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Chapter One: How About a Cat?

Vlad thought of himself as a man in control, both of his life and others. He was reserved, calculative, and prided himself in being able to maintain his composure in even the most stressful situations. After all, the kind of life he led, it was somewhat required. He needed to be cunning, fast on his feet in a way, and rational enough to keep people from realizing who he was. He felt all the years he'd been able to keep his secret from the public was a testament to the fact that he accomplished it quite well.

So it really showed how shocked he was when he could do nothing but stare at Danny Fenton, the teenager who was currently on his knees and rubbing his cheek affectionately against Vlad's crotch.

"D-Daniel!" he cried and angrily pushed the boy away. The teen fell to his backside and whimpered softly, a pout on his face. He didn't let the older man's rejection spur his advances for long though and he calmly got back on his hands and feet, his tail twitching as he purred in a low tone.

There was so much wrong with this situation, but Daniel's appearance was by far the worst. Deep black cat ears had replaced his human ones and a tail of the same color sprouted from his backside. His hands no longer looked quite human either, with the sleek black fur that sprouted up to his elbows and his fingertips that ended in slight claws. Vlad had a feeling the same had happened to the boy's legs, though jeans and shoes hid it. Even his teeth had been affected, now sharper than they should have been and hardly helping the seductive grin on his pale face.

As Danny crept closer, Vlad pressed himself even more into the wall. He swallowed as Danny licked his lips and pressed his face close to the spot he had been rubbing against so happily a moment before and slid his tongue over the clothe. Vlad jumped and threw the boy to the floor again, a little harder he would have guessed from the sudden yowl he gave. The older halfa paid it no attention and ran out the door, slamming it shut behind him and breathing deeply.

His chest heaved a little as he felt sweat trickle down his forehead. He swallowed the lump in his throat and tried to ignore his feelings of arousal. That had been...

"Well, how are you enjoying your wish so far, Master?" a low, beguiling voice whispered in his ear.

He turned and glared at Desiree, who was looking far too amused with this situation. Floating on her side with her head propped up, as if she where lying on an invisible platform, she was grinning in a way that was both seductive and malicious.

"This is not what I wished for!" he roared at her. "Turn him back!"

She sighed, though she hardly looked distressed.

"You know as well as I do that I can't do that," she informed him. "The lamp has rules. Seven wishes, and I don't have the power to revert any of them until you reach the last one and specifically ask me to. You really should listen when someone is trying to let you know something important. After all, did I not tell you all of this before?"

"Yes, but I would have to cancel all my wishes!" he yelled at her. "You know I'm not going to do something like that!"

"Well, if my powers weren't bound, then maybe I could fix it. As it is though, someone thought it would be a good idea to trap me in the silly little lamp they came across," she said loftily. "I suppose the situation is just bad for everyone now, isn't it?

"Don't you give me that! I own you!" Vlad yelled and pointed an accusing finger at her. "Fix it!"

Her eyes flared suddenly and her face twisted in rage. Suddenly Vlad felt like a massive force had hit his body, slamming him against the door and effectively pinning him.

"YOU DO NOT OWN ME!" she shrieked in his startled face. "No man owns me! Do you understand that?! Lamp or no, I will make you pay for this!"

"How are you..." he gasped out from under the pressure.

"You never wished for me not to harm you," she said with a cold snarl. "As my master, I can't do any lasting damage to you... but only while you're my master. Keep that in mind the next time you desire to be foolish with your claims."

She vanished and the force suddenly let go, causing him to stumble a little as he tried to regain his footing. Muttering something about lemon custard, he scowled. Woman were so unpredictable, but she was doing this on purpose.

He sighed. Of course she was doing this on purpose. He had trapped her, turned her into an unwilling slave to fulfill his wishes. He had known from the beginning that she was going to be upset, but this was going over the top, even for her.

It had all been luck that had brought him to this situation, though he was starting to wonder if it wasn't quite the good luck as he had previously thought.

It was simply a charity auction. He had gone for appearances and barely anything more. Men like him required good PR. All of the items, lavish and donated, some of them knock offs and some the real thing, but all of them worth quite a bit of money. Dropping a few million for the hungry children of Africa, or whatever it had been for, to get his face in the papers had seemed like a simple and relatively normal day for Vlad Masters.

All the items had been displayed with information about the donations posted next to them, who had donated them, where they had come from, things like that. Vlad had been browsing, simply to kill time until the actual auction, when he'd come across what had really started this whole ordeal.

An oil lamp had sat on a table, resting on a plush, violet pillow and sparkling in the light. It looked as if had been polished very well, practically glowing in the light of the auction hall, and was of very fine craftsmanship. It was a little larger than most, and intricate lines and curves were carved into it, making it very beautiful really. Something about it had been very enrapturing and he had found himself staring at it attentively for several minutes before an attendant came over to talk to him.

