Tittle: Upon A Star
Challenge: Ditch
Not mine. So sad.
A/N: Loosley Inspired by Oscar Wilde, "We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars."
Word Count: *is dead*

This week, I din't know how to make this drabble work by itself, and I anticpated update requests. So this is a tripple drabble, but more like a double drabble because it's just over 200.

Lying in a ditch, bruised and beat to hell waiting for help, Dean shudders. It's so damn cold out and everything is messed up. Jumping from a car that was moving down the highway was not really the brightest idea.

It was better than staying with the kidnappers though. He groaned, listening intently to the road. Waiting to hear the rumble of a 67 impala. Wondering again, if Sam had fared any better.

He watched the sunset as he crawled to higher ground.

But even lying in the gutter at this darkest hour, he can still see the stars up ahead glittering with promise.


Sam watched the sunset blur into the vanishing road and swore. Why did they have to ditch the plan? If only they hadn't gone back to the motel early…

His arm was hurt, and his wrist was probably sprained. Wondered again, why Dean? Why didn't they take him too? Why didn't they kill Sam instead of just leaving him broken?

Sam doesn't really care. As long as Dean's okay. He looked at the stars, and prayed he have his brother by sunrise.


"We need him!" The older man swore. "How can I complete the spell!"

"He wasn't like any one else…" defended the nervous younger man, "there was two of them…."

"Well, we need someone. For tonight." He jerked a thumb outside. "Do you want to join them?"

The younger man bowed his head and looked at the ditch outside filled with the victims he'd brought here.

Up above, the last star moved into alignment.

"I'll go find him," he said.


One shooting star cut across the sky as three wishes were made.