before blurting out the first thing I could think of. "Rosalie, will you fucking marry me?"

Her eyes widened and then she started laughing. "Are you serious? You can't be serious."

"I am really fucking serious." Pulling the box out of my jacket pocket, I showed her the ring that I'd picked out. "I've been trying to figure out how to ask you and I just... I can't be the overly romantic guy that lays you on a bed of roses and makes every other dude on this planet look like a douche bag, Rosalie. I am the douche bag!"

She was completely focused on what I was holding and nervously laughed when I pulled it out of the box.

"Hey," I said quietly, lifted her chin so that she was looking at me. "I love you, you know that. I'm not going to promise you that things will always be easy, because they won't. But no matter how shitty life gets, you will always have me to stand beside you."

A big fat tear escaped the corner of Rosalie's eye and she slowly nodded her head.

Feeling a little more confident, I asked, "Will you marry me?"

She slowly nodded, laughed as I slid the ring on her finger, and then pushed me back against the door with the force of her hug.


"Exciting news today for one of the three Carlisle'sAngels leading ladies! E! can exclusively confirm that Rosalie Hale was in fact married at the Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas! This all happened last night after the MendedDusk world premiere and apparently came as a complete shock to those closest to the Hollywood actress. We were told that Rosalie wed her longtime boyfriend, Emmett Cullen, who is the older brother of Bella Swan's boyfriend, Edward. Rosalie is the second of the CA trio to get married, following the footsteps of Alice Brandon. Alice and her husband, Jasper, are expecting their first child in just a few short months."

I smiled, watching as Rosalie nervously bit her bottom lip and finished watching the E! News segment that broke the big news to the world. Soon enough we would both be bombarded with phone calls from family, friends… Esme. All of them wondering why we hadn't told anyone about our decision to fly to Vegas and get married.

"Do you regret it?" I asked once she had turned off the TV.

Rosalie gave me a small smile before shaking her head. "It was perfect."

Gently, I pulled her closer to me and slowly kissed her. "Fucking perfect."

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