"You have an interest in this item, sir?" he had been politely asked.

"Yes," Vlad had replied, seeing no reason not to be truthful. "What is it?"

"Oh," the attendant said and laughed a little. "Actually, that's a funny story sir. You see, the person who donated it claimed some silly story about it being magic or something. Apparently it's Aladdin's lamp from the story. According to them it has the power to trap genies. Obviously an old ghost story, but it's such a fine piece we of course accepted it."

"None of that information is on the cards," Vlad noted.

"Of course not sir. It was so ridicules we didn't bother to-"

"I'll take it."


"I said I'll take it," Vlad insisted. "Now."

"But... but sir, the auction hasn't even started yet. I-"

"Get the one who organized this," Vlad replied coolly. "I have an offer that no one else would even dream of matching."

It had seemed like a wonderful idea when he'd thought of it. A mere thirty minutes and five million later he was walking out of the auction hall, the lamp in hand and already a nice little scheme in his head.

Capturing Desiree had been a little harder. No one really knew exactly where she stayed, as she wandered the mortal world more than the Ghost Zone. She liked causing havoc all over, not just in Amity Park like the other ghosts did. For Skulker to have taken as long as he did to bring her in certainly was a testament to how elusive she had been. But he did come back, the little ghost genie trapped in the lamp just like he'd ordered.

"Good evening, my dear," he said after sending Skulker away with his payment and rubbing the lamp eagerly, releasing a very livid Desiree. He hadn't been able to hold back his grin as she glared at him. "I hope the trip wasn't too unpleasant for you."

"Vlad Masters," she hissed. "What is the meaning of this? How dare you-"

"Do you know what this is?" he asked as he held the lamp up, a look of mild curiosity on his face.

She frowned and crossed her arms.

"Of course I do. Any genie would recognize that," she said. "It's the lamp that once held the jinn that originally helped Aladdin gain fame, fortune, and a wife. And if I may say so, a pure bane on genies like I."

"You mean, free ones?" he guessed and she only scowled, but it was as good an answer as her verbal confirmation. "Interesting. Something told me it was genuine when I stumbled across it, but part of me had to wonder. So tell me, now that you've been trapped with the lamp, you have to grant any wish I have?"

"No," she replied, a smirk on her face. "Not any wish. There are rules."

"Rules?" he asked. "Tell me."

"I really don't have to," she replied. "Unless you wish it."

"Desiree," he scowled.

"Did you really expect for me to make this easy for you, Master?" she asked, a frown on her face. She spat the last word out like it was poison. It had sounded like it had been forced out of her. He looked down at the lamp. It probably had been.

"Fine. I wish for you to tell me about the lamp. Everything that would be relevant to you serving me."

For some reason, she only smiled.

"Very well," she answered. "The lamp has the power to temporarily trap genies within it, but only for a certain period. You have a limit of wishes you may make, the exact number being seven, well, now six considering that you have made one already." He scowled and she winked at him before continuing. "The lamp also determines a genie's powers. It can sometimes make a genie more powerful, but in my case, I can do more than that lamp can, but because of it, I have been limited. As you mortals would say, one size fits all? Instead of granting any wish I hear, I can now only grant yours while the lamp traps me, and there are certain wishes I am unable to provide, no matter what."

"And what are those?"

"I do detest how impatient men are," she sighed. "I am getting to that part. Must you interrupt me every five minutes?"

"Oh, well then please, continue," he replied, quickly getting annoyed by her attitude.

"The limitations are all quite simple, and basic," she continued. "First, the most obvious. Your wishes are limited. There is no wishing for more wishes. Once you have gone through them all, then you are done. Secondly, you can not wish for someone to die or fall in love with you." She smirked at him. "Guess that knocks out the whole reason for you getting the lamp in the first place, doesn't it?"

"You're having a little too much fun with this," he muttered and she only laughed softly.

"You're shocked?"

"Just get on with it," he snapped. "Is there anything else to prove what a waste of time this was?"

"Only a few more things," she replied. "There is no recalling your wishes. I am unable to cancel out anything that you ask for, unless you use your final wish to take them all back."

"And why is that rule in place?" he asked.

"Because humans get a hold of this lamp and make life miserable for genies like I," she said, her tone a little hot. "What genie wants to be trapped? The rule is in place to hold balance. If I make all your wishes unbearable, you will have the power to make it all go away. You, at any point, can just go through the rest and then use your final wish to undo everything and it all goes back to the way it was before you trapped me."

"But that doesn't stop you from trying to twist my wishes around?"

