Luna's P.O.V

"You piece of shit, get out of my fucking face!", My mom yelled right in my face then turned around to the TV screen.

I stared at her, shocked, she even said that. I slowly got up from the couch and up to my room. I shut the door and stared at my family's picture. My parents, my brother, and me grinned from cheek to cheek at a Christmas party, all dressed up. I sat down on my bed, smiling, remembering all those happy times when my family was close and my parents were together. A small tear ran slowly down my tan face, realizing that those happy times were gone forever.

A couple of weeks after the Christmas picture was taken, my house went hostile;fights, yelling, crashing, broken objects, door slamming. My parents divorced 2 years later,my brother left for college and my dad left to live in another state, leaving me in the hands of my mother. But then, Ronald Orso, came into the picture, disrupting everything. My mother was so in love with Ron, she went hostile towards me because of the lies Ron had told her about me. Ron was a bad influence on my mom but my mom doesn't see how Ron really is through her lovesick eyes.

I walked downstairs to prepare dinner. Ron walked in the kitchen, leaning on the door frame.

"Hey, little lady." He slurred.

I didn't bother to say anything to a stupid drunk so, I made him coffee to help sober him.

"Drink it." I said icily.

"Oooo.. Feisty. I like that in a woman." He set his coffee mug on the counter and stumbled towards me.

"You know, Luna. Your such a gorgeous young lady.." He twisted a lock of my long dark brown hair in his huge index finger. "I could make you into a woman though.." He chuckled darkly.

I slapped his index finger away from me. He pulled me in close and slid his hand down to my waist.

"Get away from me, you sick pervert!" I slapped his hand away then walked towards the stairs.

"I'm telling your mom, little girl!" He laughed.

Three hours later, I heard stomping feet coming towards my door. I quickly stood up from my bed. "Who do you think you are, disrespecting your stepfather?!" My mom yelled quickly right when she bust open my door. My mom slapped me, pulled my hair, kicked me, and said hurtful things to me before she slammed my door shut and left.

My vision blurred as tears flood my sore face. My body stung with every move I made. She treated me like as if I was a punching bag or a rag doll with no feelings at all.

"Nothing can get in the way of us." My mom used to say and smile at me.

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