This book was made as a diary between Esperata, Inugomegirl and I. We each picked a character from Penguins of Madagascar and made a diary for each of them. The books are linked by the events in happening. Each diary is the same, only told from a different characters point of view.

The idea of THIS book is to capture the diary of Marlene, which is the part I will be playing. Inugomegirl and Esperata will be playing a different main character, none of the lesser characters are used, although they may be mentioned but not used.

The first chapters of the others books will be the same as this, an explanatory to give reason for having this 3 book collection all by different authors, also to explain which character that author will be portraying.

We hope that each of us can mimic the characters we are playing as well as we need too. We hope we enjoy our diary/books. I would also like to explain that no one would get more than one chapter ahead of the other, so that way everyone can follow along with the other stories.

In addition, more chapters that are REAL will be up as soon as the other two stories by Esperata and Inugomegirl post their explanatory chapter, much like this one. I hope everyone enjoys what is to come, and I hope I addressed the situation well; I hope people understand what is going on.

Leave a comment if you have questions or if have a good idea for a diary entry that the other writers will be able to use. I hope you enjoy this 3-way book, read review and enjoy the books from all 3 of the authors.

Inugomegirl and Esperata