The author glanced at her computer screen, before setting her fingers to the keyboard and typing something. Once she hit enter, the words appeared in an IM window.

PurpleInferno: You ready?

It only took a moment for the person on the other end of the IM to reply.

Ravenwolf: For…?

The author sighed.

PurpleInferno: Honestly, I explained earlier, remember? Helping me with research?

Ravenwolf: Oh! Yep!

The author smirked and typed a command into the computer.

Ravenwolf: Why did my screen just start glowing, and why do I have a feeling that this is your fault?

The author ignored her friend and leaned back in her chair, putting her feet up on her desk. Two more commands and a box appeared on the screen of her beloved laptop, William.

Her friend was no longer complaining, though she had logged off suddenly. The author ignored it and maximized the box, which was showing a scene from a game that she knew well. Iselia, in Tales of Symphonia, was displayed on the screen for all to see, and right in the middle of the screen, looking around confused, was her friend- Kelly.

"WHAT THE HELL DID YOU JUST DO?" Kelly shouted at the air, as the author started to laugh. She picked up her microphone and slipped in on.

"You said you'd help me with research." Cami chuckled into the microphone.

"Yes. Help you. From my house. At my computer. NOT FROM INSIDE THE GAME." Kelly snapped, causing several people to stare at her.

Cami rolled her eyes and shrugged, "You're the one who offered to help. Now you know what that means."

"And I won't be making the same mistake in the future." Kelly spoke, walking away from the crowds of people to try and find a more isolated place to talk to the sky. "Now get me out of here!"

"Can't." Cami said.

"Can't as in won't, or can't as in don't know how?" Kelly asked, growing angrier by the second.

"Bit of both." Cami shrugged, "Besides, I'm pretty sure getting you in there was a one-time deal, and I don't want to waste it, especially since you haven't done any research for me yet."

"How the hell am I supposed to do research for you inside the game that you can't do by PLAYING it?!" Kelly snapped at nothing, making Cami roll her eyes again.

"Research on things you don't see in the game, of course." Cami said, "Fated has far too much crap that I've made up in it. It's time things were accurate."

Kelly glared at the sky.

"One thing at a time, I promise." Cami said, "And no danger."

"No danger." Kelly agreed, "If I get caught near a battle, I run in the opposite direction."

Cami whined, "But how will you figure out the intricacies of their fighting styles if you do that?!"

"Opposite direction." Kelly repeated.

"Fine." Cami pouted, "But you have to go back when it's safe."

"Yep." Kelly said, "Anything else I should know before I get myself killed doing research for you in a dangerous world filled with monsters?"

"We already agreed you could run away from battles, so stop complaining- you're not going to die." Cami said.

"You didn't promise Kratos wouldn't kill me." Kelly said.

"That's because I don't control him." Cami reminded her. "Now march your butt to Genis's house and exchange smart-people talk with him! Go!"

"I tolerate you because…?"


So, Kelly was saying that she had a dream last night where she went into Symphonia to do research for me for Fated. After a confusing and hard to follow conversation (but that was probably because I'd just woken up), this was spawned. It's just a one-shot, unless you guys want me to continue it. I was thinking I'd do a chapter for every chapter of Fated, maybe. But, only if you guys want me to.