Everyone reacts the way he expects them to react. The older brothers, unaware of Angelina's previous relationship with Fred, accept it and congratulate them. Ron disguises his surprise—disgust, really—by coughing and looking away. Ginny meets his eye and frowns, showing her disapproval more discreetly than her brother.

His mother pulls him aside after he announces it.

"George, I'm going to ask you something, and I want you to be honest."

He looks away. She doesn't often say something like that, he knows. He supposes she's going to tell him off, vocalizing the disappointment everyone else feels. "Alright."

"Is she pregnant?"

He looks up at her. "How did you know?"

"A mother always knows," she answers. "But tell me something. Is this what you really want?"

"I'm not going to leave her to raise a kid alone."

"That's not what I asked." She takes his hand. "Angelina is perfectly capable of taking care of herself. Do you want to marry her?"

He looks away again. "I think so."

"You should be sure."

He finally meets her eye. "I want to marry her. I want to make this right for her. For you. For…"

"For Fred?" she prompts.

"For Fred."