"No," she replied, suddenly sounding pleased again. "No it doesn't. But at the same time, it can't really help me that much either. The truth is, if I ruin every one of your wishes, you'd probably waste half of them trying to fix the ones I twisted. This would work in my favor, except for one thing. You never have to make all your wishes. You can stop using them all together, thus trapping your genie forever. I don't want this either, so we have to give you the chance to fix anything we break. You go through them and do your best to outfox me, and I do the same. The rule really doesn't benefit either of us. It's just there, like the others. It's a bit of a dagger in both our backs really. The main reason... well, I suppose to make us both behave really. If at any point it becomes unbearable, you can just make it stop. Like I said, you really limited me. Without the lamp, I could fix whatever I break on my own power. Not that I would willingly, but that's hardly the point, is it?"

"It sounds like it would have been easier to trap you without the lamp," he noted.

"Well, probably, yes," she admitted. "But I could leave at any time I wanted to. With the lamp, I'm stuck, as much I hate it. Which, brings us to our final rule."

"There's more?"

"Of course," she replied with a grin. "When your final wish is made, you are stuck with everything, like signing a contract. I won't be able to affect any of it, nor will any other genie. The wishes are final, forever."

"So basically, the last wish is deciding to keep the package deal or throw it away."

She nodded.

"And seeing as you have already made your first wish, I assume you're eager to try out more?" she guessed. "I don't suppose you have anything in mind?"

He leaned back in his chair and thought. No killing Jack, no making Maddie fall in love with him. He already had money and power so wishing for more would just be pointless. Honestly, that really didn't leave much else. Besides of course, for...

"I think I know what I want," he said finally. "Daniel."

"Care to be a bit more specific?" she asked.

"I want him to be loyal to me, and no one else," he said.

"You do so much to get him on your side," she said and smiled at him softly. "Have you ever considered a pet? A cat maybe?"

"As if a cat would help any," he muttered. "If a cat could help I-"

"I really think it would," she interrupted him.

"I do not want just a cat!" he yelled and stood abruptly, slamming his hands on his desk. "I wish I had Daniel by my side! Daniel, do you hear me? To need to please me so bad he can't stand it!"

"Did you say 'just a cat'?" she asked, her voice a little curious.

"Just do it!" he ordered. He was getting so tired of the insinuation that a stupid little pet would make up for so many years of loneliness.

"Oh, very well," she said and smiled softly. "I will give you Daniel, exactly as you asked for. But just so you know, you are a very stupid man... Master."

He hadn't understood the insult, or why she had been so ecstatic with his wish. Until now that is.

Hearing a faint meow and a scratching at the door caused him to groan. Wonderful, he had a genie who was incredibly vexed at him and a boy who not only thought he was a cat, but seemed to have no idea what personal space was anymore. He blushed faintly at remembering what the teen had been doing and shivered.

He told himself that he was reading too much into it. That Danny had simply been rubbing against him and was being a little too playful. There was no way Desiree could be that cruel, to make a teenage boy paw at him like that with the intention of...

He blushed deeper and swallowed before he felt hands on his hips. Jerking away from them, he turned around and was shocked to see Danny purring at him, his fur now a pure white and the faint glow of a ghost around him. He could still transform?

Vlad almost groaned. Of course the boy could still transform. Why in the world would Desiree have had any reason to change that? It certainly would have made things less entertaining to her, and he hadn't had any reason to wish for her to.

Danny approached him slowly, continuing to purr as he grinned.

"Daniel," Vlad said. "Daniel, listen to me."

If the boy could understand him, he certainly wasn't acting like it. He placed his hands on the man's stomach, rubbing at him happily and meowed. The older halfa immediately grabbed his wrists, yanking the offending hands away from him and glared at the teen.

"Daniel, stop it!" he demanded. "I don't-"

He didn't get the chance to finish his sentence because the boy suddenly shoved him, causing Vlad to fall onto his back and Danny to follow after, yanked down by Vlad's grip on him. Landing on top of the man, he purred contently and rubbed himself against the older ghost hybrid, earning a small groan. Vlad told himself firmly it was from the pain of landing so roughly, and not from any kind of pleasure.

He couldn't feel any pleasure. Not from this. Not from a teenager who was not only the same gender but the son of the woman he was in love with.

Danny pressed himself closer to the man's face, his eyes wide and pretty, a shade of blue that reminded Vlad of water. The emotions in them were obvious. Warm and inviting, playful even. Everything Danny had never been towards Vlad. He didn't think he'd ever been this close to the boy, and if he had, it certainly wasn't under these kind of circumstances.

"Daniel," he whispered softly. "Do... do you have any idea what you're doing?"

He received his answer when Danny suddenly closed the gap between them, giving him a sweet, but very needy, kiss.

End of Chapter One

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